Kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 2


Nandini cries after she listens to NyoShad’s conversation. (Nyonika+ Harshad=NyoShad) She goes through the hall towards the washroom, she locks the door and cries vigorously.
Nandini to herself: u r strong Nandu, don’t cry, u r strong, u have to take revenge from that Nyonika, u have to be strong for the sake of Manik so that he rests in peace, he won’t feel good seeing u cry.
Talking to herself she washes her face and goes outside unlocking the door.
Navya, Mukti and Aryaman along with Cavya enter the college and goes to the notice board, there was a notice on which it was written “Holi party tomorrow 24th March, @7:00 pm in space academy.”

They go from the notice board and Nandini stands there recalling her last holi.
In space academy, Nandini was going through the hall when someone comes from back and smears her face with red holi. Its Manik.

Nandini smiles: Manik.
Manik: happy holi Nandu
Nandini: happy holi Manik.
She too smears his face. They hug each other.
Fb end.

She smiles with tears in her eyes.
Navya: Nandu
She comes out of the trance.
Nandini wipes her tears.
Nandini: han?
Navya: Nandu kia soch rhi ho?
Nandini: nothing
Navya: missing Manik?
Nandini nods yes. Navya hugs her and she gets teary eyed. They break the hug
Navya: Nandu, Manik is in a better place than this world, be happy for the safe of Monster Manik.
Nandini smiles.
Nandini: thanx for making me smile.
Navya: I m always with u, come with us.
They go and sit on the stairs.

Mukti: Navya Nandini what happen to u both?
Navya: nothing.
Mukti: Nandini.
Nandini: yes?
Mukti: y r u so lost?
Nandini: WO Harshad..
Then she realizes what she just said.
Nandini: kuchh nh
Mukti: what did he do?
Navya: bolo Nandu
Nandini: I heard Nyonika and Harshad talking.
She tells them everything.
Nandini: I wanted to know who is responsible for that bomb blast, n after listening all this, m damn sure its Nyonika only.
Mukti: what?! I mean she’s Manik’s mom, how could she do that?
Navya: I wonder what he must’ve been through all his life.

Nandini: exactly, he used to say she doesn’t deserves to be called mom, n he said right, agar aisa hai to satya naash ho us ki.
Aryaman: u r right, punch that old woman on her face like u did to Manik.
He jokes to enlighten her mood. Everyone laughs.
Navya: Poor aunty.
The bell rings for the next period, they go to their classes. Aryaman, Mukti and Navya in one class, Alya, Dhruv and Nandini in other class.

Aryaman eyes Harshad during the class, he throws paper balls on him to disturb him. Harshad gets irritated and looks around the class, Aryaman acts as if he haven’t done anything. Mukti and Navya laughs seeing this.

After the college, Nandini goes to her house, her chacha and chachi greets her, she goes to freshen up, they all do dinner and Nandini sleeps after sometime. She gets a dream of Manik, he is shown tied to a chair beaten up, taking Nandini’s name, Nandini moves in her sleep getting restless.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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