kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 9


Nandini tickles Manik to enlighten his mood.
Manik: mujhe tickles feel nh hoti. Hahaha
She tickles him more and he starts laughing.
Manik: stop Nandu
Nandini: no
She continues tickling him and ends up falling on him. Music plays. Her hair comes on her face and he tucks it behind her ear and they have an eyelock.
Their eyelock was disturbed by Kaka’s voice.
Kaka: Khana tayyar hai.
Manik: jee kaka
They straighten themselves and avoids looking at each other. Manik makes an eww face seeing khichdi.
Manik: Nandini, no khichdi plz
Nandini: don’t u want to be OK?
Manik: I want to but..

Nandini: no buts. Eat, it’s doctor’s order, not mine.
He accepts his defeat and starts eating.

In Cabir’s room, Cabir and Navya were sitting on Cabir’s bed with Cavya in between them.
Cabir: Madhubala
Navya: hain?
Cabir: y r u shocked? its ur name only
Navya: Cabir
Cabir: OK I won’t call u Madhubala, I will call u Navya MB aka Navya Madhubala.
Navya: Cabir!
She picks up a pillow and starts hitting him, Cavya was continuously smiling.
Cabir: enough yr Navya, look Cavya, ur Mamma is hitting me.
Cavya continues smiling.
Navya: aap bhi has rahi ho? jao me apse BT nh krti.(to Cavya)
She turns her face and Cabir giggles on her.
Cabir: Navya bachi hai yr.
Navya misunderstands him.
Navya: tumne mujhe bachi kaha?! I will kill u
Cabir: me tumhe bol RHA hu k Navya, Cavya bachi hai us se naraz mt ho.
Navya: achha to ESA bolo na.
Cabir laughs.
Cabir: what will happen of u Madhubala?
Navya: hum tumhe sach much maar dengay samjhe tum
Cabir: OK OK now I won’t call u Madhubala I will call u Navya, kitna jaldi mood badal jata hai.
He puts a hand on his mouth to hide his smile while Navya ignores him.

Mukti and Abhimanyu were sitting together in their lecture period, Abhimanyu saw her really serious so he started whispering jokes to her.
Abhimanyu whispers: A monkey sees a man climbing on the tree so he asked what fruit do u want to eat? The man says mango. Monkey says but this is peepal’s tree. The man says krdi na ulluo wali baat, I have brought mango along with me.

Mukti bursts out laughing on the joke, the teacher everyone looks at her with questioning looks.
Mukti: if u want to punish then punish both of us coz he cracked a joke n I laughed so the mistake is of both of us.
Abhimanyu gets confused.
Teacher: ur punishment is to take 5 rounds of the back garden of college right now.
Abhimanyu: ok..chalo Mukti
They both go to the back garden.
Abhimanyu: I have an idea, I will run with u in my arms.
Mukti blushes.
Mukti: no let’s do this and have some fun, it will be a fun memory.
Abhimanyu: as u say
They take rounds together but not by running, they had hand in hand, Mukti’s head was on his chest and they walked slowly followed by a breeze. (A walk to remember ?)

Dhruv and Alya are outside the college as they wanted to bunk their class so they sneaked out of the college and went on a secret date with each other, it was a breezy weather.
Alya: the weather is too good.
Dhruv: hmm, its really good.
They eat together and smile.

At night, Nandini have a night stay at Manik’s place, they slept on one bed hugging each other. CaVya did the same, MukBhi stayed at a hotel to sleep together (not any intimacy)

(Guys when I write Cavya, it means Navya’s daughter and when I write CaVya it means Cabir and Navya…I hope u liked the chapter)

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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