kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 22


Cabir breathes heavily in unconsciousness. Navya gets restless. Cabir’s mother goes in Cabir’s room and calls for doctor seeing him breathe heavily. The doctor comes and says its nothing, his oxygen mask got removed so that’s why it happened. Cabir’s mom gets relieved.
C.mom: wake up soon, m waiting
She takes a chair and sits by his side.

Navya’s mom comes running.
N.mom: where is my Navya? is she fine? I want to see her.
Mukti: aunty she’s in this room.
She says pointing to a room. N.mom goes in and sees her getting restless in unconsciousness and caresses her hair, she calms down by her touch and feels her presence. She holds her hand.

Cavya cries a lot and Nandini tries to calm her down.
Nandini: what to do? she’s not stopping…I should call Aryamann.

She dials his number and he receives it.
Aryamann: so finally u remember u
Nandini: Aryamann I need u, can u come at Navya’s place?
Aryamann: of course I can, who’s crying?
Nandini: Cavya is crying, she’s not calming, Navya is in hospital even Cabir is admitted there, everyone are there, I can’t call anyone else…plz come fast
Aryamann: OK OK m coming till then u take care of her.
Call disconnected.
Nandini again tries to calm her, she continues crying. She gets an idea and lifts her teeshirt a little, she blows on her stomach and Cavya laughs.
Nandini: thank God she is calmed.

Cavya again cries and Nandu gets irritated. Navya slowly gets conscious and feels a familiar touch on her hand.
She thinks: its maa’s touch, but what will she do here, may be m missing her a lot.
Navya coughs and her mom gets concerned for her. Navya gets surprised seeing her.
Navya: Maa u?
N.mom: I will call doctor to check u

She goes and Navya wonders who told her about her accident. Her mom comes with doctor. Doctor checks her and says rest as much as possible and that she’s normal now. Her mom gets happy.
Navya: Maa who told u about my accident?
n.mom: ur frnd Nandini, right now u rest.
Navya: but u broke relation with me coz I got pregnant, oh n yes u should know that now u r a grandmother… don’t know what made u come here even after knowing my truth of single mother, u broke relation with me just because I wasn’t ready to marry Cabir, what could I have done to stop u? I was pregnant na, it was useless to stop u, u even told me that m dead for u, I shouldn’t come back to Patna and what not? if not for me, u didn’t even wanted to meet ur granddaughter, what was ur enmity with her? Main aapse bohat naraz hoon Maa, do u know how much I missed u I needed u? But no, u never looked back, u came today when u got to know about my accident, else would u have come on ur own? no u won’t, then why u came now?
N.mom: coz I care for u
Navya: oh, u care for me, where was ur care at that time? u go I don’t wana talk to u.
She turns her face away from her.
N.mom: I know I did a mistake but m ur mom
Navya: so wasn’t I ur daughter before that u left me? go I won’t talk to u.
N.mom: Navya
Navya calls for others. Everyone comes hearing her.
Navya: plz tell her to leave.
N.mom: no I won’t
Mukti: aunty plz u go from here, we will explain her.
She leaves. Navya cries.

Nandini and Aryamann try to calm Cavya but she doesn’t.
Aryamann: we should take her where Navya is.
Nandini receives a call from Mukti.
Mukti: u come to hospital with Cavya, Navya is conscious now.
Nandu: OK
They leave with Cavya.

Navya was crying, everyone consoles her. Nandini comes with Cavya.
Nandini: Navya calm down, everything will be fine, remember u wanted to unite with ur mom? now she is here so don’t neglect this opportunity, u r so lucky Navya, can u live without ur daughter Cavya? Then think about her, she did mistake but now she’s guilty because she left u, ask me who lost her parents in childhood, forgive her, now u have to care for ur daughter as well.
Navya: I will forgive her…how’s Cavya? N Cabir, where’s he? He’s okay na?
Manik comes.
Manik: yes he’s OK now.
Navya haves a sigh of relief and takes Cavya. Cabir sees his mother and gets happy seeing her but then recalls her last words to him that go n never come back in her life. His smile vanishes.
C.mom: won’t u meet ur mom?
Cabir: m happy I saw u, but will u accept me now? m not a gay anymore.
C.mom: I accepted u even before.
Cabir: no u didn’t.
C.mom: can’t v forget that? aren’t u happy seeing me?
Cabir: of course m happy I got my sweet mom back…I love u mom
C.mom: too
They smile.

Hi guys, sorry I didn’t updated for so many days, u can say whatever u want to, eggs and tomatoes accepted, I had a schedule of each story but now no schedule, whenever I get idea, I will update.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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