Kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 21


“Cabir, Navya, u people OK?” Asks Mukti who was half injured and was on the road.

Mukti: say something na guys.

Her vision wasn’t clear. She saw everything blurry. She gets up and stands with the support of car, she looks inside the car, it was empty. She wonders where r they? She goes on the other side of car and sees Navya and Cabir badly injured. She falls seeing their condition and tries to wake them up. They don’t respond. She messages everyone and tells them about the accident. Abhimanyu asks her the location. She tells and he asks her to stay there and take care.

She continuously tries to wake them not caring about her condition. Blood was continuously oozing out of her forehead and elbows. She cries and falls weak but a pair of hands hold her before she touches the ground. Its Abhimanyu.
Abhimanyu: Mukti sambhalo khud ko, come I will take u.
Mukti: I m fine, they r badly injured, first take them.
Abhimanyu: no arguments, u r also injured.
He picks her up in his arms and makes her sit on the front seat of the car. He then keeps Cabir and Navya on the backseat and drives towards the hospital. Mukti keeps crying the whole drive.
Abhimanyu: control Mukti, nothing will happen.
They reach the hospital and he asks for two stretchers and lays both of them on the stretchers.
Abhimanyu: Come Mukti, u need dressing.
Mukti nods no.
Abhimanyu: OK u sit here on the bench, I will call nurse here.
He goes and MaNan and DhruLya comes there.
Nandini: how did all this happen?
Mukti: our car dashed with a tree, then everything went black.
Manik wipes her blood with a tissue.
Manik: u too need dressing.
Abhimanyu: i have come with the nurse, she will do her dressing.
The nurse dresses her wounds.
Nandini: guys we should call Cabir and Navya’s mother, I m sure they will come…Mukti, I will call ur parents too.
Mukti: they don’t even know if I m alive or not, in these 3months they never tried to find me nor contacted me, why will they come?
Nandini: atleast we can try.

She goes on a side and calls Navya’s mother. She picks up the call.
N. mother: who r u
Nandini: aunty, Navya has met with an accident.
N. mother: what? is she OK?
Nandini: don’t know, just now the operation has started, aunty u come here as soon as possible.
N. mother: OK
Call disconnects. Then she calls Cabir’s mother. She picks it up in second ring.
C. mother: hallo
Nandini: aunty, I want to tell something about Cabir..
She is cut in between.
C. mother: I don’t want to listen..
She is about to cut the call.
Nandini: aunty plz don’t cut the call, Cabir is badly injured.
C. mother: what?
The phone slips from her hand. Ranbir (Cabir’s twin brother) comes there.
Ranbir: what happen mom?
C. mother: Cabir, accident, we’ll have to go.
They go hurriedly out of the house and Ranbir drives as fast as he can.

Nandini in the last calls Mukti’s parents. They pick up very late.
M. dad: who’s it?
Nandini: uncle Mukti got injured in an accident.
M.dad: we r coming.
Call disconnects.

Nandini comes back to others.
Nandini: everyone’s parents r coming, urs too Mukti.
Mukti: oh so now they care about their one n only daughter
She says still crying. Nandini hugs her.
Nandini: don’t worry everything will be fine.
She wipes her tears. The doctors come out.
Doctor: we can’t say anything about Cabir, but Navya is critical, she had internal bleeding, don’t know when they will wake up.
Nandini: I will go to Navya’s house and take care of Cavya…u guys take care.
She goes from there. Cabir’s mother comes there.
C.mother: how’s Cabir?
Manik: doctor said they can’t say anything about Cabir.
C.mother: its all my fault, m not a good mother.
Ranbir: No mom, u r a good mother, don’t say that.
Manik: yeah don’t say that, its not ur fault.
C.mother: does he takes care of Navya’s child?
Manik: yes.
C.mother: m proud of him…I regret breaking ties with him.
Manik: at least u realized ur mistake, its good.
Mukti’s parents too comes there and hugs Mukti.
Mukti’s mom: r u OK beta?
Mukti looks up at her shockingly.
Mukti: where were u before when I needed u?
Mukti’s mom: m sorry beta…forgive me, ziada lgi to nh ?
Mukti: nh, m fine.

They hug each other. Abhimanyu smiles seeing them.
Abhimanyu: r u happy now Mukti?
Mukti: a little.

Navya gets restless while she’s unconscious. Cabir breathes heavily.

What will happen to CaVya? stay tuned.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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  1. Its superb nice i think this is all nandhu s plan

    1. Yess it may be nandhu’s plan?

  2. Good going….
    I just love it…..

  3. nandu’s plan worked..right…….. but then r cabir and navya seriously injured or is it just drama??? ………… oh god! …..its soo interesting….
    can’t wait…..pls update soon Sara……..
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