kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 20


Nikita and Manik have a hug. For the first time in his life, he got mother’s love. They break the hug.
Nikita: u sit, I will bring something for u to eat but of ur choice, tell me what will u eat?
Manik: whatever u give me I will eat

Nikita nods and goes. Manik looks around the house and sees Nikita’s photos with Mahesh and him.
Manik thinks: I gave her a chance but can’t trust her.
He sighs and picks his phone. He messages Nandini saying “I have decided to give mom a chance, I m with her right now, but I still have a doubt on her, I hope nothing wrong happens now.”

Nandini receives a message by Manik and smiles reading it. She replies “Don’t worry trust in Ayyappa, He can’t be so cruel ?”

Manik replies “I m having a strange feeling”

Nandini replies “Nothing will happen…Taking stress increases weight and if u increase weight I won’t be able to make u sleep on bed in case u sleep in my lap ?”

Manik laughs reading her reply. Nikita comes and makes him eat.
Manik: If Nyonika comes back again, will u give me back to her?

Nikita: no, coz I realized she doesn’t deserves to be a mother and the one who gives my cute child pain, I will smash his/her face. I will make sure she doesn’t comes back in our lives.

Manik: Where is papa?
Nikita: he will come till evening.
Manik: OK

Nandini talks to the fireflies.
Nandini: U know I can’t see Manik in pain and told him to give aunty a chance, but I m too afraid for him.

The fireflies starts glowing.
Nandini: I know my love for him is true, but a girlfriend’s love is less than mother’s love, Ayyappa, plz, if u r listening, don’t separate Manik from his real mother, plz.

She gets a call by Navya.
Nandini: hi Navya
Navya: hi, how r u n Manik?
Nandini: I m fine, hope Manik is fine too, he is with aunty.
Navya: its good, don’t worry, he’s with his mom, he is in the safest place.
Navya gets teary eyed recalling her mother. Nandini senses her sadness.
Nandini: Navya r u okay?
Navya: yes m fine, Maa ki yaad agai thi.
Nandini wishes she could do something for her. She gets an idea.
Nandini: Navya, I have an idea, I can reunite u n ur mom.
Navya: leave it, she hates me, she won’t accept me.
Nandini: she will accept u Navya, u trust me na?
Navya: yes but m scared.
Nandini: I will make everything fine don’t worry, we’ll meet and discuss the plan.
Navya: thank u.
Nandini: no thanks or sorry in friendship, we’ll meet at whatever place u want.
Navya: your house is OK.
Nandini: OK bye talk to u later.

Nandini smiles that she can erase her friend’s pain.
Nandini: I should call others also with Navya.
She messages Mukti and Cabir.
(Guys, Alya isn’t there as she’s an orphan, Dhruv has his mother, Manik united with his mother, this plan is only for people whose mothers broke ties with them)

Later that day, Navya along with fab4 was coming to Nandini’s house, Navya left Cavya with the maid. Cabir was driving and talking. He looks at the back seat.
Mukti: eyes on the road Cabir.

Their car dashes with a tree and everything goes black after that.

“Cabir, Navya, u people OK?” Asks Mukti who was half injured and was on the road.

Mukti: say something na guys.

Her vision wasn’t clear. She saw everything blurry. She gets up and stands with the support of car, she looks inside the car, it was empty. She wonders where r they? She goes on the other side of car and sees Navya and Cabir badly injured. She falls seeing their condition.

What will happen? How will Nandu unite the trio with their parents? Stay tuned, to be continued.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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  1. nice update thank u but please try to give longer one. waiting for ur next update.

  2. What was this…accident.. Is it some kind of a prank or really accident…

  3. Sara loved it..
    Keep going..
    Keep smiling…

  4. I think that accident is an drama

  5. May be its a drama to reunit mother & d/o but nice keep gng onn

  6. Awesome episode, love you loads

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