kaisi yeh yaariyan ( season 3 ) new beginning Episode 4 truth revelation special

Guy’s first of all i want to say thank you to all of you for reading my ff

And i read all the commnets and got to know that  you guy’s are so counfuse about nancey and how manik can moved on so easily

Guy’s first i thought to reveal about who’s nancey after sometime but now i got to know you guy’s seriously want to know about this  that’s why i thought to write this special reveal part

Here is the link for previous episodes


In  the night mid of the night manik get a massage from somebody and after dressing he went .

Here a house is shown and a there another person is shown only we can see that person back side

Manik : thank god !!!! Finally come here

The parson : what the hell is this how much i told you not to come here what if somebody spot us ????

Manik : relax !!! Fine ok no one will spot us here

That person : but why can’t you understand it’s so risky i can’t take any risk in this matter bcz i want you to be safe that’s why I’m doing all this but ????

Manik : achcha tike I’m sorry I’ll do as you say ok ab toh smile karo plz ????

(Hmm guy’s guy’s yeah you guy’s are right )

That person turn slowly we can see her face now she’s none other than nancey

Manik : nandini plz smile karo !!!

Nancey : but manik I’m nancey not nandini ???

Manik : ( smiling ) seriously!!!! He pulled her toward him

So friends now i hope you guy’s now   know that nandini  is nancey and nancey is nandini

Manik : you know what hmm i like nancey also ???

Nandini : manik stop joking and plz be seriously ???

Manik : ufff !!! Nandini don’t be a teacher yaar plz ???

Nandini : manik why can’t you understand ???

Manik : ok fine ??? but i seriously it’s so much difficult for me to hid this from mukthi and aalia ???

Nandini : yeah manik i can understand but we need to be more careful you know na how much nyonika toop law to ruin you???

Manik : hmmm a mother wants to ruin his own son life ???

Nandini : manik but don’t worry i won’t let this happens bcz our love will win manan together forever ???

Manik : why are you doing this nandini you risked your own life for me ???

Nandini : that’s  called love manik ?

So after long time our manam hugged

Nandini : you know what manik if that we wouldn’t have fight never we’ll get to know about aryaman true face ???

Manik : i thought i changed

Nandini : i trust him so much as a friends but he wants to ruin you to get me i can’t believe he’s team up with nyonika ???

Manik : now i feel bcz of me everyone’s lives ruined ???your , cabir  ???i wish i would have die that day with cabir???I’m such a burden to all of you ???

Nansini kept her fonger on his lips

Nandini : no manik you aren’t a burden you are my strength my  love my family in fact you are my everything ??? i want to spend my whole the life with you ??? you are a good friend and good son and a best lover in this world and i know you’ll able to be a GOOD HUSBAND TOO???

Manik realise what she said and start blushing ???

( omg how cute is he while blushing seriously

Manik : wow !!! What a compliment .by the what about that last one what did you say

Now nandu start blushing???

Nandini : manik ???

Manik : what ??? I didn’t say anything i was you who told ???

Nandini : manik stop ???

Manik :ok fine but seriously what about that hubby thing ???do you want that thing happen so fast???if you are ok then i don’t mind???

Now nandu cover her face ???

Manik : oh i just now remember whom did you saw that day ???

Nandini : yeah manik  he was in so disguised look seriously for a minute i thought i have seen him somewhere but can’t remember

Manik : may be aryaman

Nandini : nope manik i saw  his eyes i know that eyes but can’t remember anything everything is so complecated

Manik : yeah ok let it be but be alert ok and for now we have to focused on aryaman

Nandini : you know manik that day when i get to know about this true face

Fb start

That new year day aryaman proposed nandini and after that manan had a big big fight and nandu dicided to go far away from manik’s life.so she wrote a letter to manik and went but before she go she thought to meet aryaman once she wanted to ask why he did this  i mean why he proposed her after knowing that she loves manik

So she went to his house and the door was unlocked

Here aryaman talking in the phone

Aryaman : of course everything is going according to our plan and manik trun into a monstar last night now my revenge will be complete when nandini was with him always she was saved him but now nandini is gone now I’ll ruin manik bcz i didn’t forget about sohas thing . After all this i can able to get nandini .after our revenge will be complete after all who’s the master mind behind this plan one and only nyonika malhothra.

Now nandu is damn shock and before aryaman see her she  went from there

In the road she can’t  believe and she don’t know what to do and in walking on the road like a lifeless body and suddenly a car came and was about to hit but the driver somehow stop the car before hitting the car
And due to the shock nandu fall unconscious

When she open her eyes she’s with that person house

Man : are you find beta

Nandini : yeah thank you so much

Man : but beta are you fine i mean you are crying and didn’t even noticed my car and that also in middle of the road everything is fine na

Nandini : yeah !!!???

Man : beta  look i know I’m a stranger to you but don’t worry beta you can share with me your problem I’m the new police commissioner  and i recently joined

After hearin that police commissioner word nandu get happy

Nandini : thank so much aiyappa ???

Man : beta what happend ???

Nandini : I’m nandini nandini murty

Man : oh I’m praveen patel

After that nandu told him about manik ,aryaman, nyonika and everything

Patel : oh such a complecated story but only one thing I understood

Nandu : what uncle ???

Patel : that is your love for him

Nandu : yeah !!! We are love each others so much he can do anything for me and also me

Patel : ok beta . listen  this is a crime case we can’t  prove anything without evidence we have to collect evidence and as fas as nyonika concerned she has a lots of respect in society  and also power and that aryaman is the son of Mr. Kurana so you have to be  very careful . Don’t let anyone know about this not even manik .

You can’t punish them like this for that you have to be like them

Nandini : what do you mean uncle ???

Patel : for now take some rest I’ll tell you tomorrow what you need to do

next day

Patel : you have to become a new person to teach then not nandini nancey will teach them a lesson and give punishment to all of them

So like this patel teach each and everything to nandini .

And his doughter teach to become nancey

Like this one year passed bcz they all knew it that time manik is went for his treatment with his dad .no one can’t do anything to him .

Now manik come home and nandini is become nancey

Nandini wamted to meet manik 5-6 times she went to manik home to see him fine or not

One day she thought tp see manik and she went his home manik  is in his room and suddenly manik saw her shadow she run from there but manik followed her and finally he saw nandini .

After that manik is fuming with anger but somehow nandu calm down his anger and told him each and everything.

Manan reunion

And next day nandu come collage as nancey .
And so manan knew it that aryaman is very clever that’s why they acted infront  of all

Manan thought right bcz aryaman is spying there no one can notice him .

You guys remember na he also put a chip into maniks body

And guy’s that’s why manik didn’t felt uncomfortable with nancey .

And when nandini talking woth navya that day also aryaman is spying

After so much difficulty aryaman finally convince that she’s not nandini

Fb ends

Nandini : manik now we need to wait until nyonika comes

Manik : yeah ok now I’ll go and don’t forget to come tomorrow miss nancey ???

Nandini : ok mister monster ???

Guy’s now i hope everything is clear i only wrote this for specially you guy’s in my sotry o thought add truth revelation after some episodes sorry for mistakes bcz woth my real story and this truth revelation isn’t matching so much but still i did this for you .

Yeah our fab 5 is gonna come back with a bang amd specially face of manik and maddey

Guy’s now everything is clear i only want to know who guy’s want as mukthi partner so tell me some of are saying they want abhi and some of are want positive guy’s in kyy abhi is dead and I’m gonna bring back dwad cabir also so don’t you think id i bring back two dead person it’ll be so unmatching whar say guy’s your decision is final one plz don’t forget to comment

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  1. Praha

    pls nancey bring abhi back…nd cabir too ..do onething mayb lyk abhi saw cabir at the accident spot lying there b4 car blast after manik is rescued nd he rescued cabir nd until now cabir is in coma nd even abhi cancer is cured nd both will come coz I personally luv abhi nd cabir both a lot..ofcourse this is ur ff nd final rights r urs but just im giving u a suggestion that’s it..nd ur updates r really gud ..I like ur ff…Luv u ..Keep going

  2. The update is great. Thnx for this special epi 🙂 it’ll be gr8 if abhi cums back. I know it’s impossible surviving the last stage of cancer but u r the writer n u can do anything . Can’t u :-p so plz bring mukbhi 2gether. Plz. Update soon n take care. 🙂

  3. Abhi is suffering frm cancer that too last stage,,Thinks as In reality he cant come back .But harshad can change atherswise i also want abhi :-/
    Thank god nancey is Nandhini
    i wish to see fab5 with full of attitude n rock ,,, plzzz bring cabir n dhruv back

  4. I’m sooo happy…I lovd it…really sorry for not realizing the Manan fan in you…sorryy…as for muktis pair , I think it’s good to pair her with maddy rather than making it too unrealistic by bringing back abhi after 3rd stage cancer..

  5. I also want….cabir, dhruv, nd abhi….
    Not anyone as……
    Otherwise ur update is superb……
    Keep going. . …..
    Nd thanks for clearing all ours doubts….

  6. Awesome one…. I think u can take praha’s suggestion.. But plz bring abhi n cabir back… I love them both…. Just a suggestion.. Plz u can take praha’s suggetion.. Loved it… Nancy is Nandu…. Thanks for that… Thanks for fulfilling our wish… Tc bye

  7. It was just a wonderful and a marvellous update??????????
    Please bring cabir and abhi back yar…….
    I just love them….
    Especially cabir because of his pranks …….
    Waiting for your next update…..

  8. Inu

    nice update.manan scenes are awesome.

  9. Oh u gave a super twist its awesome

  10. Let ranbir replace cabir like after his bros death he changed like his bro and joined fab5 to console and be with them and its good u have revealed bcoz manik romancing with Nancy is very awkward …..they need to be careful now as aryaman watched the duo together right….let aryaman fall for mukthi and change and then mukthi can also fall for him….and sorry if I hurt u

    1. Hey!!!!! I liked the idea of aryaman n mukthi… Won’t it be good? Mukhman nyc… Any ways decision is urs… Luv u thanks…

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