Kaisi yeh yaariyan-Distance doesn’t matter (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6
Manik and Nandani were just lost in their world forgetting about their friends and all other people in food court.They were hugging each other for last 10 minutes and were still not able to digest the fact that they are actually infront of each other!Uncountable tears had flown and were still flowing from their eyes.

It had been 15 minutes seens Manik had left to get ice cream but was not back yet so FAB4 decided to go and check on him,but as they were going further they notice a huge crowd who were busy taking the picture of the people who were the center of attraction so even they decided to look what is interesting that the people were going cazy.

Just like FAB4 Aaryaman and Navya were also tensed for Nandani so even they decided to look for her as she wasn’t picking up the phone.As they were going near the shop they noticed a huge crowed around someone,the crowed was going crazy so they decided to look what is happening their and the very next moment they were very shocked to see the scene infront of them,Nandani hugging a boy! That too infront of everyone!They tried to look at the person whom Nandani was hugging but was not able as the face of the person was hidden in the crook of Nandani’s neck.

FAB4 reached infront and saw a boy and girl hugging each other tightly and it didn’t effect them much because it was common thing for them as in New York it was very common but the next thing that they saw made them shocked.
Cabir yeh toh Manik hai na?
Mukti asked.
Kapde toh Manik ke hi hai and body bhi manik jaisi hai.
Replied a confused Cabir.
But buddy never get friendly with anyone except us and its very unlike hime to hug anyone in front of everyone!
Said a shocked Dhruv.
Let it be guys,I think we should wait for him and i know we will be the first one to know about this.
Alya said smilling.
I think Alya is right we should wait for him.
Said Cabir and others nodded in agreement.

Nandani’s pov.
I didn’t know for hom much time we were standing their holding each other and our tears were not ready to stop.I held his hair in my fists and pulling them in order to make him look at me but he wasn’t ready for it,instead he burried his face more into my neck.I smilled a little whatching his childish behavior which wasn’t new to me.
Won’t yo look at me?You are still angry with me?
I asked him.I felt him frowning so I decided to change the topic.
Manik I am tired of standing let’s go home na!
I said in which he instantly looked at my face,I noticed his bloodshot eyes due to crying and that’s when I noticed people looking at us and I came to reality.I again looked at Manik and I saw him starring at me already
Let’s leave!
I heared him say.
Ok let me inform my friends Manik.
I said.
Saying this he literally dragged me out of the mall making a way for us through th crowd.

Aaryaman and Navya were shocked to see Manik with Nandani as they broke the hug.
They noticed manik’s bloodshot eyes and him dragging Nandani outof the mall.
I think we should stop them!
Navya said.
No let them spend some time together,didn’t you notice the glow in Nandani’s face?Just leave them alone for somethime.
Aaryaman said while Navya nodded and went to get something for themselves.

FAB4 saw Manik’s bloodshot eyes and they knew that he was crying and then they noticed Manik dragging the girl out of the mall.
Let’s stop him guys!
Mukti said.
Cabir shouted.
But why?
Mukti said irritated.
She must be someone important that is why manik had taken her out so just let him be,because he will definitely inform us about all this first.
Replied Cabir and others nodded and went to resume their shopping.

Precap:Manik and Nandani planning something….

Guys if you forgot Aaryamanand Navya saw Manik in the T.V. news channel bujt FAB4 never saw Nandani because the were with Manik.
Next episode MaNan moments…

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