kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 29 (last chapter)

Navya talks to her mom.
Navya: sorry for my rude behavior Maa
N.mom: sorry to mujhe bolna chahye, really sorry, I was scared about the society n I left u
Navya: its OK mom.
They smile.

2 years later:
Nandini talks to Manik on call.
Nandini: Hi Manik
Manik: hi Nandu, now college will finish how will we meet?
Nandini: we will meet… oh today is our last performance in space, I will miss space
Manik: we will make this day memorable, we’ll be together, m going to sleep, I haven’t slept whole night, performance is late, bye

Nandini: bye Manik

Call disconnects.

In Space, students were roaming here and there. There was hustle and bustle everywhere as usual. The program was about to start in sometime and so everyone were getting ready for it. In the girls changing room, Nandini was struggling with her zip as it got stuck. She was hell irritated. Someone enters inside.
Nandini: Navya u came, do one thing, pull my zip up, its stuck.
No response.
Nandini: Navya kro na
Its actually Manik. He comes and stands behind her.
Manik: need help?
Nandini: yes, this zip is stuck.
He pulls her zip up and she closes her eyes as his hands touch her back.
Manik: done
She opens her eyes.
Nandini: thank u
Manik: performance is about to start.
Nandini: hmm let’s go
They go out of there together.

The program begins, in first 3 turns, some random bands are called, then it was Nandini’s band turn. They go to stage and sing “yeh pal humein yaad ayengay”. Audience claps according to song. They perform well and everyone claps for them. Manik was the one who clapped the loudest, Nandini smiles seeing this.

Then it was Harshad’s band turn. They perform on an amazing song, everyone hoots. Lastly it was Fab 5 turn. They sing and everyone were going crazy on their performance. The program ends. It is announced that Fab5 and Nandini’s band r winners having tie between them. Fab 5 have a group hug and Nandini’s band jump in joy.

Finally it was time for the college journey to end and after a lot of tearful goodbyes, everyone went from there. Some days later, MaNan’s alliance is fixed with each other, it was the happiest day for Nandini as she is going to get married to her dream boy.

After lots of ceremonies, Manan’s marriage took place, and all the rituals were slowly done, finally they were announced husband and wife. After some months, they got blessed with a baby girl and they named her as Mandini. Her features were same as Nandini’s. Finally they were together 24/7.

This is what happened to other characters:
MukBhi married just after MaNan, then CaVya married and then Payal and Harshad married as they too fell in love slowly, last but not the least it was DhruLya.

Story ended. Guys as there was nothing else left to show I wrapped up this story, everyone people wanted, I did. Did u like the ending?

Also I thought to write another kyy story but differently like a horror story in which every update will have a different story, so if u want a kyy story like this, do tell me, else I will think something else, if not then I will only continue my other stories, wish is completely yours. Love u all, keep smiling guys.

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  1. Hey itne Maldives kyu end kia!!! But anyways it was really good…. But u should have shown some romance n teary scenes n then end it in 2 or 3 episodes…. Any ways I still loved it… But y do u want to make horror show type?? U can even make it like pyaar tune kya kiya type… By it’s just my thought… Do whatever u lyk n we r always there to read ur ffs

  2. Thanks for this wonderful journey…

  3. shifa(shakira)

    nice ff sara.how u sis

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