Kaisi yeh yaariyan-Distance doesn’t matter (Character Sketch)

Two friends Manik and Nandini who were saperated in their childhood finally meet each other after 10 years! Will they recognize each other? Will their friendship remain the same or there will be some different feeling that they’ll have for each other.

Character Sketch:

Manik Malhotra-Presently 18 years old,most arrogent egoistic and rude person of SPACE Academy.Doesn’t care for anyone except his family and friends.He just return from New York after 10 years along with his friend.
Nandani Murthy-18 years old sweet and bubbly caring girl,also a student of SPACE Academy.Loves her family and friends alot and can do anything for them.
Cabir Dhawan-19 years old fun loving boy,also keeps on cracking jokes.Manik’s friend and he is back with Manik from US to join SPACE Academy.
Mukti Vardhan-18 years old tomboy girl who is just like Manik rude arrogant person for outsiders but fun loving bubbly girl for the people close to her.Is also back with Manik,Cabir from New York.
Alya Saxena-The fashion diva,loves to dress up,goes for shopping almost everyday,also 18 years old and is back with Manik,Cabir,Mukti from New York.And is in relationship with Dhruv Vedant.
Dhruv Vedant-Manik’s buddy,also 18 years old,a shy cute simple boy,whose world is revolves around his family and friends.Also bach with Manik,Cabir,Mukti and Alya from New York.In relationship with Alya Saxena.
Raj Malhotra-Manik’s dad,a fun loving person who loves his family alot and the owner of Malhotra Industries.
Nyonika Malhotra-Manik’s mom,a sweet caring lady,whose life revolves around her family.The owner of SPACE Academy.
Rishi Murthy-Nandani’s dad,a caring husband,dad and son.Owner of Murthy Industries.
Sashi Murthy-Nandani’s mom,whose life revolves around her family.Runs an NGO in Nandani’s name.
Ram Murthy,Shano Murthy,Rishab Murthy-Nandani’s chacha,chachi and brother.
Navya Naveli-A bubly girl from patna and belongs from rich family just like others and is 19 years old.
Abhimanyu Thakkar-Nandani’s best friend who is more like a elder brother,a student of 3rd year studies MBA.20 years old.
Aryaman Khurrana-Nandani and Navya’s best friend also very rich,lives with his dad while his mom and sister in USA.
Manik,Mukti,Cabir,Dhruv,and Alya a band known as FAB5

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