kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 6


Manik asks Nandini to go home and rest. Nandini refuses.
Nandini: Manik, I will be here with u.
Mukti: Me, Navya and Dhruv are here to take care, u go, we’ll handle, Abhimanyu will drop u.
Nandini: OK fine, but before going I want to meet Cabir, and Manik take care, rest as much as u can, Mukti, Dhruv, don’t fulfill his wish of eating junk food, only healthy food, I will come again to check on u.
She kisses him on his cheek and says bye. She turns to go but Manik holds her hand and kisses it.
Manik: bye my star.
Nandini smiles: bye, bye everyone.

She goes to Cabir’s room. Navya and Cabir were laughing on something.
Nandini: hi
Navya turns to her: hi Nandu
Cabir: Arey agai meri bhabhi ji
Nandini blushes.
Navya: Shut up Cabir.
Cabir: mujhe haq hai Madhubala.
Nandini laughs.
They talk and after sometime Nandini goes with Abhimanyu.
Abhimanyu: So Manik’s Juliet, u got ur Romeo back.
Nandini blushes.
Nandini: Abhimanyu
Abhimanyu: haha, OK I won’t tease u.
Nandini smiles.
Nandini: wese u also got ur Juliet back today, so u must be happy as well, Mukti’s Romeo
They laugh. He drops her to her house and she bids him bye, he leaves, she rings the doorbell, Rishabh opens the door.

Nandini: Rishuu.
She hugs him tightly.
Nandini: kesa hai guddu?
Rishabh says fine.
Nandini: oh u started speaking, taras gai thi Teri awaz sun’ne k liye.
Rishab: Nandini didi, u look really happy today, something special?
Nandini blushes.
Nandini: Vo Manik, he’s alive.
Rishabh: congratulations.
Nandini: chachi kahan hai?
Rishabh points to her room, she goes.
Moorthy ji and Shanno (chachi) were talking about Nandini.
Shanno: bechari Nandu doesn’t even sleeps properly, she gets nightmares about Manik.
Nandini: but now I won’t get them.
Chachi turns.
Chachi: tu KB ayi?
Nandini: right now, I have a news.
Chachi: what’s it?
Nandini: I got my happiness back, Manik is alive (she tells everything)… Chachi no matter how much I thank Ayyappa it’s less.
Chachi and chacha smiles.
Chacha: chalo achha hai, u got ur happiness back.

Nandini smiles.
Chachi: u go, freshen up, I will get u something to eat.
Nandini goes to her room and thanks Ayyappa.
Nandini: Ayyappa thank u thank u thank u so much for all this, I love u Ayyappa, but take care that Nyonika doesn’t gets to know that we have got Manik and Cabir, plz plz Ayyappa, I lost Manik once and by much difficulty I got him back, plz Manik or Cabir ko safe rakhna.
She changes her clothes and goes downstairs to eat.

Meanwhile, Nyonika is going towards the old house in which Manik and Cabir were kept, she sees that the door is locked, and it was silence everywhere.
Nyonika: how can it be? I remember its the same house where ManBir were kept, then how come its locked? I will call those goons.

She calls the goon, the call gets received.
Nyonika: where r Manik and Cabir? have u shifted them?
No response.
Nyonika: speak up!
Again no response.
The phone of the goon is shown in police man’s hand, he is tracing the call.
Police man: (whispers) call is traced let’s go.
They go and reach the place where ManBir were kept, they see Nyonika roaming outside the house on the call.
Nyonika: speak up damn it!

Inspector: the voice is same. C’mon.
They go towards her.
Inspector: Ma’am its an old house, what r u doing here?
Nyonika is speechless

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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