Kaisi yeh yaariyan-Distance doesn’t matter (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4
Malhotra Mansion
As everyone was sitting and talking suddenly Shashi’s phone rang and it flash Nandani’s name.
Phone Conversation(S-for Shashi and N-for Nandani)
S-Hello Nandu… N-Mom I am going shopping with Aryaman and Navya. S-Ok beta but when will you come back? N-Mom I’ll have dinner with them so I’ll be back at 11. S-It’s ok beta as far as you are with Aryaman and Navya I don’t have any problem. N-Mom how’s Manik and Nyo mom?(Nandani asked stammering?) S-(Looking at Manik)Manik’s fine,In fact he is with me, Nandu do you want to talk to him?
Hearing Nandani asking about manik everyone was happy.
N-No mom I’m getting late bye!
With this Nandani ct the call without hearing further.
End of phone conversation
What happen Shashi,Nandani didn’t want to talk to Manik?
Asked Nyonika sadly.
No actually she is going shopping with her friends as tommorow is her first day at college.
Shashi said.
Ohh crap!

Mukti shouted.
Aree Mukti pagal ho gyi hai kya?Chilla kyun rahi hai?
Cabir Exclaimed.
Aree nahi stupid don’t you remember even we have college tommorow and we haven’t shopped forit yet!
Mukti said getting up from the couch.
Yaar cabir and mukti you go I want to spen time with mom and aunty.
Manik said while hugging Shashi’s waist tightly.
Aree baby you go with your friends and mai kanha jaa rhi hun,so go for shopping with you friends and don’t worry I am not going anywhere I am waiting here for you and I’ll go after watching what you bought.Ok?
Shashi asked.

Yes Manik you go and I promise you that I won’t let shashi go until you come back!
Nyonika said ruffling his hair.
Ok!lets go guys!!!And call Alya and Dhruv too,remember FAB5 always go for shopping together!
Manik said getting up from the floor.
Ofcource we remember that Manik!You go and get ready till then I go and call Alya and Dhruv to reach XYZ mall.
Cabir said.
Manik left to get ready and Cabir informed Alya and Dhruv then went to get ready.

****************************************************Murthy Mansion
Nandani yaar kitna time lagayegi tu!! jaldi aa!!!
Aaryaman shouted.
Aa rahi hun stupid just wait!
Nandani shouted from her room.
After sometime nandani came down wearing a red sleveless dress above her knees.
Sorry Sorry guys actualy I was talking to mom.
Nandani said.
Well are you OK Nandani?
asked Navya in a concerned tune.
Yes I am fine navya why are you asking?
asked Nandani.
Actually she is talking like this because we knoe Manik is back.
Aaryaman answered in a seriouse tune.
But how you guys know about this?
Nandani asked surprised.
Just turn your T.V. once you will know about it, some one clicked his photos and uploaded it on net and everyone got to know and now all news channels are flashing this news.
Aaryaman answered.
I won’t turn on the T.V. I’ll never broke my promise!Lets go to XYZmall,we have things to shop!
Nandani said
Yes let’s go!
Navya said.
All left for the mall

Precap:Nanani and Manik in the same mall.
Guys read next chapter to know will MaNan meet each other in the mall?

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