kaisi yeh yaariyan ( season 3 ) new beginning Episode 5 ( fab 5 reunion special )


Hi guy’s I’m here again with another part .

Guy’s actually i thought a lot and finally I’m gonna add abhi as mukthi lover guy’s seriously i found a way to add cabir to the story thank god .

Next day

They left to the farm house

In the farm house

Everyone are chilling and nandini feels that somebody is watching them

Manik : what happned???

Nandini : actually i think somebody is watching us .

Manik : you are thinking too much nancey let it go and come here

But this time nandu trun back and see if anyone is here suddenly she saw a man is going from there

Before that man go nandu follow him.

Now he went  to his car and he start driving fast abd nandu follow him in a taxi

So finally that man came to  his house and nandu also rush there and she also come inside in the home .

Now she can see that man face and she’s  shocking

Nandini : cabir ???

Yeah he’s our cabir

Cabir is shocked to see her there

Cabir : nandini you are here ???

Nandini : you are live and that day ???

Cabir : relax nandini I’ll tell you come here

He take her to yhr terrace

Nandini : cabir I’m happy  that you’re a live and after knowing this manik will be so happy  mukthi ,aalia everyone ???

Cabir : so you’re nandini i was right ???

Nandus now realise what she said ???

Nandini : no actually I’m not nandini I’m nancey and

Cabir : stop it nandini now I’m not gonna bileve this .

Nandini told everything to cabir

Cabir : those jerks ???

Nandini : ok cabir now leave all this plz tell  me what excatly happend with you.

Cabir : yeah nandini I’m a live and that day i didn’t die instead  of me that day ranbir died ???
Yeah after talent hunt mumma came  to meet me and she said uf I’ll not  come with her she’ll kill herself and she also said that untill we reach our dad’s place ranbir will be there so that no one get any doubt

So i had to go with her and after that we got know about the accident and now mumma take this as her advantage to hid me from everyone. I tried a lot to convince her but she didn’t convinced .after sometimes i got know about manik that he’s alive and after that druv thing happend every single time i tried to convince her but she didn’t let me come after sometime dad got a trance and ae came here.i wanted to meet all of you specifically manik bcz  i know what happned with manik .about you i wanted to be with my friends but couldn’t. That’s why i come there to see all of you???

Nandini : cabir now don’t worry you’re alive na so everything will ne fine we’ll try to convince aunty ???

Cabir : we can’t convince her now If she’ll get to know about you are here she’ll again change our home ???

Wow cabir you know about me so much

Suddenly a voice come  from behind

Yeah it’s cabirs mumma

Mumma : so you cabir now what do you want to say ??? you promised me that you wont met your friend’s do you remember na???

Cabir : mumma relax 

Suddenly cabirs mom rushed  to the down and take a knife

Nandini and cabir also follow her

Cabir : mumma stop what are doing ???

Cabirs mom : ok if you want to see your mymma alive then tell this girp to go ???

Now nandini can’t take this and she come there and take the knife and trow it.

Nandini : aunty you can’t do this to cabir ???and he’s not a kid ???he know what’s wrong and what’s right he’s doing so muc for you did you ever thought about his happiness ???

Cabir mom : hey girl I’m his mother no one can’t understand my son better than me ???

Nandini : maybe this is your thinking but there  are some of them who can understand cabir they are his  friend’s fab 5 ???

Nandini take cabir’s mom with her and make her sit and gave her a glass of water

Nandini : aunty first of all plz relax .Aunty you know what manik never got mothers love he always said that cabir’s mom is the best not only manik mukthi , aalia , druv everyone said this and cabir also ☺☺☺

Aunty i know you are very hurt after knowing about cabir but Aunty cabir isn’t ill this is he there is not medicine for this better that love

Aunty did you every tried to make his understand with  so much love and care no na so then let’s give us a chance and aunty this time we all are with you at least we can try na ???

Cabir’s mom : what if he not

Nandini : aunty now manik also changed na so why can’t cabir  i know cabirs case is different but there is love there is the medicine ???
Can’t you give cabir a chance ??? can’t you give his friend’s a chance ???I’ll promise you aunty  if we can’t able to do  this you can take any dicsion we won’t say anything.

Cabir’s mom : only one chance ???

Nandu hug her in excitement and she also hug cabir

Cabir : thank you so much mumma ???

Cabir’s mom: hmmm but i hope now you’ll not disappoint me again and nandini you also ???

Nandini : no aunty not at all isn’t cabir???

Cabir : of course ??? mumma I’ll be your good boy

Now cabirs mom come to nandini

Cabir’s mom : nandini you know what i already lost ranbir now i can’t lose cabir also plz help me to changed him i know i would have done this before but  i couldn’t have courage ???but now i have a hope that after meeting you

Nandini : aunt don’t worry I’ll handle all this no only me we all are with you ???

Cabir : hmmm now i understood why manik loves you so much ☺☺☺seriously nandini you are a angel thank you so much thank you so much and seriously i never thought mumma will agree but you did it thank you so so much

Nandini : ufff !!! How many thanks ???
Let’s go .

In the farm house manik is trying to call nandini again and again

Manik : mukthi do you know where had went nandini  ??? i mean nancey ???

Makthi : nope manik may be she has some work or

Aalia : yeah  manik don’t worry she’ll come

Next minute manik got a massage from nandini that she’s fine

Suddenly all the light’s went hope .

Helo guy’s : a voice come from behind

The person : i know  you guy’s will shocked and also so happy to meet me

Manik : this voice he’s mukthi , aalia he’s ???

Mukthi : yeah !!! Manik his voice ???

Aalia : c…cabir ???

Light oned

And now they  can see cabir in fornt of him

Manik : cabir you ???

And  all the trio run and hug him and cabir told them about what happend to him and all .

Mukthi : cabir we missed you so much ???

Cabir : i know bcz  heto I’m so spacial ???

Manik : yaar i can’t believe this ???

Cabir : what ??? ???so manik do you think I’m a ghost ???i know manik now you have  gone old jusma lagake dekle???

Manik : now i believe that you’re cabir bcz only cabir can do such a stupid jokes???

Cabir : oh !!! So guy’s guess who found me

Aalia : who ???

Nancey : me ???

Cabir : yeah !!! Seriously manik tera selection toh top he ??? it’s about nandini or nancey ???

Manik stare at him angrily ???

And nandini start smiling ???

Cabir : so guy’s after long time give me a grp hug

Yaaro dosti start playing

Cabir : so i have a suprise for you all actually i didn’t tell this to nancey even .

The thing is that abhi is alive

Muthi was about to fall but nandini and aalia hold her .

Cabir : yeah !!! Mukthi you are so lucky and it’s a miracle when mumma take to to the hospital i saw abhi there and yeah he’s recovering slowly  and he’s not fine yet but soon we’ll be recover actually  i also got know
About this one month ago

Mukthi : cabir i need to meet him i really want to him i want to hug him ???

Cabir : relax mukthi . Wait we all go to meet her but only when he come home ok

Mukthi : ok???

Aalia : now everything is fine seriously cabir and abhi is alive ???i wish druv also be here today ???

Nandini : don’t worry aalia we’ll convince him like  cabirs mom he’ll also agree I’m sure he’ll come

Cabir : warna we’ll go there ???and kidnapp him isn’t manik ???

Manik : yeah of course ???

Again they all hug

Aryaman  saw  all these

Aryaman : so manik is happy but i will not let him be happy bcz I’m not harshad I’m aryaman I’ll ruing you manik I’ll

And he start lough eviliy

Next day

They  all went to abhi home

Mukthi rushed to  his room and hug him and start  crying

Abhi : hey what happend so you aren’t happy for me

Mukthi 🙁 hit him ) seriously idiot this tears are happiness tears  ??? i misses you so much

Abhi : me too ??? i love yoh so much mukthi you know what i just keep thinking that i won’t be survive but our isn’t so weak .that’s why i start rocovering slowly even doctor’s are lose hopes but it’s a miracle ???

Manik : hi !!! Abhi how are you ???

Abhi : now much better  and manik cabir told me about nandini sorry yaar i couldn’t able to support you ???

Manik : hey don’t say like this yaar i first of all yku need to take care of yourself  .and now I’m perfectly fine ☺☺☺

Abhi : hmm…and (he saw nandini ) nancey hi !!! Actually i have heard sbout you also cabir told me .

Nancey : hi !!! Ufff guy’s no more senti scence ok let’s take a selfie in this movement ???

And they take a selfie

Next day

Nandini saw manik and run toward him to talk

Nandini : manik i want to talk to you it’s urgent ???

Manik : what happened na…. ( he was about to tell nandini but he saw aryaman there)
Yeah what happned nancey

Nandini take him to a class room and locked the door

Manik : hey !!! What’s this ???? What happend???

Nandini : nyonika ???

Manik : what about nyonika ???

Nandini : she’s here i saw her in office manik I’m feeling so scared are you all right na ???

Manik cupes her face

Manik : nandini I’m fine noting happend to me see I’m perfectly fine ??? and don’t worry nyonika can’t  do anything to me

When they come out from the room they come face to face with nyonika

Nyonika : wow !!! Hi manik .how are you and your new girlfriend ???

Manik : shut up nyonika and you don’t need interfer in my life ???

Nyonika : forget it manik but I’m not gonna let you do this just be in your limits ??? otherwise i can do anything to show you who’s me

Nandini : nyonika mam is planning something manik .

Manik : don’t worry nothing will happens.

So guy’s i did what can do get abhi to yhe story guy’s seriously i don’t want to dragged the reunion of fab 5 .after fab5 reunion the season 3 will sachme start hogi .

Guy’s plz comment if you guy’s don’t comment I’ll not have a mood to write the next part soonso plz comment

Precap : aryaman reavals his plan to harshad and harshad change behaviour

So guy’s before ending the story i just want to ask something i want to unit harshad and navya with their baby and for cabir i can also add a new girl

So plz tell me what do you guys say about this. Guy’s seriously i need to do something for navya .

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