Kaisi yeh yaariyan-Distance doesn’t matter (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3
Manik,Mukti,Cabir and Nyonika were having their lunch when a servant came and informed Nyonika about Shashi aka Mrs.Murty’s visit.Listening about Shashi,Manik just jumped and ran to the living room leaving lunch in between which was really not his manner! Watching run Manik excitedly and Nyonika shook her head smilling and also leaving the table after excusing herself,Cabir and Mukti were completely confused with the Malhotra’s behavior because this was not their manner to live the table in between! So both of them decided to follow them and who is their that Malhotra’s forgot their manners!

As Manik reached the room he finally saw Shashi infront of him after 10 years!It’s not that they didn’t do video chat but video will remain video and watching the person whom youlove so much in front of you is a different feeling.
Manik shouted and run to hug her.
I missed you so much aunty!
Manik whispered.
Aww my baby I missed you too!
She said ruffling his hair and hugging him.
Aree hello even I am here!

Nyonika said with a cute angry pout.
Awe mom apko kisne roka hai,come join us!
Manik said pulling her into a hug.
After sometime they broke the hug and sat in the living room while Nyonika and Shashi sat on the sofa,Manik sat on the floor with his head on Shashi’s lap while she was caressing his hair and looking at his face lovingly. Just then Mukti and cabir entered and got a biggest shock of their life. The Manik Malhotra who is very private person,who doesn’t get’s with someone so easily was almost asleep in lady’s lap even when his mom was there!Oh wait,even she was smilling watching them!Well this was enough for them to digest so finally they sat beside Nyonika without making any noise and asked her in a shushed tune so Manik doesn’t wake up.

Aunty who is she?Manik seem to be very comfortable with her?
Mukti asked breaking Nyonika’s trance.
She is Shashi,my friend in fact our families are very close to each other. Her daughter Nandani…
Nyonika couldn’t complete when Cabir exclaimed.
Nandani Murty Manik’s first bestfriend,she is more important to him then us,They haven’t met or talked to each other since he came to New York as per her wish.Haina aunty!
Cabir asked a confuse Nyonika.
Yes but how do you guys know that?
Nyonika asked.

Aunty you don’t know seens the time when we and Manik are together the first thing he told about his family was nandani!Even before telling us about you and uncle he told us about Nandani.He misses her like hell aunty!Every night he talks to her picture that he has of them when they were eight years old!You know aunty he doesn’t let’s out his pain to us but everytime we talk to our childhood friend na their is a pain in his eyes which he tries to hide from everyone and this is the reason we don’t even ask him to open up because we know it will hurt him more,now we just pray they meet each other soon!

Mukti said,while Nyonika and Shashi wiped their tears that made their way out from their eyes and our Manik was fast asleep to hear anything.

You know beta I know the pain manik is suffering because Nandu is suffering from same amount of pain.Since the time she made that decision she was so angry on herself that she didn’t come out of her room for a day since Manik left.We had to break the door at it took us almost 3 months to get our old Nandu back,we consulted a physiatrist who gave her various councelling session and finally she was able to control her emotions,you know since that time till today she talks to Manik’s picture,tells him about her day,each and everything that happened and you guys know what the funny part is she thinks I don’t know about her habbits!but she doesn’t know that I’m her mom and I know each and everything about her,She does have to bestfriend Aryaman and navya but she cleared it to them that not even try to talk to her about Manik and even this that they can’t get manik’s place in her life!You know what one time in joking manner Aryaman said something about Manik and Nandani broke his arm and on top of that instead of saying sorry she didn’t talk to him for a month then Aryaman have to say apologize to her!She misses Manik a lot!Whenever me and my husband used to have video chat with manik,she purposely make some excuses so that she doesn’t breake her promise,even today she made a same excuse when I asked her to come with me,the pain was visible in her eyes that’s why I didn’t pressure her to come.

A lone tears escaped from manik’s eyes which was unnoticed by everyone.Yes manik was awake he heared everything what Shashi sai.Actualy he felt something wet on his cheek that’s why he woke up and was about to open his eyes but stopped because Shashi was talking about Nandani so he stopped to hear further. Nyonika,mukti and Cabir were not able to hold their tears when they hear about Nandani.
My baby,she suffered so much and I didn’t even know about it,Why didn’t you tell me about this Shashi?

Nyonika asked.
Because I know you will call Manik back when you will know about this that’s why I don’t want to tell you because it will effect manik’s future.

Shashi exclaimed.
Now manik heard a lot and were not able to hear more that’s why he act to wake up and because of that everyone changed the topic.

******************************************************AT MURTHY MANSION
Nandani was lying on her bed looking blankly at manik’s childhood pictures.
Will he able to recognize me? Will I be able to recognize him? Will our friendship stays the same that was before? What if he hates me?
~Nandani’s pov~
Mom kab aayengi?Should I call her?No no she is meeting Manik after 10 years ,let her enjoy sometime with Manik,I just hope mom did not tell Nyo mom (Nyonika)about my admission in S.P.A.C.E Academy or my plan will fail. Aiyapaa pls let everyone enjoy their and stop mom for telling about my admission in S.P.A.C.E
PRECAP:Shashi(Nandani’s mom)wastalking in phone with Nandani and she ask Nandani will she talk to Manik…
Will she talk toManik or not?
Read my next chapter to know…

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