Kaisi yeh yaariyan-Distance doesn’t matter (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Hey bestfriend!how are you?Well you know what tomorrow is my first day at college and I’m do excited!I have taken admission in music department,Oh I’m so stupid I forgot to tell you my college name well it is…
A beautifull with long thick black hair was blabbering and she couldn’t even complete her sentence when she heard her mother shouting at her.
Nandaniiii….! Shouted her mother
Yes mom! Ok bestfriend ok bestfriend I’ll talk to you later okk bye!!
She said keeping the photo frame on the side table which showed a small girl and boy around 8 years old holding hand

Guys get ready fast!Do you guys forgot we have a flight to catch???!!
Shouted a tall mascular boy of around 6 foot sitting in the drawing room waiting impatiently for his friend to come out of their room.
I can’t afford to miss the flight after all I have to meet my best buddy!10 years blo*dy 10 years have been passed seens we saw eachother,talk to each other,I just wonder if she remembers me!
He was just lost in his thoughts when his friends shook him
Shouted Mukti while shooking him.
Manik said while coming out of his thoughts.
Kanha kho gya tu???
Asked Mukti.
Nhi kanhi nhi,aacha you guys ready so let’s leave!
Manik said.
Yup lets leave finallyyy we will be back to India!
All shouted in happiness and left for airport.

Mohan is lunch ready?
asked a beautiful lady wearing a dress which landed until her knees.
Yes Mam.
said Mohan.
Good arrange everything in the table Manik will be here any moment!
Said the lady happily,And went to check the arrangements after all her only son war returning back after 10 years.
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