kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 19


Nandini asks Nikita to drop her at Manik’s house.
Nikita: keep giving me updates about Manik
Nandini: ji aunty.
She goes out of the car and goes to the door of Manik’s house. She rings the doorbell. Kaka opens the door.
Nandini: kaka is Manik here?
Kaka: ji he is in his room.
Nandini: OK
She goes to Manik’s room but stops on the entrance not knowing how to tell Manik the truth. She was afraid of his reaction. Manik senses her presence.
Manik: come in the room, why are u standing outside?
Nandini: Manik, I need to tell u something, but promise me u won’t get angry?
Manik: OK I won’t…come in and tell.

Nandini comes in and sits on his bed. She gives him the paper of DNA test result.
Manik: what is this?
Nandini: see by yourself
He pulls out the paper from the envelope and unfolds it.
Manik: DNA test result? but when was my blood sample taken?
Nandini: Manik, aunty gave her blood sample, and when that day I came to ur house, I stole ur hair sample from ur brush…sorry Manik, but I did this for u
Manik: And the result is positive… she’s really my mom…but whatever I can’t forgive her, she shouldn’t have given me to Nyonika…If Nyonika is infertile then what’s my fault in it? why m I punished?
Nandini: Manik, I know what happened with u was wrong, even I would’ve reacted the same way u did…but Manik, don’t u think Nikita aunty should be given a chance to prove herself?
Manik looks at her angrily.
Manik: oh, so u r on her side? wow
Nandini: no, m not on anyone’s side, m just supporting the truth, I did this for u
Manik: m not blaming u for stealing my hair sample, I m saying why do u think she should be given a chance?
Nandini: because she has realized her mistake, that’s why she came here for u
Manik: can she take away all the pain Nyonika gave me? no right, m not giving a chance to her.
Nandini: Manik try giving a chance to her…OK, if u want time to think, then take ur time OK, I won’t force u, relax…its ur life I won’t force u…Manik, let’s go somewhere outside.
Manik: no
Nandini: ur mood will be refreshed n u will be distracted from ur problems.
Manik takes a deep sigh.
Manik: OK come
Nandini: should I drive today?
Manik: yes
Nandini: thank u Manik
She hugs him and kisses his cheek. She then holds his hand and takes him with her.

Nandini sits on the driving seat and Manik sits beside her. She starts driving and suddenly stops.
Manik: what happen?
Nandini: I need to blindfold u coz the place where I m taking u is a surprise.
She blindfolds him.
Nandini: now its OK
Manik: where r we going?
Nandini: u will know it when we reach.
She starts driving again, the whole drive was silent. After driving for 30 minutes, they reach. Nandini comes out of the car and goes towards Manik’s side. She opens the door and makes him come out, she closes the door and takes him with her telling him directions. She stops and removes his blindfold. It was a restaurant, no one was there except them. Nandini had booked the place for just both of them. It was decorated beautifully.
Manik: why did u brought me here?
Nandini frowns on his question.
Nandini: to have lunch together of course.
Manik: OK let’s eat.

They feed each other.

Harshad and Payal were sitting on the pool side dipping their feet in it. Payal feels mischevious and looks at Harshad who was sitting a little far from her. She jumps in the pool.
Harshad: Payal! u don’t know how to swim why did u jump in the pool?

Payal acts as if she is hurt on her hand.
Payal: ouch my hand, it’s hurting.
Harshad: oh my God. Show.
She shows her hand, he holds her hand to check what has happened and she pulls him in the pool. She laughs.
Harshad: Payal u scared me.
Payal: nice joke

MaNan goes back from the restaurant, Manik drops her at her house. She waves him bye and goes. He also waves her bye. He goes to his house.

Navya was working in kitchen when suddenly someone comes hiding himself/herself with a bedsheet and pulls Navya inside the bedsheet taking her from the kitchen. Navya doesn’t sees who’s it. The bedsheet comes in Navya feet and she falls on the floor with the person in the bedsheet on top of her. The bedsheet again hid his/her face. Navya: who r u?
Person: Cabir
Navya: why did u pull me inside the bedsheet?
Cabir: for romance Madhubala.
She gets irritated and tries to get up but ends up rolling on floor, now she was on top of him. Her hair touches his face. He tucks it behind her ear.
Cabir: its fun to lay down like this in darkness.
Navya: Cabir,now if u r done then get up from here.
Cabir: But m having fun.
Navya: Cabiiir! this darkness and fun can be done in room also.
Cabir: means u r in?
He giggles.
Navya: yes…I m in this bedsheet if u can see.
He slaps his forehead.
Cabir: what do I say and what u understand… let’s go in the room.
Navya: can’t get up.
Cabir: then crawl.
Navya: remove this bedsheet off us.
He does so and she runs from there. Cabir laughs.

Mukti:what was happening here?
Cabir: fun
Mukti: tum nh sudhrogay kbhi
Abhimanyu comes and back hugs her.
Abhimanyu: me also
Mukti gets startled at his voice and he laughs.

Manik in his room.
Manik to himself: I should tell fab 5 about Nikita, maybe they can help.

He takes them on conference call and tells them everything.
Cabir: I think u should give her a chance, consider yourself lucky bro.

Dhruv: buddy, do what u r comfortable with, n think peacefully, don’t rush

Mukti: where was she her whole life? in so many years she didn’t try to contact u, what type of mother is she?

Manik: guys, what should I do, should I give a chance?

Cabir: yes u should, but be careful with everything.

Alya: good luck.

Call disconnects. Manik goes to Nikita’s house and rings the doorbell. Nikita opens the door and smiles at Manik.
Nikita: Manik, u here…come in
He comes in.
Manik: I m giving u a chance to prove yourself as a mother.
Nikita: really, thanks beta.
She hugs him, he too hugs her back.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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