kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 8


Nandini comes to her room after having dinner and looks at Manik’s photo, she smiles and picks her guitar, she sings Tujh Mein Muskurate Hain and smiles at herself. She opens the window of her room and gazes at the stars. She sleeps.

Its morning, Nandini goes to the city hospital and asks the doctor to make discharge papers ready, the doctor nods and goes, she goes inside Manik’s room and sees him sleeping, she smiles seeing him and sits on a chair near him, she entwines her hand with his hand and kisses his hand, she keeps his head on his chest. Manik wakes up and feels weight on his chest, he smiles seeing Nandini sitting with her head on his chest.
Manik: Nandu r u awake?
Nandini looks at him with her head still on his chest.
Nandini: yes I m awake. Discharge papers are getting ready.
Manik: oh, wese I don’t wana go home, u won’t be there to take care of me.
He makes a cute pout and she smiles.
Nandini: I will be there to take care of u, humesha
Manik: aww so sweet.
He kisses her hand. Mukti and Navya with Cavya enters. They cough. Nandini straightens herself and blushes.
Mukti: kia chal RHA hai yahan?
She winks at Manik.
Manik: don’t tease her…didn’t u go to college?
Mukti: nh, kal jayengay.
Manik: I think u guys should go, Nandini is here to take care of me…hai na Nandini?
Nandini nods in yes.
Mukti: ok guys have a nice time
She winks at them and goes.
Navya: I will stay with Cabir.
She goes.
Navya to doctor: Can Cabir get discharged today?
Doctor: yes of course he can, should we make the papers ready?
Navya: jee bilkul.
She goes in Cabir’s room, he was awake. Cabir smiles seeing her.
Cabir: its good u came, I got bored alone.
Navya smiles.
Navya: aj tum discharge hojao gay.
Cabir: wow, finally I can roam (he notices Cavya) Arey Cavya bhi aai hai, isko mujhe do.
She gives Cavya to him.
Cabir: Cavya boht cute hai.
Cavya smiles at Cabir.
Cabir: thanks for coming with her..wese who saved us?
Navya: Nandini and Harshad.
Cabir gets shocked and chuckles.
Cabir: Harshad? how can it be?
Navya: its true, he helped Nandini in finding u…I think he changed for real now, but whatever I can’t forgive him but still he is father of Cavya.

Cabir: hmm vo to hai, but I don’t think he will take responsibility of her.
Navya: I can take care of her alone. Don’t take me wrong.
Cabir: I won’t, arey sit na y r u standing?
She sits beside him on a chair.
Navya: Cabir, I sometimes get scared that what if later he tries to take away Cavya from me?
Cabir: relax he won’t..n even if he tries, we all won’t let him do so.
He holds her hand. She smiles.

In space academy, Mukti and Abhimanyu hang out together, everyone looks at them as if they r aliens.
Mukti: what? ESE kia dekh rhay ho? kuchh laga hai kia chehre pe mere?

She scolds them and everyone looks away.
Abhimanyu: Oh God Mukti calm down, u r still the same.
Mukti: no, y r they eyeing us like that?
Abhimanyu: they r jealous.
Mukti: did u meet ur parents?
Abhimanyu: of course I did, how can I forget? by the way will u meet them?
Mukti looks on confusingly.
Mukti: why?
Abhimanyu: WO.. I thought that ur parents never cared about u n always kept fighting, so I thought that u can get parental love from my parents.
He said stammering. Mukti looks at him for sometime and then hugs him smilingly.
Mukti: tum ne ESA socha mere liye…u r so good, thank u.
Abhimanyu smiles and hugs her back.

Dhruv and Alya were sitting on the staircase with Alya’s head on Dhruv’s shoulder. They were talking on random topics when Harshad came and greeted them.
Dhruv: tum phir agaye apni nautanki machane?
Harshad: its nothing like that, I just came to said u don’t deserve my sister, because u have insulted her a lot in past, u called her a physical attraction.
Dhruv: past was past…I apologized.
Harshad: but she is still hurt.
Alya: no m not, if not lovers then we r frnds.
Harshad: as u wish, Jo krna ho soch samajh k karna.
Aryaman comes there.
Aryaman: any problem Harshad?
Harshad: tumse baat ki?
Aryaman: whatever?! phirse problems create mt krna, can’t u see ur sister is happy? let her be happy.
Alya: enough guys, just stop fighting, plz?!
She goes from there followed by Dhruv.

Back in the hospital, ManBir get discharged and go to their houses, Nandini stays with Manik in his house and Navya with Cabir.In Manik’s house, Manik gets disheartened seeing Nyonika’s pics, he breaks the glass of the photo frames and burns the photos.
Nandini: Manik calm down.
Manik: ESE kese calm down? that…
Nandini: come, let’s go to ur room.
She cuts him in between and takes him to his room.
Nandini: Wait I will get u something to eat.
Manik: tell kaka to bring it, u stay with me.
Nandini nods and goes. Manik feels his blood boiling, he cries.
Manik: how can she do this? The bond of son and mother is so pure, but she tried to kill me, his own son.

Nandini comes and sees him crying.
Nandini: kya hua Manik?
Manik: kuchh nh, I feel so weak, how can a mother do this to her own son.
Nandini hugs him and rubs his back to calm him. After sometime he calms down and breaks the hug.
Nandini: Manik don’t stress urself, I m here na, I promise to cure the wounds which Nyonika gave u, I will never leave u.
He kisses her forehead and hugs her.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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