kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 16

Its morning, Nandini wakes up and freshens up, she goes downstairs in her long baby pink nighty and is surprised to see Manik there. She turns to go to her room but he sees her and calls out her name. She turns around not making eye contact with him.
Manik: why are you being shy to come down?
Nandini: I will come after changing my nighty
Manik: no
She looks at him questioningly.
Manik: I mean no need to change, u look beautiful.
She smiles and comes downstairs and sits beside him. Chacha Chachi and Rishabh comes there.
Chachi: Nandu its morning, u should’ve changed ur nighty before coming downstairs.
Nandini: vo chachi
Manik holds her hand under the table to stop her from saying.
Manik: leave it na chachi, doesn’t she looks cute?
He giggles looking at Nandini while she blushes.
Chachi: hahaha, kitna sonra munda hai tu ? (how cute boy u r)
Chachi: (whispers to chachi) look how they both are looking at each other, how cute they look together, Ayyappa has made them for each other (then he says in a voice audible to everyone) what I was saying MaNan (he said MaNan intentionally) um um sorry Manik and Nandini, today is Sunday so u can go out somewhere.

Nandini: no Chacha we have to practice for Musicana.

Chacha: do practice and then go.

Manik: as u say (he kicks Nandini’s foot under the table)

Nandini glares at him and they all do breakfast together with Manik and Rishabh having fun, Manik secretly holding Nandini’s hand under the table and talking on random topics.

Somewhere in a house, a woman looks at a little boy’s photo.
Woman: sorry Manik, I had to give u to my sister Nyonika, I don’t know why she tried to kill u, ur real mom will come to u soon and give u the love of mother.
She cries.

Manik and Nandini goes to a restaurant and makes each other have ice cream. Manik’s lips were full of ice cream, Nandini smiles looking at his childishness and wipes his lips with a tissue.
Manik: what should I call u Nandini? can I call u mom?
Nandini: huh?
Manik: u r being like a mom to me that’s why I was saying.
Nandini thinks he is sad and tries to cheer him up.
Nandini: hmm bulao, but u look elder than me, just imagine what everyone will say, Manik’s mom 2 years younger to him.
He laughs and she too laughs seeing him.

Manik’s real mom goes to Manik’s house and rings the doorbell. Kaka opens the door.
Kaka: who r u?
She says I want to meet Manik.
Kaka: he has gone to his gf’s place.
She asks the address and goes to Nandini’s house and gets to know MaNan’s location and rushes there.

MaNan comes out of the restaurant holding hands and sits in Manik’s car. They go from there. Manik’s real mom goes to the restaurant and asks the manager about Manik who came with a girl. The manager says they went. Manik’s real mom goes to Manik’s house again and kaka says Manik didn’t come yet. She says I will wait for him. She sits on the couch.

Manik comes to his house. Kaka tells him about a woman waiting for him. Manik sits in front of the woman.
Manik: do I know u aunty?
Woman: not aunty, call me mom.
Manik gets shell shocked.
Manik: my mom was Nyonika and she is in jail.
Woman: Nyonika is my sister and ur mausi, I m ur real mom.

The screen freezes on Manik’s shocked face.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)


  1. Vrutika

    Sara loved the twist of manik’s real mom. Love manan forever. Keep it up. Pls update soon . eagerly waiting.

  2. Jasi

    What a twist i didn’t expect this but manik’s mom was dead na but how is this possible will manik believe her update the next part soon

  3. Roma

    Wowwww awesome, I’m shocked, manik’s mom alive…it’s superb twist…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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