Kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 3


Nandini gets a dream of Manik, it showed that he was tied to a chair all beaten up, taking Nandini’s name continuously, she moves in her sleep getting restless, she turns to her left and clutches the bedsheet tightly.
Nandini: Manik
Her eyeballs starts moving as she dreams. She takes the pillow from the other side and hugs it tightly. She turns to her right and a vase falls by her hand. Her chachi runs to her room listening to the voice. She sees her getting restless in her sleep taking Manik’s name. She sits by her side and caresses her hair to calm her but Nandini continues taking Manik’s name tossing left and right. Chachi wakes her up and makes her drink water.
Chachi: Nandu its nothing, it was just a bad dream.
Nandini: but it looks so real, Manik is alive, he is in some problem, I got to know his mom planned that accident.
Chachi: Nandu, u might have heard wrong.
Nandini: no chachi, I heard it right, I think she has hidden him somewhere.

Chachi: bas Nandu, don’t stress urself, everything will be fine, sleep.

She makes her sleep and prays to Ayyappa to reduce her stress and return her happiness, she leaves from there. Nandini opens her eyes and cries.
Nandini: if u r alive, I will find u anyhow Manik.
Unknowingly she sleeps.
Its morning, Nandini wakes up and thinks of not going to Holi party.
Nandini: I won’t go to Holi party, I m falling weak, I will remember old memories and will end up crying, I should stay at home and think of some plan to tackle Nyonika and Harshad.
She thinks and thinks, she gets an idea and smiles.
Somewhere in a house, a man is sitting in his room. His face is not shown.
Man: It was said that I will die within six months because of cancer, but later I recovered but because of an accident I was in coma, but I m out of it now, be ready Mukti, the love of ur life is coming right away.
His face is shown, its Abhimanyu. He smiles.

Dhruv and Alya are singing together in Alya’s house. They look at each other lovingly.
Dhruv: can’t we be together again?
Alya: even if we want, then also we can’t, we’ll revive old memories.
Dhruv: I understand, so v r frnds only.
Alya: hmm

Navya and Mukti talks.
Navya: I think something big is going to happen today.
Mukti: even I feel the same. U remember Abhimanyu? I m recalling him again and again today, don’t know why.
Navya: leave all this, let’s plan what to wear for holi.
Mukti: yes

In the space academy, Harshad intentionally collides with Nyonika, holi falls on both of them.
Harshad: happy holi Nyonika
Nyonika: can’t u watch where u go?
Harshad: u know what? even u have the right to play holi. R u happy without Manik?
Nyonika: Just shut up Harshad.
She leaves.

The holi party starts, Navya, Mukti, Alya, Dhruv and Aryamann enters in the college, Abhimanyu is shown coming with the colours from the other side, MukBhi falls on the floor with Mukti on top of Abhimanyu, colours fall on them, Navya, Aryaman, Dhruv and Alya looks on. Abhimanyu’s face is covered with the colours, Mukti doesn’t recognizes him.
Mukti: dekh k nh chal sakte kia?
Abhimanyu: hey I collided accidentally Mukti.

Mukti: how u know my name?
Abhimanyu: at least let me get up.
Mukti realizes and stands up, Abhimanyu too stands up.
Mukti: how u know my name Mister.
Abhimanyu: just wait, I m coming.
He goes, Mukti rolls her eyes.
Abhimanyu comes after washing his face.
Abhimanyu: its me
Mukti is shocked.
Mukti: lekin tum to
Abhimanyu: marr gaye thay, I know I had cancer, I told u I will die within six months but I recovered, I was going to my home from hospital then I met with an accident and went in coma, now I m out of it so I thought to come back.
Mukti: oh God someone pinch me.
Abhimanyu pinches her.
Abhimanyu: I m real

Mukti smiles and hugs him. Navya and others smiles seeing them.

Guys I hope u liked this ff, everyone wanted someone with Mukti, so I brought Abhimanyu back. ? I hope u all r happy.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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  1. i am so happy dear tht u reunited mukbhi…
    nd d chapter was superbb dear…
    plzz unite our manan nd cavya too…


    awesome, pls unite manan.

  3. nestle joseph

    feel happy 4 mubhi

  4. Sara!! I loved it!!! I’m smiling right now.. abhi smiles I smile? I so missed MukBhi after zain left n wherever I see abhi in any ff’s I go mad.. ah I loved their scene!!!! That bumping with the colours????? didn’t imagine zain to play a villain now! He’s just too sweet!!
    Loved aryamann irritating harshad??? bechara jerk pareshan Ho gaya..??? I’m eagerly waiting for nyoshad’s death…????
    C’Mon nandu.. win for manik.. loved navni..
    And what about cabira? ?
    Fuh.. I know you’ll reveal it later but u know me?
    The ff’s going awesome sara…
    Update soon☺
    Missed you..

    1. Hi plumpy, I have submitted my article but tu haven’t published yet…how’s u

  5. Awesome I just loved it to the core. .
    Keep it up. ..love you loads

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