kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 13


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Manik gives Nandini a jar of 10 fireflies, she smiles at him.
Nandini: how do u know what I want?
Manik: if I won’t know then who will know?
Nandini: Manik, I m in a mood to go on a long drive, garden mein reh k bore hogai.
Manik: OK so come.
He holds her hand and takes her.

Mukti brings Abhimanyu to her house and asks him to be quiet. She sees everyone asleep. He stumbles and she holds him tightly. She takes him to the guest room, before she could make him lay, he pins her to the wall. She is stunned by his action.
Mukti: kya kr rhey ho?
Abhimanyu: I want to kiss u.
Mukti: not now, u r drunk.
Abhimanyu: plz
He pleads with his eyes.
Mukti: baad mein na plz.
Abhimanyu: no
Mukti: *sigh* fine
He smashes his lips with hers. He stumbles again and she lays him on the bed and covers him with a blanket. She is about to go but he pulls her and she falls on him.
Abhimanyu: sleep with me
Mukti: OK, I will come after changing.

She goes. Alya comes home with Dhruv on bike, she waves him bye smilingly and goes. He stops her and gives her a flying kiss. She blushes and goes.
Dhruv: thanks for coming in my life Alya.
He smiles and leaves from there. Alya watches him from the window of her room, her happiness had no boundaries. She sleeps with a bright smile on her face.

Nandini and Manik in the car, Manik was driving the car and Nandini was enjoying the breeze.
Manik: did u tell ur Chachi about me staying at your house today?
Nandini: yes, she has agreed.
Manik: chalo achha hai I won’t have to stand outside and ring the horn.
She smiles remembering the old times.
Manik: wese do u remember all our accidental kisses? first when I was driving Cabir to hospital u kissed me, then in the hospital store room I kissed u, and that accidental lip kiss.
Nandini laughs. Manik sings for Nandini.
Manik: tum Jo ayi zindagi mein baat bangai, sapne Teri chahato k dekhta hu ab kahi, din hai sona or chaandi raat bangai.
They sing together, they were singing in a funny way, they laugh after finishing the song.
Manik: we should do one performance together randomly.
Nandini: han OK tomorrow.

Its morning, MukBhi wakes up in each other’s arms.
Abhimanyu: how m I here?
Mukti: I brought u here, u were drunk.
Abhimanyu: awww u took advantage of me.
Mukti: shut up.
She goes and brings a lemonade for him.
Abhimanyu: nice fashion han
Mukti giggles.

Nandini tries to wake up Manik but he doesn’t wakes up. She sees a jug full of water and smiles, she brings the jug near him and empties it on his face. He wakes up with a jerk.
Nandini: good morning Mr Malhotra.
Manik: Nandini, what’s this, can’t u let me sleep? today is Sunday.
Nandini: no its Saturday.
Manik: to kia kru? should I dance on the song Saturday Saturday?
Nandini laughs.
Nandini: if u remember today is college, we will have to go. Get ready.

Sorry guys, short update.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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