kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 5

Harshad is in his room thinking about what wrong he did all his life and lost his friends and his only family his sister. He made Navya a mother when she herself is 17 and also lost his two true lovers Mukti and Navya.
Harshad to himself: At least today I did something good, but I can’t change what I did in past, I m all alone now.
He feels a hand on his shoulder, he turns and sees Alya.

In the hospital, Nandini was still sitting by Manik’s side waiting for him to wake up. Manik opens his eyes and looks around.
Nandini smiles: Manik
He looks at her.

Manik: u r in front of me, is this a dream?
Nandini: I m real, u r safe and those goons are arrested, finally found u.

Manik holds her hand: but how did u know where m I?
Nandini thinks: its not the right time to tell him all this, right now he needs rest.
Nandini frees her hand and rises the bed, she makes him eat.
Nandini: eat.

In Cabir’s room, Dhruv and Mukti were sitting on the couch, Navya was roaming here and there in the room, Cabir wakes up.
Cabir: where m I?
Navya: Hospital
Cabir: tum sab yahan?
Navya: han, tum theek ho na?
Cabir: hmm m fine, Manik theek hai?
Mukti: han vo theek hai, he’s in another room, Nandini is with him.
Navya rises his bed and makes him eat, Dhruv and Mukti smiles seeing them.

Harshad turns and sees Alya.
Alya: Thank u bhai

Harshad: yeh to mera farz tha
Alya: But y did u hid them for so long?
Harshad: I got to know later..
Harshad enters Nyonika’s cabin without knocking as usual, Nyonika doesn’t notices him, her back was facing him, she was talking on phone.
Nyonika: keep Manik and Cabir in a place which no one knows about.

Harshad thinks: what is she saying?

Nyonika: No one should know they are alive, keep them hidden and do as I say.
Harshad to himself: how come they’re alive?

Call disconnects, she turns and is shocked to see Harshad there.
Nyonika: can’t u come after knocking?
Harshad comes closer and holds her.
Harshad: tell me the truth
Nyonika jerks his hands away.
Nyonika: oh plz just leave me, and don’t u dare tell anyone anything what u heard.
She kicks him out of the cabin.
Fb end.

Harshad: then later that day when I was going home, I saw her in her car going somewhere, I followed her.
Nyonika was driving her car when Harshad thought to follow her. He kept distance between their cars so she doesn’t knows he is spying on her. Nyonika stops outside an old house.
Harshad: what is she doing here?
She goes in the house, he comes out of the car and sees the door closed of the house, he sees a window and looks inside. Nyonika was talking to the goons.
Nyonika: keep them in different rooms, and yes, give Manik sleeping pills to make him sleep so that he can’t even try to run.
Goon: we understood.
Nyonika explained further about Cabir as well.
Harshad to himself: worst mother ever, esi Maa hone se achha k Maa na ho.
Nyonika comes out, Harshad confronts her.
Harshad: what’s all this? Manik is ur own son.
Nyonika: its none of ur concern.

Before Harshad could reply, she sat in her car and drove off.
Harshad: I will have to act as if I m on her side but in reality I m not on her side.
Fb end.

Alya: But Bhai it was a bomb blast, how come they’re safe even after a bomb was planted in their car?
Harshad: Bomb was planted, but they got saved.
Manik and Cabir were going somewhere in their car when the car started ticking, they got to know it had bomb, so they drove the car really fast and they both jumped off the car, the car dashed with a tree, the car blasted. Manik and Cabir stands up from the road and goes towards each other.
Manik: u OK?
Cabir: yes m OK, wat about u?
Manik: yes m OK.
They hug each other, they were going by walking when some goons came and took them away in their car. Nyonika asked some goons to keep an eye on them they were the same goons.
Fb end.
Harshad: I didn’t told u all before as if I told then she would have harmed me as well, jese he vo holi party mein busy hui main ne Nandini ko SB sch btaya or unko free krwadia, now m waiting for Nyonika to be arrested, kahin na kahin its my fault as well.
Aliya: bhai whatever u did before, but what u did today made me proud of u.
She hugs him.

In the hospital, Manik was continuously asking Nandini that how they found him and Cabir but every time he asked, she excused herself.
Manik: Nandini m asking the last time. How did u all found me and Cabir?
Nandini: I will tell, but promise me, u won’t get angry.
Manik: OK I won’t now tell.
She tells him everything. He is shocked.
Manik: oh, like seriously, he’s changed, the one who didn’t change in so much years, how did he changed in one night?
Nandini: leave na Manik, important is that u r safe, I knew u r alive, I m so happy today.
Manik: me too, I missed u.
Nandini: I missed u too.

She hugs him, he responds by hugging her back. Mukti, Dhruv and Abhimanyu enters.
Nandini shocked: Abhimanyu?!
Manik is shocked as well.
Abhimanyu: I recovered and then met with an accident, I was in coma, now m OK so thought to meet Mukti.
He sidehugs her.
Manik: so many lovers reunited today, once I and Cabir get well, we will play holi together.
Everyone smiles.

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