kaisi yeh yaariyan ( season 3 ) new beginning Episode 3

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3.who want a partner to navya

4. Who want Mr.Malhothra i mean maniks dad teach a lesson to nyonika

5. Who wants maddy and maniks super battles

6. And what happend to soha

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Precap : new girl will reveal

Manik is shocked ? seen that girl and he just couldn’t believe his eyes and he cares her face so lovingly ? ( imagine how romantic ?)

nancey find this so weird and she get up ?

On the other side navya are telling about that girl to mukliya

Navya : woh main nandini manik

Aliya : navya plz say it clearly

Navya : i saw

Manilk : nandini ?

Yeah guy’s nancey is exactly like our nandu that’s why manik cares  her cheeks 

(And again he touch her)

he again shocked to seen nancey dressing avatar bcz this is totally oposite from nandini

You knw na our nandini murty wears simple clothes but nancey is fully western  type

Now nancey couldn’t take this anymore

Nancey : helo what the hell is this?how dare you touch me ahh!!! how dare you

Manik : nandini what’s this? what have you done to yourself

Nancey : helo Mr .plz stop it what’s this! you can’t touch me like this and how cheap you are and who’s this stupid nandini and why are you calling me like this listen I’m nancey my name is nancey , nancey patel ?

Manik is full confused

Here navya and mukliya also came

Alia : omg? manik she’s

Manik break the silences

Manik : not our nandini ? im fact she can’t be my nandini miss nancey  or whatever  you are not my nandini. bcz of your face you can’t be my nandini

Nancey : how dare you idiot  mosquito scold me like this ? litsen I’m not like other girls no one can fool me in fact i very well knw about boys you guy’s are so cheap ?

All 4 of them shocked to seen her avatar bcz nandini never was like this

Manik : see guy’s  I’m also thought for a minute that she’s my nandini but this girl can’t be my nandini ncz she’s a one from core but this girl  doesn’t  any manners ?
Forget it

Nancey : oh helo guy’s what have i done to you you are the one who said that I’m like stupid whatever I’m not like anyone ok .and plz mind your language Mr .monster ok?

Manik remember when nandu said monster to him

Manik can’t take this anymore and he hold her and so tightly and pin her to the wall

Manik : don’t even try to tell something like this if you will do then I’ll.

Nancey : what if i do what will you do then

Manik holding her so tightly so her hand is paining this notice rest of them and they take manik

Manik was about to go

Nancey : oh helo

Manik turn back

Nancey : last time I’m telling you I’m not like other girls

Manik 😕 wherever stupid girl

Nancey : ? monster

Again she call him

Nancey : helo

Manik : now what?

Nancey : sorry

Manik : better

Nancey : monster ????

( guy’s just inagine manik angry face ????)

Navya didn’t went with them she came to nancey and start applying blam on her hand

Navya : is it paining

Suddenly navya is shocked to see that she’s smiling

Nancey : you knw what he’s so rude no one never talked to me like this not even my dad  this is the first time I’ll teach him a lesson idiot go and tell your friend  to this ?

Navya : erything will be fine i know manik very well now he’s in so much pain his smile leave him forever

Nancey : what do you mean

Navya : yeah he’s manik the life of fab 5 the heir of malhothras and everyones life his best friends are his world and nandani

Nancey : nandini

Navya : yeah nandini manik love her so much she’s the smile of manik she changed that agry manik to a beutiful  lover

Navya told whole the story to nancey

Nancey : oh i never thought he has such  bitter past how can be someone keep  patients so much after whatever happened with him look I’m really very sorry seriously i didn’t mean to hurt but it doesn’t mean that he can behave with anyone like this seriously ?

Navya : it’s ok i understand your situation but actually you are seriously like nandini exactly same same it’s a mircle

Nancey : if you don’t mind can you plz show me a pic of her

Navya show a picture of nandini

Nancey 😕 this is me how can i and she

Navya : that’s why we are telling you to this

Nancey : but look at her and look at me we are not same and I’m not like her ?

Navya : yeah no one can be like nandini now even you

Nancey : thinking hmmm litsen I’m so sorry seriously i don’t want to hurt you plz if you guy’s got hurt plz forgive me actually  i get so much amgry no one never behaved with me so rudely not even my dad that’s why i felt  so bad

Navya : it’s ok manik has also fault he wouldn’t have behave like that

Nancey went

Like this somedays passes

One day nancey is going toward her clz and she saw manik in the jamming room and thought to say sorry to him

Nancey : exccuse me helo

Manik : what the hell are you doing here

Nancey : i came here to say sorry to you but seriously you are impossible ? monster

Manik : who told you to came just get lost ?

Nancey : oh god ?

She went from here with a angry face manik was about to go and suddenly a ball hit his back ?

Manik : what the hell is this now who’s this?

Again nancey peep inside

Nancey : bye monster ?

Manik was about to come but she run from there

Suddenly a smlie appear on his face (aww how cute he’s. while smiling like this ??? )

When mukthi and aliya came there they saw manil smiling and happy to see him like this ?

Now mukliya are staring at him

Manik : ? he try to hid his smile ( but manik malhothra you can’t hid your smile bcz I’m gonna expose you ??)

Mukthi : manik wow! ? what’s going on this smile

Alia : yeah manik what’s going on?

Manik : guy’s can’t smile ? ( in fake anger ) seriously you guy’s are too much

He skip from there

Manik is going while smiling

Nancey : hmm someone is smiling ?

Manik heard this and get fake anger to cover it

Manik : oh god why can’t you mind your own business ?

Nancey :?????( now she’s like this )

She went from there

Manik : how cute ?( oh so Mr.malhothra are teasing nancey ????)

Guy’s now nancey become good friend of mukthi and aalia and navya

In the jaming room they are chit chatting

Nancey : if you guys don’t mind can i ask something

Aalia : sure

Nancey : i have heard about your band i mean why don’t guy’s leave this

Mukthi and aaliya become sad?

Nancey : oh so sorry i didn’t meant to hurt you guy’s I’m  so sorry?

Aalia : it’s  ok you knw what we were fab 5 but now it’s  become  just fab 3

Nancey : so where are rest of 2

Mukthi : they went 

Nancey : what do you mean by they went ?

So now both mukthi and aalia told nancey about what happend to cabir and druv 

Nancey : wow!!! What a friendship ? i wish i also have a good friends like this your friendship is so pure

Mukthi : yeah cabir and druv ?

Now nancey knw everything about fab 5 and nandini

Here nancey home

She’s thinking about manik and fab 5

I think i should say sorry to him i never thought he’ll be such a good friend

Another day

Nancey came to meet manik

Manik : what do you want ?

Nancey : i just came here to say that sorry if i hurt you

Manik : what happned suddenly ?and what’s makes you say sorry

Nancey : why are you overreacting like this stupid monster

Suddenly manik pulls her toward him that make nancey shocked

( guy’s ????? i can imagine the situation )

Manik : what happned ?
Now say what did you said before

Nancey was like?

Nancey is stammering

Nancey : that you …..mo…sorry i mean

Here manik start admiring her ( ????? i can’t see this)

Wow what a romance isn’t it

suddenly a man come infront of him

Man : wow !!! I knew it what you are like this

Manik  : ? oh god

Man : manik you know what we all can understand about you but poor nandini couldn’t understand you

Manik : i don’t want to talk with you aryaman

Yeah he’s aryaman

Aryaman : so hi miss hmm should i call you as nandini or nancey or maniks new  girls friend

Now nancey is like?

Manik : aryaman how does it matter to you it’s my life i can do whatever i want i shouldn’t matter to you

Aryaman : of course it’s doesn’t matter to me but nancey you it’ll ne matrer to you

Aryaman come near to nancey (omg ?)

Manik come infront of him

Aryaman : i knew it and you proved it that you won’t let her go also like nandini

Now manik is fuming with anger and was about to hit aryaman but suddenly nancey talk

Nancey : oh helo what’s know who are you or wjat do you want but listen you don’t have to worry about me i can take care of myself oops i forgot to tell you .you know what manik is a good friend he can do anything for his friend’s. so we all are so lucky to have him

(And now manik is like ???? he never expected this reaction that too from nancey )

Nancey come to manik and hold his hand amd tak him with her

And finally they came to the jamming room

Now manik is just staring at her

Nancey : I’m sorry manik I’m really very sorry i wouldn’t have react like that i don’t want interfer

Suddenly manik came to so close to her and keep his finger on her lips ( don’t guy’s don’t think too much nothing gonna happens ?????)

Manik : shhh! You don’t need to say anything i have heard everything and in fact i should say sorry bcz that day i hurted you a lot seriously

Now manik move his finger

Nancey : manik even you don’t need to say sorry
Ok now i think i should go bye ! See you later

And our nancey was about go

Manik : helo

Nancey : hmmm !

Manik : nothing

(Uff manik why are you acting like this beta???)

Nancey : ok

Another day

No one is around in jamming room nanceycome there and saw manik’s guitar and try to play

Suddenly she heard a loughing  sound ????

Nancey : what so funny ? ha i don’t know how to play but it doesn’t mean that you can lough?

Manik : uffo wait I’ll teach you how to play

Nancey : really?

So manik come near her and hold her hand and start playing the guitar they can feel their closeness and now they are lost it thier world a passionate eye lock ?
Manik care’s her face so lovingly and now they are so close and manik move his lip toward nancey cheek and was about kiss her cheek

Guess  what happend omg I’m feeling shy i can’t tell ????

When manik was about to kiss nancey’s  cheek nancey trun and that kiss trun out to be a lip peck?????

Now both of them  realise what happned few minutes ago and both trun  other side .

Nancey start blushing ?

Here on the other side manik also start smiling ?

Nancey run from there without saying anything

Whole the day both of them didn’t came face to face

Another day

Nancey is coming toward the jamming room suddenly she dump with someone but that person hid his face and start walking fast

Nancey : who’s this and why he behaved like this and i have seen him somewhere

Nancey come to the jamming room

Mukthi : hey nancey what’s up

Nancey : who’s that boy

Manik : which boy ( without looking at her bcz he don’t have  guts to face her after that incident )

Alia : which boy

Nancey : that boy he came from this side and dump with me and but before could i  ask he run from there

Mukthi : forget it nancey and come here let’s do online shopping

Another day

Nancey is waiting for her car

Manik come there

Manik : hey what are you doing here now so late

Nancey : actually my car hasn’t come yet

Manik : come I’ll drop you

Nancey : it’s ok I’ll wait

Manik give  a angry look to her ?

She sit in the car without saying anything ?

In the car

Manik is smiling seeing her acting

Nancey : what so funny ?

Manik : funny is you?

Nancey : it’s  a bad joke ?

Manik : seriously by the way where is your home

Nancey : near yeah here stop stop

Manik : i thought it’s so far but your home is  so near to there collage

Nancey : yeah !!!!  Thanks for the lift bye

Manik : hey litsen

Nancey : hmm

Manik :what are doing tomorrow

Nancey : collage why???

Manik : actually we thought  i mean me , mukthi and aalia thought to relax  so we are going to alias farm house if you’re free you can also come with us only if you can

Nancey : ok

Manik : I’ll pick you

Nancey : done bye

Manik : litsen

Nancey : yeah !!!

Manik : woh !!!! Nothing bye

Nancey : bye 

Precap : what will happned next day

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  1. wow nancy ..the way u added emojis to evry sentence..it is js adorable..n btw as u said abt our opinion ,i want a big battle bwn maddy n manik js for r nancy..dts it

    1. Nancey

      Thank you

  2. Keira

    amazing,fabulous, tremendous

    1. Nancey

      Thank you

  3. Hey nancey……
    1. I want complete fab5…with drurav nd cabir…..
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    3. I want cabir as a partner of navya……
    4. As ur wish…..
    5. I also want a big battle bwt manik nd Maddy……
    6. As ur wish…..
    Hope u got all ur answers….

    Thanks for this long update dear…..
    Keep going….
    Love u loads…..

  4. Wow awesome update

  5. Amazing try ur awsm n thanku fr giving MaNan in this way
    1.without cabir n dhruv fab5 is incomplete plz want them,This time mostly
    manik need his buddy n his love guru Cabir
    2.Abhi is dead bcz of cancer as per story so make harshad positive by realize his mistake n yaah Mukshad but mukti could nt forgivr him easily
    3.CaVya as couple ,cabir shuld straight lyk bcz of accident as u wish
    4.Manik n Maddy battle will b intresting
    5.Nyonika hv to bcm a good mom so she need to teach a very gud lesson n not get forgivess soon
    6.plzzzz close the chapter of soha n new girl fr aryaman

    i just suggst sry if wrong
    best f luck keep going

  6. Amazing update. I’m glad manan coming close to eachother. U not only entertain us with ur ff but also with ur talks n about opinion of course I miss dhruv n cabir a lot. I so wished that cabir would’ve cum back in season 2 but he didn’t . It’ll be really amazing if u bring both back. Take care; )

  7. Superb story nancy.I agree with kavya & ahana.Plz update the next part soon till then have a nice time ?

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  9. Hey!! One confusion is that Nancy our Nandu in real or her copy?? Plazzzz if she is Nandu then maybe she has lost her memory then uski memory Haldia wapas le aana kyuki agar go Nandu Ke face mein Nancy hai toh phir bhe mujhe aacha Nahi lag raha n plz bring drubir back…. Nywayssss apart from that u r rocking… The way u talk in the middle is great… U rock.. Kyyrock

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  14. Nandini went away and it’s hardly a year…manik moved on???so fast?? Even after knowing that it is not Nandini but nancy..even if Nandini and Nancy are the same…as someone pointed out if Nandini has had a memory loss and is in nancys avtar, how can Manik go behind her soo fast??? Is that called pure love??I’m a bit disappointed by that… Don’t feel that I’m rude…I love your ff…just that I thought of commenting genuinely…pls forgive me if u are hurt… Just saying this as a manan fan…sorryy…

    1. Nancey

      Hey i can understand dear don’t think manik is cheating for nandini as i told you guy’s it’s just a surprise so I’ll clear why manik didn’t think about nandini

    2. EXACTLY felt the same yar…..

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