kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 14


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Dhrulya and everyone else enters in the college, they all were going to the jam room when someone mistakenly pushes Mukti, she falls in Harshad’s arms. She struggles to get out of his grip but he was holding her too tight. Abhimanyu sees this and frees her. He keeps his arm around her waist.
Abhimanyu: Don’t touch my girl
Harshad: She fell and I was holding her.
Abhimanyu: uske liye main hoon, chalo Muku.
He takes her with his arm still around her waist. They go through the hall along with everyone else in front.
Abhimanyu: r u OK Mukti?
Mukti: m OK, I struggled hard to free myself but he was holding me tight, I hate his touch, eww, I regret being his ex gf.
Abhimanyu: but u r my gf now, so no worries, I couldn’t see u falling else I would have caught u. Sorry.
Mukti: its OK

Cabir: Mukti, tumhe practice krne nh ana?
Mukti: coming.
She goes with fab 4.

Navya was sitting on the staircase lost in thoughts, Nandini passes by there and sees her, she goes and sits beside her. Navya feels her presence.
Nandini: Kya hua Navya?
Navya: kuchh nh, feeling lonely, Maa ki yaad arahi hai.
She cries. Nandini hugs her.
Nandini: I know this feeling Navya, even I lost my parents in childhood.

Navya: but my mother didn’t die, jeete jee unho ne yeh kehdia k me un k liye margai or vo mere liye margai.

Nandini: My family is your family too.

Navya smiles.
Navya: thank u.

Fab 5 jam together and after sometime they go to their classes along with AryaManyu(Aryaman+Abhimanyu) and NavNi. They all were in one class today. Harshad was also there. The teacher who was eyeing Manik that day was now eyeing Harshad. Fab5 and AryaManyu + Navni notices this. They were sitting together in one row one after another, Mukti writes something on the chit of paper and asks Abhimanyu to pass to their other friends after reading it. The note said, ” The prank we did with Manik, we should do with Harshad too. Reason will be told later.”

Abhimanyu: r u sure u want to do this? Harshad can do something cheap again.
Mukti: I m not scared of anyone.
He passes the chit to everyone else. They all nod. When the class ends, Mukti asks everyone to be ready. She sees Harshad colliding with the teacher and quickly throws the marbles. This results in Harshad falling on teacher, their lips touch.

Harshad quickly gets up and runs from there to the washroom while everyone laughs. In the boys washroom, Harshad cleans his lips.
Harshad: chhee, this kiss was eww, why God why? Why me? Now I m trying to change and then also this ?

Abhimanyu enters in there.
Abhimanyu: fab5, me, Aryaman and Navni did this, this was the revenge to touch Mukti.
Harshad: but she was falling and I was saving her, what wrong did I do? Don’t force me to become the bad boy again.
Abhimanyu: u r already a bad boy, no matter how much gud u become, ur past won’t change.
Harshad: yes I was a bad boy, but now I m trying to be good, what’s ur problem? I wasn’t doing anything wrong, aur han, don’t come in my way again.
He goes.

MaNan comes in the auditorium alone to perform together, they ask a man to take their video. They sing the song Gerua. They sing beautifully and saves the video in their phones. They hug and smile. They take many selfies together. Last one was the most romantic pic, Manik was lifting Nandini in his arms and she was keeping her head on his chest, they both look at each other smiling.

Harshad was walking through the hall when he sees a familiar girl sitting on the staircase playing the guitar and singing.
Harshad: Payal
He calls out her name, she stops playing the guitar and stands up from there.
Payal: Harshad, what r u doing here?
Harshad: I study here.
Payal: oh, c u around.

She is about to go but he holds her hand and pulls her.
Payal: don’t try to do that thing again which u tried to do before.
Harshad: tum galat samajh rh ho Payal, I was drunk and I mistakenly did ur accident, believe me.
Payal: itna sense nh k drunken drive is not allowed anywhere.
Harshad: I did a mistake, maaf krdo na, plz? u r my childhood frnd, plz at least u don’t go from my life.
Payal: I know everything about u, u destroyed fab 5’s lives, u made Navya a single mother, each n everything I know about u, u broke my trust before also, because of u I couldn’t walk for 4 long years.

Harshad: lekin Maine Jan bhooj k to tumhara accident nh kia na, I know I can’t give u ur 4 years back, but plz, forgive me, I didn’t do it intentionally.
Payal: I can forgive u, but about making u my friend again, I will think.
She goes.

Harshad was coming back from the bar, he was fully drunk, he was driving the car when suddenly Payal came in front of his car.
Payal: aah! bachao mujhe.

Harshad stops the car and takes her with him to the hospital, after the treatment, she wasn’t properly healed, her legs became paralysed.

Fb end.

Harshad watches her walking away and regrets what he did.

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Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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