Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Fan Fiction Part 2


Sorry guys …….in the excitement of writing fanfiction I had forget to introduce the character Nd really sry for the grammer nd spelling mistakes guys..nd I will rectify it…..

KAISI YEH YAARIYAN (CHARACTER INTODUCTION) I have changed the characters little bit as up to my assumption ..so plz go through it

FAB FIVE : manic , cabir, dhruv, alya,mukthi

MANIK : A dashing handsome hunk heart robe of all girls in space academy,member of fab five ,boyfriend of nandhini murthi,lead singer nd guitarist in his band,son of nyvonika malothra ..the dean of space academy.
CABIR : a funny loving guy,member of fab5,he is a drums player in his band,best friend of manic nd mukthi ,nd in my ff… as he lost his memory..he is not a gay…he is as usual a normal male person DHRUV :Soft spoken,cute,member of fab5,sub singer nd guitarist,love of alya,nd now he is the one who will even give his life to manic.
MUKTHI: lovely freeminded person,member of fab5,wellwisher of alaya,electroni guitarist in her band,short tempered.
ALYA: gorgeous,lovely ,sweet heart,love of dhruv,bestiee of mukthi,member of fab5,keyboard player in her band.
NANDHINI: beautiful lovely girl,bestee of navya,love of manik,veena player,a girl with never gives up mind.
NAVYA:funny girl,bestee of nandhini,mom of abir,girl cheated by harshad
HARSHAD: brother of alya,father of abir,..in my ff he is a changed.. good hearted guy,seeking forgiveness for his mistakes,nf trying to be a legal father nd husband for navya…
ARYAMAN: caretaker of nandhini in the absence of manik,thabla player,good friend of fab3
MADHIYAM(maddy):good singer,lead singer of fab3 in the absence of manik,…nd in my ff soon he will bid bye to space
ABIR: little boy of harshad nd navya Here comes the new one…..
LEHER: new comer to space,junior to fab5 nd co.,lovely cousine sister of manik..who call her as ammu…


Hey guys ..here is the ans for ur questions….
Yes manik nd cabir is hiding from fab3 nd co…becoz..since cabir lost his thoughts…manic trying his level best to make cabir remember atlest his friends…but it is not working…so manic is waiting for a fine day to make cabir meet his friends…. IN SPACE After the team won the competition ..every one is happy nd thank maddy for his suppot…to everyones surprise..maddy didt respond nd gone from there…..dhruv calls him but mukthi interrupt nd says let him go tis is not the rit time to speak to hims.. Dhruv agrees..nd the group go to there respective places… On the way to home…nandhini thinks about manic nd smiles hugging navya…..as they reached there home they seen abir missing..nd navya become tensed nd calls out his name nd search for him around…mean while nandhini inform everyone.. All are at the police station…mukthi nd alya r consoling navya..where nandhini nd dhruv explaining the inspector about the sutivation

IN MANIK RESIDENCY Manik heres a knook on his door nd went to see it…as he opens the door he didn’t find anyone there nd confused…cabir comes there nd ask wat happen ..manic ..nd manic says nothing nd they go… In manik’s room ..he is sleeping …where someone with a monster mask..comes near him…. As alya informed harshad about abir missing..harshad comes running to the police station..as soon as he reached..he enquired the inspector about abir..the inspector ask him who he is…tis makes harshad silent….to his surprice…navya tell the inspector tat he is abir’s father…hearing tis tears roll down from harshad’s eyes.

PRECAPS : as soon as the hand reaches manic…cabir comes from behind nd hold it nd pinch the person to the wall….

Credit to: leher

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  1. Ha superrr nice narration…

  2. thanq yaar

  3. Nice one:) khud entry maardi:D maddy is gonna leave?? Hawwww……bad bad….acha okay im okay wid it……bura mat banao usse haan…..bura bhi acha ban jata hai yuvi….acting dekhe toh he’s a versatile actor……so usse acha banake hi bhaga do story se:)
    its IMPOSSIBLE to watch harshad like this!!! This is d vry 1st FF im reading in which harshad is good! Wants to rectify his mistakes!! Oh my god! I’ll take some good time to gulp this harshad! But its nice…n wt bout nyonika??

  4. Hey…..hi…..i am a great fan of KY2…….and lovd ur stry……..i am ky2 viewr frm day 1….even before Nandini met Manik……i was thr vith thm in their entire journey……and so happy to see thm togethr again………i jst want to ask about aryamn……..if he s turn negative…….lots of love fr d shw and its viewers……….paagal viewers lik me……….thanks fr ur stry…its great…

  5. nyonika is not the dean she is just a trusty i mean the x trusty

  6. Kavipriya venkatraman

    Yaar plz continue ur fan fiction …story .. i am eagerly waiting for upcoming story…and i have one doubt ..who is that leher. ..

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