kaisi yeh yaariyan ( season 3 ) new beginning Episode 2

So friend’s hi tell me  how much do you guy’s existed .i know I’m very talkative ok let’s focus on our story

Oops sorry guy’s seriously I’m a very busy person actually i have  classes on Tuesday, Wednesday,Trusday and Saturday also I’ll try my best to post regularly and I’ll most post this rest of the day’s and i hope you can understand me and guy’s seriously I’m so happy with your response i never thought you guy’s will like this? and yeah oops i forget to tell I’ll never separate manan ?

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Episode 1
After one year

In malhotra mansion awww our angry bird is sleeping like a  child how cute is he (ufffs i just love this cutie pie but sweetu im not gonna let you sleep more?)a call disturb to his sleep

Manik : ( in sleepy tone )helo

Mukthi : manik it’s already 10 won’t you come

Manik : o mukthi  I’ll come bye

Guy’s plz I’m begin don’t hit me in eggs after reading this i only have to say  that guy’s suprise is a suprise?)

On the other side  in a mall a girl is shown wearing a shorter and t-shirt witha cap we can’t see her face bcz she almost covering her face with cap she’s caming talking on the phone ( hmm I’m here writer so I’ll not let you guy’s get knw about her so easily ?)

Girl : ufff papa why these ppl are so weird i told you na papa that i don’t want to came ( in a iritating tone )

Her dad : dear here ppl are so good and you’ll also like here just wait na sometime

Girl : hmmm? ok only bcz of you ok dad bye now i have to go college

So after sometime that girl come to the space and now  she’s wearing a blue short dress but a casual one and hmm she’s looking so adorable  (after all hmmm no no no it’s a surprise????stupid me why can’t i be stup up)
So she’s looking so pretty like a doll and every start admiring her beuty .

Girl : why these ppl are so weird why they are looking at me like this  seriously. dad i told you na these ppl are so weird.

So that girl is coming talking to herself and on the other side our manik malhothra is coming and  (guy’s I’m sure guy’s knw it already but don’t think much ??? fast is so short?)

Hmmm so here both dumpd into each others .

Manik : what the hell have you gone crazy can’t you see stupid?

Next minutes when manik see there he can’t find no one there (guy’s patience patients ?)

Manik : what the hell these stupid girls forget it manik girls are like this only ?

You guy’s are wondering na where is that girl guy’s like i already told you that it’s a suprise

Girl : dad thank you so much for caming i love you so much dad

Dad : i knew it that my little princess will get nervous that’s why i came here so i had talked with principal so there is nothing to worry and take care of yourself.

Girl : i love you so so much dad you are the dad in this world ?

Dad : i love you too my princess

Her dad went

Girl : oops that boy?
I  hope he didn’t remember my face he was in so much angry ?

Here manik came to the jaming  room

Mukthi : what happend manik ?

Manik : nothing

Aalia : oh then its fine

That girl was searching her clz she seenavya and was about to ask where is the clz

Girl : excuse me

Navya : yeah ( don’t knw she get shocked to see that girl )? you are here and omg and ?

suddenly she hug that girl and that girl is so confuse ?

Girl : helo what are you doing ?

Navya : hey what ? you knw what how  much happy I’m after seen you ?

Girl : oh helo i knew it here ppl are so weird but i didn’t knew it you guy’s are mad too ? plz stop this nonsense ok

Navya : i have to tell this to fab 5 ?

And navya run from there

Girl : omg what was that ? she  hug me and then run I don’t know how much weird these ppl ?
So nancey you have to keep yourself calm bcz it’s just a start

Guy’s i knw nancey it’s not a pretty name but it was necessary to keep that name sorry guy’s

And here she’s smiling and was about to turn and suddenly she slipped and she hold someone and now both of them fall on the floor ( guy’s yeah you are right that boy is our manik so hot movement na ?)
Here that girl is top on him again we can’t see her face bcz of hair?
But this time manil keep her hair behind her eyer now he can clearly her face
( guy’s it’s just amazing movment ?)

And on the other side our navya ji is came to the jamming room she’s breathing heavily bcz se run fast na so

Navya : aaliya ,mukthi?

Mukthi : what happned navya and why are you sweeting

Aaliya : yeah navya you looking so scared

Navya : woh……woh…manik kahahe maine dekha woh….woh

Precap : my first suspense will reveal yeah guy’s I’ll tell who’s that girl in next episode

Guy’s i knw you guy’s will be hurt after reading this part bcz i didn’t reveal that girl guy’s so i have to tell you sometimes i just thought to keep a competition guy’s whoever will guess that girl hey khon I’ll give that person a chance to write my ff so i knw this is so weird about competition but trust me I’ll keep my promise and also I’ll post next part so so longer

Here silent read I’m talking to you plz commnet ok I’ll feel happy ???

Finally i love you all

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  1. It’s nandini

  2. I think the girl is non other then our own nandani……..

    Yaa ye kho…..”MANIK KI NANDANI”……

    thanks for this awesome update dear….
    Keep going….
    Love u loads….

  3. I think its nandhu but how she got a dad her dad died na and how s that possible plz yaar i can’t wait for suspense plz update next soon

  4. Wow its going superb..

  5. Plzz dont talk to much focus on episode

  6. she is girl who look alike nandini…………. just like her dup………. right……….u chit chat in b/w is so nice…….. its like u r talking to me directly…………. good one……….is ur name really cindrella…………

  7. It will be a Nandini,Manik Ki Nandini.
    She might be sufering from amnesia because of some accident happened in this 1 year separation of manan.
    And I know y u kept the name Nancy it’s the only way to complete MaNan hai na?

  8. Air kon Ho sakta hai…. It’s only n only HANDSOME MANIK KE GORGEOUS NANDINI…… Hai naaa. Nandu Nagi hai to Nandu OK kar dooooooooooo…….. I like her only n only wid manik… Thanks for the ff… Are ur kehna parega… Ur writing style is way different from others…….

  9. I know it’s our nandu, manik’s shining star nandini. The update was great. Update soon.

  10. nandaniiiiiii wow…abhi tak manik ka memory lose hoya ab nandini kabhi….. awesome

  11. Keira

    lv this ff to the corw

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