kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 7

Inspector: Ma’am its an old house, what r u doing here?
Nyonika is speechless. Then she gets an answer.
Nyonika: I was waiting for someone, now she said she isn’t coming so I m going.
She is about to go.
Inspector: were u waiting for someone or were u thinking how those kidnapped men Manik and Cabir disappeared?
Nyonika starts sweating.
Nyonika: who Manik? Who Cabir?
Inspector: those men who were found here by Harshad Sir and Nandini Ma’am.
Nyonika: what r u saying? i don’t know about who r u talking?
Inspector signs another inspector. He brings out those goons out of their car.
Inspector: tell us, who told u to kidnap Manik and Cabir?
Goon: Nyonika ma’am.
Inspector: if I m not wrong u r Nyonika ma’am right?
Nyonika: y r u blaming me? there r more girls or women out there named as Nyonika.
Inspector: yes there might be, but only one woman is named as Nyonika Malhotra, n that’s u.
Nyonika: yes I m Nyonika Malhotra, but I haven’t done anything.
Inspector: then y r u sweating?
Nyonika: I m feeling warm.
Inspector: we’ll know who is telling truth and who’s lying, u will have to come with us.
Nyonika: no I won’t come, I haven’t done anything. These goons kidnapped my son and Cabir, I came to find them. And how dare u blame me?
Inspector: ulta chor kotwal ko daantey?
Nyonika: I said before as well and m repeating my words, I haven’t done anything.
Inspector: then y r u scared? the one who’s innocent doesn’t gets scared, so come with us else we’ll take u forcefully.
Nyonika: m coming.
Nyonika is taken in the police van.

In the hospital:
In Cabir’s room.
Navya and Cabir were talking.
Cabir: Navya, y didn’t u bring ur kid?
Navya: I have asked my maid to take care of her, if she would’ve come, she would have cried a lot and would’ve given u headache.
Cabir: no yr I said that I will support u n ur kid so y will I get headache? I want to meet her, what’s her name?
Navya: Cavya
Cabir: wow u fulfilled my wish, boht cute hogi vo ekdum meri trha, or Hindi dictionary bhi ekdum tumhari trha.
They laugh.

Mukti, Manik and Dhruv takes selfies in the hospital room.
Manik: buddy, did u talked to Alya?
Dhruv: no
Mukti: She might be ashamed that Harshad is her brother so she is not ready to face us.
Dhruv: but its not her fault.
Mukti: Dhruv u go to her house and spend some time with her.
Manik: han
Dhruv: OK bye guys.

He leaves.

Meanwhile in the police station, Nyonika is getting interrogated and with her every answer the police is getting more suspicious.
Inspector: Manik Malhotra is ur son, right?
Nyonika: yes he is my son.
I: and is this true that u kidnapped ur own son? itna he nh blke u kidnapped Cabir as well
N: No I didn’t kidnap them, these goons did.
Inspector to goons: y did u kidnap them?
Goon: we did it on Nyonika Ma’am’s saying.
Nyonika gets angry and stands up.
Nyonika: how dare u blame me?! u creep
She is about to slap him but the inspector stops her.
Inspector: take them to c.i.d bureau.
They go to c.I.d bureau.
First the goons are interrogated the same questions, and it was checked if they were lying or telling truth by lie detector, so it comes out that goons r saying truth…Nyonika is arrested and taken to police station behind the bars. Nyonika fumes.

In Alya’s house, Dhruv and Alya were sitting outside on the swing.
Dhruv: Alya, what’s troubling u?
Alya tells her everything what Harshad told her.
Alya: Everything is done by Nyonika, Bhai isn’t involved in it. How can someone try to take her own son’s life?
Dhruv: She should be arrested as well, we’ll do something tomorrow, till then let’s watch TV to pass our time.
She agrees, they go in and switch on the TV, they go by some channels and stops on the news channel seeing something.
The headline said: “The trustee of Space Academy Nyonika Malhotra arrested in an attempt of killing her own son Manik Malhotra and his friend Cabir Dhawan.”
Alya: yes yes yessss! the thing we wanted happened by itself, yayyy!
Dhruv smiles seeing her happy.

Dhruv: its a good news, let’s tell everyone.
He calls Manik. He receives the call.
Manik: bol buddy.
Dhruv: Nyonika is arrested, don’t know how, it happened by itself that she got arrested, now u n Cabir r safe.
Manik smiles.
Manik: wow! Monster Manik ki monster Maa arrested.
Dhruv laughs.
Dhruv: sbko btadena, n take rest.
Manik: OK buddy.

At Nandini’s house, Nandini, Shanno, Moorthy ji n Rishab were watching the same news, Nandini starts jumping in joy seeing the news.
Nandini: yayyyyy! Nyonika is arrested, now Manik can live peacefully.
Shanno : its gud, what kind of mother is she?
Moorthy ji: She’s not a mother, she’s a devil.
Nandini: Jo hua achha hua.
Shanno : isi baat pe kuchh meetha hojaye?
Nandini: han
Shanno: OK when it will be ready I will call u
She goes and Nandini calls Manik.
Nandini: Manikkkkkkkk!
She exclaims excitedly.
Manik: what happened?
Nandini: Manik Nyonika is arrested.
Manik: pta hai.
Nandini makes a cute pout.
Nandini: the plan to give u surprise got ruined.
She says like a child.
Manik laughs.
Manik: Nandu u r so cute, hahaha.
Nandini: han, don’t u want to get discharged?
Manik: of course I do.
Nandini: then I will get them by tomorrow, did u eat something?
Manik: han I did.
Nandini: good boy.
Manik: I m tired of hospital food.
Nandini: just today Manik, then u will be out of there.
Manik: hmm.
Shanno: Nandu food is ready.
Nandini: coming chachi
Nandini on call: OK bye talk to u later.

Guys very less Manan was there, sorry.

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