kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 18


Nandini goes from Nikita’s house and prays in her heart.
Nandini: Ayyappa, plz help me bringing out the truth, if she is really Manik’s mom, then I hope his happiness comes back to him, plz keep Manik happy always.
She goes.

At evening, Fab5 are sitting together partying at Manik’s house. Manik keeps drinking and recalls Nikita’s words. Everyone notices something is wrong and tries to stop him from drinking too much.
Mukti: Manik what’s wrong with u? say something?
Cabir: yes tell na Manik may be we can help u.
Manik continues drinking. Cabir signs Dhruv.
Dhruv: Buddy tell na what happen? u can share with us
Manik doesn’t answers
Alya: Manik tell na.
Manik loses his calm.
Manik: yr what’s ur problem ha? From so long u r speaking n speaking, just stay quiet yr, plz!
They look at each other.
Manik: I want to sleep m going.

He goes upstairs stumbling on every step.
Mukti: what has happened to him?
Cabir: he is angry, let him be alone, he will calm down in sometime.
Dhruv: its first time he reacted this way, something big has happened.
Alya: Guys, it can be related to Nyonika, maybe Nandini knows what has happened, we will ask her tomorrow…right now we should go from here…
Cabir and Mukti passes out.
Alya: Cabir, Mukti! huh they passed out, Dhruv r u not going?
Dhruv: I will stay here with buddy.
Alya: OK bye
She takes an auto and leaves. She reaches to her house and opens the door with her keys. She goes inside and sees Payal and Harshad hugging each other.
Alya: did u guys patch up?
Payal: yes finally
Alya: oh that’s good, m happy for u guys.

Nikita calls Nandini.
Nandini: yes aunty?
Nikita: m going for blood test m waiting for u outside ur house.
Nandini: coming
Call disconnects.
She takes Manik’s hair sample and goes outside the house. She sits in Nikita’s car on the back seat as Mahesh was also there in the car. They reach and Nikita with Nandini goes inside the lab. Nikita gives her blood sample while Nandini handovers the hair sample to the one who took blood sample. He says result will come tomorrow.

Next day, Nikita and Nandini goes to get reports and after paying money they goes. In the car, Nandini pulls out the paper from the envelope and sees the result positive.
Nandini: so u r Manik’s real mom only.
Nikita: yes
Nandini: I will show this to Manik and then maybe he is convinced…I will unite u both, its my promise, Nandini promise.

The screen freezes on Nandini’s bright smile.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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