kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 12


Harshad: Navya plz, I want to look at her from far, plz say yes, she is not only your daughter, she is my daughter as well.
He said pleadingly. Navya nods yes.
Harshad: thank u Navya, where is she?
Navya: she is in that room
She points to a room. He goes to that room and stands outside, he sees Cavya playing with the toys in the cradle.
Harshad: wow my daughter is so beautiful, Navya, first and last time I m meeting her, can I go near her and play with her?
Navya hesitates.

Harshad: Navya, I won’t do anything, I won’t take her with me, u have taken care of her alone, I left her n u when I was needed, I know I have no right over her, but plz, I am her father.
Navya: dekh lo
He thanks her and goes near the cradle, he picks her up and hugs her. He keeps her on the bed and plays with her for sometime, he smiles and takes selfies with her.
Harshad: Cavya beta, papa will miss u a lot, forgive ur papa that he wasn’t with u when u came to this world and that this is the first and last time he is meeting u, u will get another father Cabir who won’t leave u like I did and who will keep u happy.
He turns to Navya.
Harshad: Navya, u also forgive me if possible.
He leaves from there but the moment he opens the door of the house, he sees Mukti and Cabir there. He was about to leave but Cabir held his arm tightly.
Cabir: what the hell r u doing here?
Harshad: I came to meet my daughter Cavya, I took permission from Navya before doing so, this was my first and last meeting with her, plx take care of her.
He leaves and MukBir enters in the house, they see Navya lost somewhere.
Mukti: Navya
Navya is still lost, she shakes her shoulders

Mukti: Navya
Navya: han
Mukti: did Harshad say anything while meeting Cavya?
Navya: no, he just said that its his first n last meeting, I have to make Cavya eat something, m going, tumlog kia khaogay?
Mukti: m not at home today, m going to spend my day with Abhimanyu so I will eat on the way, m going to freshen up.
She goes.
Cabir: I will make my food myself, u make food for Cavya only.
He is about to go.
Navya: what happen? tum naraz ho humse?
Cabir: nh
Navya: y r u reacting this way?
Cabir: so that u don’t get tensed, m not angry
He smiles at her and goes.

Alya and Dhruv spend time together in a water park, Dhruv goes down the slide first which is a way to go in swimming pool, Aliya goes down next and falls in his arms, they have an eyelock, they notice people staring at them and breaks the eyelock, they have a water fight and laugh.

MukBhi drink in the restaurant and goes out roaming on the road with hand in hand.
Abhimanyu: Mukti, how come u r still in ur senses even after drinking 9 shots?
Mukti: I have habit of drinking, when u went leaving me, I used to be drunk day and night so isliye.
He sidehugs her
Abhimanyu: hum hain to kia gum hai? haha, ur love made me come back, I used to get hiccups day and night, even I wanted to cum, and see our fate, we r again together.
Mukti: I will drop u at ur house.
Abhimanyu: no, mom n dad will scold me seeing drunk
Mukti: then come with me
She takes him.

Manik and Nandini hang out in a garden, Nandini smiles seeing the fireflies, Manik takes out a jar and catches 10 fireflies and gives it to her, she smiles seeing him.

Sorry if it was boring

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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