Kaisi yeh yaariyan- Distance doesn’t matter Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Nandani’s pov.
Manik took me to his car and carefully made me sit with him in the back seat as he ordered the driver totake me to Murthy Mansion.
The whole ride to my home was quite and we were just holding each others hands tightly as we are gonna disappear if we leave each others hands. I could feel his pain and now I am regretting my decision and I soon much wanted to comfort me and apologize to him for all the suffering that he got through in all this years. Just then driver informed us that we reached Murthy Mansion.
End of Nandani’s pov.
Manik’s pov.
Driver informed us that we reached Nandani’s house so I gestured her to move inside while i told the driver to go back to mall to receive FAB4 and even warned him that no one should knowwhere me and Nandani are and even that that we are even together.
Listening to my warning the driver nodded his head and move from their as fast as he could while I laughed watching his reaction.
I went inside Nandani’s room where she was seating and looked the door.
I knew she wanted to talk so I just went and seat beside her.I softly held her hand and she immediately hugged me tightly and was crying softly,I just caressed her hairs as I knew she have to take this all out.
After half and hour I felt her relaxing against me.
Are you ok?
I asked her.
I am Ok Manik….Thank you.
She said looking deeply in my eyes.
Thank you for what?
I asked her.

For being their for me always.
She replied still looking in my eyes.I felt like someone have stab my heart after hearing her.
I wasn’t there for you everytime Nandani.I didn’t even know about your condition after I left.
I whispered in her ears.I felt her getting stiff again against me.
What are you talking about?
This time she looked away, she wasn’t able to look at my eyes.I made her look at me and I could see the freshly made tears filling in her eyes so I just softly wiped them and place a small peckin her forehead
Aunty was telling mom about you as they thought I was asleep but I was awake and i know how much you suffered because of me.
A lone tears ascaped from my eyes and she immediately wipped itoff and nodded no.
I am really sorry Nandani I made you suffer I am really sorry.
I said looking at her eyes and i could see her eyes looking at me with full of respect and love….
LOVE?From where does that come from?
Well I love her….yes I do love her since the time I understood what is love but what about her?
I can’t tell her about my feelings,maybe just because of my stupid confesion,I can’t afford loosing her friendship.
End of Manik’s pov.
Manik and Nandani were still in their thoughts.Manik was thinking about his love for Nandani while nandani was also realizing her feelings for manik.She knew this feeling is not only friendship but more than that.
Manik can we just forget our past and start afresh?
Nandani said as she came out of her thoughts and hearing her speak Manik too came out ofhis thoughts.
But what about the pain you had suffer just because of me?
Manik said and pain was audible in his voice even if he tried not to show his pain.
Manik the past is only going to hurt us but our future will be something that we will make it,so it’s better if we forget our past and focuse on our future,What’s say? Nandani exclaimed and asked him as she know the past is hurting manik and it was important make him forget all that other wise he may land up hurting himself for hurting her.
How can you say that easily Nandani?
Manik said painfully.
Because I know you also suffered in this years!Just because you don’t let anyone see your pain you think I won’t know this!Manik I am your bestfriend!I know you inside out,maybe you can fool others but not me because this eyes of yours na never lie or hide something from me even if your heart and and mind do so! Nandani said smilling and pulling his cheeks while saying the last line.
Ok you win I loose!Soo Miss Nandani Murthy will you do the honor of becoming my bestfriend again?
Manik said while taking his hand out for hand shake.
It will be a pleasure to be your bestfriend Mr.Manik Malhotra!
Nandani said while shaking her hands with manik and soon they hugged eachother for a long time.

In the mall Fab4 and Navman(Navya and Aaryaman)not to tell anyone about ManNan till the time they both tell everyone.
FAB4 conversation:
Alya can me and Mukti stay in your place for some hours as we can’t go manik’s house without him.
Cabir asked.
Ofcourse Cabir why not?And from which moment you started taking my permission for coming to my house?
Alya said.
Aree I asked uncle aunty are at home na!
Cabir answered her.
Ok,Me and Cabir go in my car and you 2 go in Manik’s car to my house then lets get Manik so that aunty will think he was not alone.
Alya exclaimed.while everyone nodded and left for Alya’s house.
Nandani’s house

Nandani was making snacks for herself and manik because they were damn hungry while manik was just seating in Kitchen’s slab watching her work while he played with the tomatoes that she took out.
You know Nandani I have my friends and we had our band called FAB5 and we were quite papulor in New York so now we are here to persue our MUSIC. Manik said.
Aacha you know even I have my friends and even they sing well but we are not that band kinda thing.
Nandani said.
Ok aacha which college did you join?Aunty was telling me that your college was starting tommorow.
Manik asked.
Manik lets not talk about this college thing.
Nandani said.
Manik said getting off the Kitchen’s slab.
Kya hua?
Nandani asked.
I gor got to tell my friends not to go to my house without me.
Replied manik.
Aur aisa kyun?
Asked nandani.
because i want to surprise mom and aunty.
Manik said.
Aacha Manik lets just fight infront of them and let’s surprise them in their birthday!What’s say?
Nandani asked.
Perfect I’ll inform my friends about it while you do your friends.
manik said.
Nandani said.
They informed them about their plan and they happily aggreed and told Mukti and cabir to reach Murty Mansion.

Precap:Nandani meets Cabir and Mukti.

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