Kaisi yeh yaariyan-Distance doesn’t matter (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5
FAB5 reach the mall and they decided to shop for the boys first as girls will take a lot of time for shopping.
They enter to Zara’s showroom to shop to find some blazers for Manik because he likes wearing it.
Manik you have lots of red blazers so today we’ll not buy a single cloth that is of red!
Mukti said.
Yaar Mukti you know na I love red and I can’t live without living anything in red!
Manik said irritated.
Look Manik we know you love redbutsee you have loss of them so please listen to us.
Alya said calmimg him down.
Manik said sadly.
Cabir and Dhruv were just laughing watching Manik’s condition and then everyone started searching clothes Manik and Manik was just standing and watching them do so.
Nandani let’s go to Zara’s showroom first I heared they have some new collections.
Aaryaman said as they entered the mall.
Yaar Arya to humesha yahi karta hai!You all ways shop for yourself first!
Navya said with a grampy face.
Are Navya it’s ok and don’t worry it has women’s collections too.
Nandani said.
Yes thank you Nandu I love you! Aaryaman said while hugging Nandani side ways and they walk to Zara’s showroom.
Manik look this blue blazer will it look good with this yellow t-shirt what say?
Alya said excited.
Do wathever you guys want to I am not interested!
Manik said grumpily.
Ok then we will buy clother according to us!
Mukti said happily.
Manik said while he went to check some other collections.
As Manik was checking clothes he unknowingly went to women’s section were he spoted a beautiful red dress which was very simple yet elegant.Manik reach near the dress.
Manik pov.
Wow this dress is beautiful and I am sure it will look stunning on Nandani!Should I buy this?
What if she doesn’t like it?
What if we don’t recognize eachother?
What should I do?
Suddenly he felt someone near him also looking at the dress so he decided to buty the dress because it was the only single piece.
Hey I am sorry but I already selected this dress.
Manik said without looking at the girl because his gaze was only in that dress.
Oh it’s ok and yes your girlfriend will surely love this dress and yes do buy a matching earings and heels she will be very happy.
The girl said smilling before Manik can say something the girl left.
What! girlfriend?Ok leave it well she was right I gift this to Nandani this dress and matching things when we will be friends again.
Areee Nandu tum kanha chalki gyi thi???
Navya said.
Vo mujhe ek dress pasand aayi thi toh mai vahi lene gyi thi..
Before nandani could complete Navya hoped in.
Aachaaaaaa!dikhaaooo na kanhi hai dress??
Navya asked all excited.
Puri baat toh sun liya karo Navya!
Mai lene gyi thi but a guy already selected this dress,maybe for his girlfriend.
Nandani said smilling.
Vo larka smart tha kya Nandu?
asked Navya.
I didn’t see his face because my eyes were not ready to leave the dress.
Nandani accepted.
Whatttsss upp guys!
Aaryaman hopped in between them.
Done with you shopping?
Nandani asked.
Yes,lets shop for you guys now!
Aaryaman said.
Yup lets go to other showroom.
Navya exclaimed.
Yup let’s go!
Aaryaman and Nandani said,as all three of them made their way out of the showroom.
Manik where did you went?
Cabir asked.
Kanhi nhi,mai knha jaaunga bas I was just checking some collections.
Manik lied.
Oh well me and Dhruv are done with our shopping and girls are done with your soo its their turn to shop so let’s go!
Cabir said.
Yaa let’s go!
Mukti,Alya and Dhruv said together while Manik just nooded and follow them out of showroom after clearing their bills.
Manik already given the dress for halteration and would collect it after someday.
After 2 hours
FAB5 were tired and were damn hungry they went to food court to fill their empty stomack.
Kal se College finally!
Mukti said.
Yaa it will be fun we will finally persue our dream-MUSIC!
Alya said excitedly.
Yup and we know we are ganna rock here toojust like we rock in New York.
Cabir exclaimed.
Ok guys let’s discuss this at night let’s finish our food first because we are still left with Mukti’s shopping!
Manik said.
Yes guys only Alya’s shopping took 2 hours!
Dhruv said and soon received a slap from Alya who was looking at him angrily while others were laughing their heart out.
Soon Alya and Dhruv joined them in laughing and finally they started eating while teasing.
Navya yaar if you are done with your shopping so can we please eat something?
Aaryaman said all tired.
Yes Navya please eat something then continue with your shopping.
Nandani pleaded.
Haan haa let’s go guys even I am hungry!
Navya said as they made their way to food court.
Nandani’s pov.
We entered the food court and tookour seats,I was feeling thirsty so I went to nearby shop to by mineral water after informing my friends.
I buyed two bottles and when I was going back to table my foot slept and I just closed my eyes to feel the sharp pain that was about to take me to embrace.
Few second passes but I didn’t feel pain so I slowly open my eyes to get lost in the chocolate brown eyes that were already starring at my face and as soon as I open my eyes our gaze met,I knew this eyes,this face but I was confused,that’s when I heard him-
Are you okay?
To which I replied
I am fine thank you.
He made me stand properly and as turned to look at those known eyes again for my answer but my surpise he was already starring at me.
Why are you staring me?
I asked but his answer shocked me-
What else do you expect from me Nandani?
I heared him.Soon the tears made their way toward my eyes and were ready to flow any moment.
I wispered.
End of Nandani’s pov.
Manik’s pov.
I was going to get ice creame for us when I notticed a girl who slipped and I ran t hold her so that she dorsn’t fall.
I looked at her face,hereyes were closed as she had prepared herself to bear the pain,The girl looked familiar to me her chubby cheeks,her long black thick hair,small nose,that’s when I saw her opening her eyes and I looked deep into her eyes and now I know she was my Nandani my Nandani,my bestfriend.I asked her if she was fine in which she replied-
I am fine thank you
I made her stand properly and I looked her again trying to compare her with the little 8 years old Nandani who left me in the airport that day.I was busy in starring her when she asked-
Why are you starring me?
In which i simply replied-
What else do you except from me Nandani?
As soon I said those words tears made their way to her eyes and were ready to flow any time and that’s when I heared her whisper-
And that was it for me I just pulled her into a tight bone crushing hug and too my surprise she too hugged me equally,I felt my T-shirt wet and I knew she was crying but I didn’t stop her because un knowingly tears made way out of my eyes also and I hide my face in the crook of her neck.
End of Manik’d pov
Nandani’s pov.
I was still busy looking at him when I was pulled to a tight bone crashing hug,which was very much needed and I too reponded back to the hug equally.
I knew my tears were soaking his T-shirt but he didn’t pulled back instead I felt him hide his face in the crook of my neck and suddenly I felt something wet on my back,It didn’t take me time to know that he was crying too!
Just at this moment I felt my dicission that I took 10 years back was wrong,It was very wrong!
Precap:FAB5,Aaryaman and Navya found Manik and Nandani hugging and their eyes were bloodshot red(but FAB5 don’t know that it is Nandani and Aaryaman and Navya don’t know that it is manik)
Sorry for updating late..

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