kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 15


Harshad watches Payal walking away and regrets that because of him, she had to suffer. A guilty feeling ran down him. Right now, only one thing could help him and that was music. He went outside the gate of space academy and took out his guitar from his car. He sits on a lonely place and starts singing Kurbaan hua. All the flashbacks of him and Payal came in front of his eyes, how she was always there for him even when he was rude to her, even when the world was against him she never left his side but what did she get in return? That the one she supported a lot, he became the reason for her suffering? But what can Harshad do in this? Sometimes things don’t go as planned and sometimes separation is good, he stands up from there and goes to his house, right now he wanted to be alone. He laid down on his bed and drifted in the world of dreams.

Fab5, NavNi and AryaManyu were sitting together in the cafeteria talking.
Mukti: it was really fun to see Harshad being troubled.
Cabir: but what happened that u had to do that?
Mukti: in the morning someone mistakenly pushed me and I fell in his arms, I tried to free myself but he wasn’t leaving, I hate his touch, I feel like eww.
Nandini: but now he is a good guy so we shouldn’t trouble him.
Mukti: Nandini I don’t think so he has changed.
Nandini: if he wouldn’t have changed, he wouldn’t have told me about Manik and Cabir.
Mukti: God knows what happened
Alya: guys he has really changed, now he is not pretending.
Dhruv: Guys why are we talking about him? It can break Fab5
Nandini: hmmm

Later that day, Payal comes to meet Alya.
Payal: hi
Alya greets her with a hug.
Alya: how r u now?
Payal: I m fine n u
Alya: I m also fine but what happened that ur legs got paralyzed?
Payal takes a deep breathe.
Payal: I was walking on the road, well, not on the middle of the road but I was on footpath, a car hitted me, I called for help and I got to know the car’s driver was Harshad, he came out and took me to hospital but I wasn’t completely fine, my legs got paralyzed for 4 years.
Alya: I don’t think he did it intentionally
Payal: yes he didn’t, he was drunk that day, I met him today in the college.
Alya: u r studying in space?
Payal: yes
Alya: me also.
Payal: Alya can I ask something?
Alya: sure.
Payal: has Harshad changed?
Alya: yes he has changed.
Payal: oh good to know, OK I will go now, just came to meet u bye.
Alya: bye
Payal goes and meets Harshad on the way out. She gives a cold look to him and goes.
Harshad: Payal!
Payal: save it!

She goes from there ignoring him.

At Abhimanyu’s house, Abhimanyu makes Mukti meet his parents.
Abhimanyu: Mom dad, she’s Mukti my girlfriend.
Mom: I think I know her, beta r u Mukti Vardhan?
Mukti: yes
Dad: even I know her
Abhimanyu: but how?
Dad: when u went leaving us not wanting us to see u dying, she was trying to find u, so we had a talk and thats y we know her.
Abhimanyu: oh
Mom: so do u people want to marry each other?
MukBhi looks at each other.
Abhimanyu: no, not now, I just wanted u ppl to meet her but u already know each other… come Mukti, I will drop u.

They go from there.

Manik drops Nandini home, she comes out of the car and was about to close the door but Manik pulls her back in the car.
Nandini: Manik
Manik: can I get a kiss before u go?
She blushes.
Nandini: I m going, Chacha Chachi must be waiting for me.
She again tries to go but he holds her hand, she looks at him with a questioning look and he makes a cute pout. She smiles at him admiringly and finally kisses him and goes. He smiles.

Dhruv and Alya chats on Facebook. Alya sends a link and when he opens he gets scared seeing a witch laughing. Alya laughs knowing his reaction.

Its night, Nandini was about to sleep when she gets a call by Manik.
Nandini: (yawning) hallo
Manik giggles on her voice.
Manik: were u sleeping?
N: no I was getting trained of acting to die.
M: Nanduu, don’t force me to become a monster again.
N: oh sorry monster.
M: I will sing a lullaby for u if u want.
Nandini smiles.
Nandini: good night, talk u later.

Guys now that I write 4 ffs, 3 of badtameez and 1 of kyy, I have created a schedule and the stories will be updated according to the days I selected, I hope u guys won’t mind:
Monday and Friday—–>Together forever
Tuesday and Saturday—–>Love is blind/hidden love
Wednesday and Sunday——>Kaisi yeh yaariyan
Thursday and Monday——>My childhood love

Keep commenting and showering love, be happy guys, love u all ?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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