kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 4


Mukti and Abhimanyu apply holi to each other, they all play with holi.
Navya: Nandini kahan rehgayi?
She tries calling her.
Nandini gets ready for the party, she receives the call of Navya.
Nandini: han Navya?
Navya: where r u?
Nandini: I m coming.
She cuts the call.
Nandini’s POV:
I got ready and stood on the road finding an auto but a car comes a stops in front of me, the window of the car opens, I saw a man with sunglasses looking at me, it was Harshad.
Harshad: need some help?
I replied nicely at first.
Nandini: no thanks.
But he came out of the car and held my hand and dragged me to the car and forcefully made me sit inside, he locked the door.
Nandini: what r u doing? let me go plz.
Harshad: m not kidnapping u
Nandini: oh plz just shut up, I very well know that u along with Nyonika ma’am planned Manik’s and Cabir’s accident, stop acting innocent.
But he didn’t paid any heed to her and drove the car, I asked him to stop the car at the college but he again didn’t listen to me and took me to a different place, it looked like an old house.
Harshad: relax, plz hear me out once, I really want to change and want to help u, I know u can’t trust me, but I have something to say, Manik and Cabir are alive.

I looked at him in a shock.
Nandini: what r u saying? but they were dead.
Harshad: they are alive, and this is the place where Nyonika has hidden them, I will free them, trust me.

What if he’s lying? What if its a prank? These questions kept rising in my brain. I was in my thoughts when he went out of the car and came to my side and unlocked my door, I hesitantly came out.
I said to myself: Ayyappa what’s happening? is he lying or saying truth? plz help me, be there.

He went inside followed by me, he slowly opened the door by breaking it.
Nandini: y r u helping me?
I asked curiously.
Harshad: I want to rectify my mistakes, just follow me.
He took me outside a room, I could hear shouts of Manik and the goons, we got to know the goons were coming outside so we hid, the time they went away, I rushed to that room followed by him, I saw Manik tied up in a beaten state, he was subconscious taking my name, it means my dream was real, thank u Ayyappa, I approached him and untied him, tears started making way from my eyes seeing his condition.
Nandini: Manik, look I came, I will take u away from here, don’t worry, kuchh nh hoga.
Harshad and I took him out and made him sit in the car carefully that no one sees us doing so. We locked the car and again went inside, I called the police men and Harshad freed Cabir and took him out making him sit in the car, we waited for the police to arrive and when they arrived, they arrested the goons, I and Harshad took ManBir away from that place.
End Of POV.

In the space academy, Navya and others were waiting for Nandini to arrive when Navya received a call from her. She put it on speaker.
Navya: hallo, kahan rehgayi?
Nandini: Navya, I have a good news.
Navya: kia good news hai?
Nandini: Manik or Cabir zinda hain.
Navya: kese?
Nandini: come to the city hospital I will tell u. Be careful.
Call disconnected.

Navya with Aryaman, Mukbhi and Dhrulya reaches city hospital and got shocked seeing Nandini with Harshad.
Mukti: what r u doing here Harshad?
Navya: how dare u come here? go from here
Aryaman: because of u ManBir were endangered, now u got to know they r free so u will tell Nyonika that they’re safe..
Dhruv: How dare u kidnap them?
Aliya: Bhai aap
Harshad: enough! I have helped Nandini in finding them, I knew they’re alive, abb main sach mein sudhar gaya hoon believe me.
Nandini: he is right, he helped me

She tells them everything.
Nandini: we have to be very careful, Nyonika shouldn’t know this.

Doctor comes out.
Doctor: he was given sleeping pills without food, we have given vitamin injections to him (I don’t know if these injections exist or not), they’ll gain consciousness in some time.
Nandini: thank u doctor.
Manik and Cabir are kept in two rooms adjacent to each other, Nandini goes to Manik’s room and goes near him, she caresses his hair and kisses his forehead.
Nandini: sorry I wasn’t able to save u before, I really missed u my monster, happy to see u back.

Doctor comes out of Cabir’s room and says he will take much time to gain consciousness, he has many wounds.
Navya: hosh aa to jayega na? theek to hai na WO?
Doctor: WO theek hai, bas zakhm boht hain.
He goes.
Mukti: its a big day for me, u and Nandini, lovers reunited.
She hugs Navya.
Harshad: bye guys.
Mukti: ruko Harshad.
He stops.
Mukti: thanks that u saved them, but Nyonika shouldn’t know about this, else it won’t be good.
He nods and goes.

I hope u all r happy now.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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