kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 17


Woman: I m ur real mom, Nikita. Nyonika is my sister and ur mausi.
Manik is shocked.

Manik: how can it be?
Nikita: I m ur real mom I gave u to Nyonika for a reason but I didn’t knew she had evil plans.

Manik: like seriously, how do u women manage to do such drama? how can u be my mom? n if u r my mom why didn’t u took care of me and protected me? what made u come here?

Nikita: I will tell everything…I and Mahesh did love marriage and after one year I got pregnant with his child (Manik), and when u were born, Nyonika got to know that she is infertile and can’t have children, doctor told me that u r my first n last kid and I can’t have more children, Nyonika wanted a kid to woo her husband who just married her for contract, I agreed to give u to her for the sake of her happiness, after giving u to her, I n Mahesh went to Australia. Then when we got to know about Nyonika’s attempt to kill u, we wanted to return that day but our visa had problems.

Manik claps.
Manik: wow what a story! what’s ur job? is it of a writer or an actress? because ur acting is A-1, impressive!

Nikita: Manik, don’t u think if I m not ur mom, what will I get pretending to be ur mom? u want a solid proof right? there is a way, DNA test.

Manik: I ain’t doing any tests, I don’t believe u.
He says coldly.

Nikita: I understand u r disturbed… I will leave u alone for now, but I will come with a proof next time.

She goes and Manik runs to his room, he sits on the bed and holds his head.
Manik: what’s happening? and why all this with me?
He receives a call, Nandini’s name flashes on the screen but he doesn’t sees this and picks the phone.
Manik: what is it?
He says rudely.
Nandini: what happen Manik? y r u shouting?
Manik: Nandini
He starts sobbing.
Nandini: Manik what happen r u OK?
Manik: can u meet me right now?
Nandini: yeah sure where r u?
Manik: at my house.
Nandini: m coming.
Call disconnected. She asks her chacha to take her to Malhotra Mansion. He takes her in the car, she was really tensed so he drove as fast as he could. They reach and she rushes to the gate, she opens the gate and runs to the house door and rings the doorbell multiple times. Kaka comes and quickly opens the door. She runs to Manik’s room and finds him crying sitting on bed with hands on his head. She goes and sits on her knees in front of him cupping his face.
Nandini: Manik
He doesn’t feels her presence. She shakes him.
Nandini: Manik, say something.
Manik continues crying. She sits beside him and wipes his tears. She hugs him and rubs his back trying to shush him.
Nandini: shh, I m here, don’t cry.

She continues trying to calm him and after crying on her shoulder for 30 minutes, he lifts his face and gathers courage to say. He tells her everything and she is shocked.
Nandini: how can it be?
Manik: I don’t know
Nandini: OK leave it, let’s not talk about it, I will find the truth anyhow, u just relax OK
Inside Nandini felt pained for him but anyhow she managed to calm him. He keeps his head in her lap. She runs her fingers in his hair. Finally he felt peaceful, he didn’t knew when he fell asleep.

Nandini’s POV:
If that aunty is Manik’s real mom and she really cares for Manik, then I will do anything to unite him with her. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Manik’s even breath. I leaned down to look at him, he was sleeping in my lap peacefully, I sat there for some more time waiting for him to be deep asleep, if I move then his sleep will break. He looked so cute while sleeping. I leaned towards him and kissed his cheek. After sometime, he slept and I placed him on the bed in the right position with much difficulty. God he is so heavy. I covered him and switched off the light and left a note for him. I went downstairs in the kitchen and made chocolate milkshake as that will help Manik’s mood to become better, I asked kaka to give it to him when he wakes up, I drank one glass to relax myself and went from his house.
End of Pov

Next day, after the college, MaNan meet again in Manik’s house. The moment Manik became a little busy, Nandini took out his hair from his brush and hid it in a plastic bag in her bag.
Nandini’s POV: sorry Manik but I m doing this for u.
Nandini makes an excuse of getting late and goes. She finds Nikita’s address and goes to her house. She rings the doorbell. Nikita opens the door.
Nikita: who r u?
Nandini: I m Nandini, Manik’s girlfriend, I need ur help, u want to prove that u r his mom right?
Nikita: yes, come inside.
She goes in.
Nandini: I have got Manik’s hair sample for DNA test, when u go to hospital for the test, I will come with u.
Nikita: how did Manik agree to give the sample?
Nandini: leave all that, if u r Manik’s mom n u wana prove it, u will have to do as I say, u will take me along with u.
Nikita: OK… m proud that u care so much for him.

Sorry guys, couldn’t update on the selected day as telly updates wasn’t accepting any submissions due to some problems. Also if u r not liking my current story track…sorry, and also I wanted to ask when did I say Manik’s mom is dead?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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