kaisi yeh yaariyan ( season 3 ) new beginning Episode 1


Hi guy’s i know you all are missing our kyy specially our manan and our fab 5 so after thinking so so much i have decided to write a ff for kyy .
Actually friends I thought to write this story as a start of season 3 this is my thinking .there will be a lot’s of twist and truns and specially a new manan love story hmm this idea came to my mind that’s why i thought to write .I’m sure you all will like to read a new manan love story of course there will be a lot’s of romance ,lot’s of fun .hmm so I’m not gonna reveal about anything bcz its a surprise. Guys i talked a lot .

Hmm here is the story after where our kyy stop.
In the night that new year day aryaman proposed nandini this gave a super shocked to both manan and after that nandini didn’t want to say anything to aryaman bcz of manik health in fact neither didn’t let manik to fight with aryaman this make manik angry and at that night manan had a big fight a big fight ( now guy’s don’t think i purposely separated manan it’s a necessary to do bcz so don’t hit me eggs or tomatoes ?)

So guy’s that night everything change .
Manik blame nandu that she cheated to him and she loved aryaman in my absence that’s why every time she tried to defend him .

In the morning manik try to call nandu but her mobile is switch off and he even went to see her after that he got the biggest shock of his life chachi came and give a letter to manik this make him so so shock

In the letter

Dear manik i knw you are angry with me but trust me i didn’t want to hurt you in fact i was also shocked at that time i didn’t want to you hurt aryaman or yourself bcz of me and it’ll affect to your health but manik i thought so much whenever we are together we can’t be happy with each others koi na koi problems athehi rahethe so manik i made a dicision. we are not ment to be manik .i can’t let hurt you every time .you got hurt bcz of me everytime . One time yiu was about to loose your hand that’s why i wanted to end this mess .manik i hope you’ll understand your nandu.i knw my manik very well you’re so strong .manik litesn may be I’m not the one who god have choosen for you .and manik i gave to your life so much problems and bcz of me fab5 was no more at that day instead of me cabir died bcz of me we loss cabir the jaan of fab 5 manik dekna aisa koi tumhare life me ayenga who’ll keep fab5 together who’ll keep you happy always who’ll solve all the problems who’ll be the real half of manik who’s the one the god has sent for you.when she came to your life you’ll be able to forget me I’m very sure and manik now don’t get angry on me so manik that’s why i decided to stay away from you forever but I’ll always love you it’s so difficult for me to go but i had to do this manik i want you to be happy .bye manik I’m going .don’t try to find me and yeah I’ll be happy and safe .hmm in last i love you and fab5 and navya .i love you so much manik malhotra .

Your nandini

( now i knw after reading this you guy’s are so much angry with me but guy’s don’t think I’m going to separate manan you knw na manan is forever so wait i told you guy’s already that this girl is a surprise that new girl so guy’s think think who’s she and remeber nandini went but she didn’t went ????)

So guy’s after reading the letter manik is sitting like a lifeless body and tears are falling from eyes

Manik asked from the chachi did she knw where nandini went but chachi is don’t knw anything.

Like this manik tried a lot to find nandu but every time he failed ( manik after all I’m the writer so I’ll not let you find nandu so easily)

And finally he went for his treatment after lot’s of insisnt of aliya ,mukthi and his dad .

Like this one year passed now manik become normal and also aliya become normal and now everything is seems fine.

Hmmm but guys i forgot to tell you our angry manik is back?????

And this is the last year of space to them.

Hmmm so guy’s this is my plouge tell me how’s this i only continue if you guy’s will commnet otherwise I’ll feel no one like my ff

Guy’s as i told this is a new story of fab 5 and keep this remember manan got separated but didn’t get separeted and also don’t think I’m going to add a new girl to manik that’s impossible guy’s to imagine .

And friends hmmm there are lot’s of surprise has to come hmmm no not now be with me to knw about suprises ?

Credit to: Cinderella

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    1. Thank you

  2. Awesome

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  3. Good plot

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  4. Hey! Nice work dear…would love to read more from you…I knw you will never separate manan for a long time…bcz…manan is forever..:)waiting for the next update…pls update soon ..plss..

    1. Yeah I’ll never separate manan and thank you so much for reading .yeah plz be with me

  5. amazing❤❤

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  6. Prologue is interesting. Waiting for ur next update.

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  7. Plzzz continue I would love 2 read it more ur plot is amazing

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  8. hey sweety plzzzz continue . iam so eager yaar

    1. Thank you so much

  9. Nice storyline ? I guess I m all set to a new joy ride ? best of luck plz do update regularly

    1. Thank you and I’ll try to update regularly

  10. the prologue is interesting…
    u should surely continue this…
    and I’m damn sure u won’t separate manan..its forever..💖💑💞 I know coz I’m also a crazy fan of manan

    1. Thank you

  11. Hey what’s up yaar ur too different ur way of writing is awesome super update plz next update soon

    1. Thank you thank you actually I’m a talkative ????that’s why i can’t my self here also

  12. Amazing yar…..
    Plz plz continue….

    1. Thank you

  13. I just can’t wait 4 the update…. I think this is going to be the best season 3 of kyy……loved it….just a small request don’t stop the ff in the middle…update sooooooooon??????

    1. Yeah i hope so and thank you

  14. Haha?? arye yar poor Manik ? But plzz make them together soon….???

    1. Thank you

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  16. Awesome…. plz do continue…. n the best part of ur writing is that u put lots of hmmmms.;p plz do continue.. loved it

    1. Thank you

  17. Trust its super start
    But its sad how cn manik behave lyk this to nandhini he bcm impulsive,For the best union this seperation is needed awsm ,,,

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