Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Fan Fiction Part 3

Sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……………sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………..sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GUYZ
Nd finally back to our story…..

PRECAPS : as soon as the hand reaches manic…cabir comes from behind nd hold it nd pinch the person to the wall….

The inspector get a call….nd it tells that…a baby is found out from a kidnaper nd it is safe nw nd enquire that …if they got any complaint regaurding to this news plz convey this info To them….as soon as the inspector got tis news he convey it to navy and co.
Hearing this all felt bit relaxed nd relived…..the police peoples had over abir to navya …harshad thank them nd all leaves to there respective places..nandhini alog vith navy and mukthi stay in there room ..nd spend some quality time after long time ..as they r busy nd tensed for past few days becoz of the consert…nd alya went to her house along harshad..nd aryaman nd dhruv to there respective houses.

After the dinner ..manik nd cabir went to there respective room to sleep…at mid night around 11:30 pm
There is a person in manik’s room with monster mask with something in hand looks like a knife goes near manic…as soon as the hand reaches manic some one from behind hold it nd pinch the person to the wall…its none other than cabir…
Cabir’s one hand held the person around there hip holding him tight nd one hand in the persos’s mouth..nd ask him how dare u…who r u ..nd why r u here…wat the hell u doing with my manic….tell me…wat r u doing here …sinse cabir is holding his mouth he is unakle to speak therefore manic is still asleep…thus to wake manic the person hits the cot with his leg nd make manic wakeup….waked manic is shocked to see cabir with some one in his room…manic is confused nd stare at them….
To make manic to the sense…the person shakes his leg to gain maniks Attension…then manic comes to sense nd ask cabir about the condition…
Cabir turns nd says to manic tat tis guy is trying to kill u….nd iam asking about that nd he is not at all responding..nd lift his hand to punch him…nut manic stops him by holding his hand and ask him to leaver the guy…..as soon as manic leave the guy…he sound auchhh…of pain…nd manic realize tat it’s a girl with the sound

Precaps:manic identify tat the guy with monster mask is none other than his chotti behan…ammu..nd she came here to surprise him

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  1. Aww.. Manik has a chotu behen!! Great!! Loved it!!! What’s her name BTW?

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