kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 11

Its break time, Fab 3 were sitting waiting for Dhrulya, they go to find them and sees them in sick bay.
Mukti: Dhruv and Alya here? but what happen? n others r also there, there’s something wrong with Alya, let’s go inside.
She goes inside followed by ManBir.
Mukti: Alya, what happen to u?
Dhruv: its Bulimia, eating disorder and it happened because of emotional pain n loneliness, I know she hide it from us, but instead of getting angry on her we should care for her.
Manik: buddy tujhe bada pyar araha hai aaj Alya PR?
Alya: leave it na guys.
Cabir: leave it? if we wouldn’t have passed by here we wouldn’t have spotted u all here n we also wouldn’t have known about it, n Navya, u also didn’t told me?
Navya: humein bhi to abhi pta chala
Manik: n what about u Nandini?
Navya: same with her.
Manik: black and white madhubala I m asking Nandu n not u.
Nandini: Manik, I got to know right now, n y r u getting angry on Navya because of me?
Abhimanyu: hahahaha guys don’t fight, nice name han Manik, Alya must be hungry so let’s go.
Alya: thank u jeeja jee ? should v go? its break time.
Mukti blushes.
Dhruv: han chalo
He helps her in getting up and they go out of the sick bay. In the cafeteria, Aryamann wasn’t there, he was practicing playing tabbla, Fab 5 were on one table along with NavNi, Abhimanyu was with his other friends promising Mukti that they’ll spend the rest of the day together.

Mukti: Navya, Cavya kesi hai?
Navya: theek hai, oh han, I will have to go home early today, no one will be there to take care of her…Cabir, can u give me the spare key of ur house?
Cabir, Navya and Mukti stay in one house, Cabir’s mother left him after she got to know he’s a gay, Navya’s mother also broke all ties with Navya as she became a single mother, and Mukti herself left her house tired of her parents fights.

Cabir: yeh lo
He gives her the keys.
Navya: bye
Cabir: bye
Everyone: bye Navya

Navya goes. Cabir gets an evil plan in his mind and kicks Mukti’s foot under the table. She looks at him and he winks at her.
Cabir: Nandini, do u know what happened today?
Manik looks up at him and nods no.
Nandini: kia hua?
Mukti: a teacher fell in Manik’s arms.
Manik: yeah all curses goes to the evil twins MukBir.
Nandini: q?
Manik: they threw marbles in her way and she fell in my arms, she is such a headache, already she is after me.
MukNanBir laughs.
Dhruv: tu ne usey q pakra buddy? girne deta
Nandini: unko lagjati na so Manik k dil pe kharoch prjati, hai na Manik?
She asks not getting jealous.
Everyone laughs.
Alya: tum bhi na Nandini, pehli girlfriend ho Jo apne bf k ESE krne PR jealous nh hui.
Manik: n I m most thankful to Nandu’s Ayyappa for this.
Nandini smiles at him and they have an eyelock. Cabir notices this.

Cabir: oh ho yahan to MaNan ka bada aankh mattakka chal raha hai, (he starts singing) pal bhar thehar jao, dil ye sambhal jaye, kese tumhe roka karun, meri taraf ata har gum phisal jaye, aankhon mein tumko bharun, bin bole baate tumse kru gar tum sath ho.

Everyone again laughs while Nandini blushes.
Nandini: guys I wanted to say something.
Cabir: kya?
Nandini: guys, we all have someone in our life, like I have Manik, Cabir has Navya, Mukti has Abhi…guys I think that Dhruv and Alya should give their relationship another chance.
Dhrulya look at each other.
Dhruv: only if Alya is ready then I will do it, else no
Alya: I can’t do it.
Mukti: c’mon Alya, if u have someone in ur life u love, then u won’t feel lonely, u know how I was on antidepressants for two years but when Abhimanyu came everything changed.
Manik: han n do u remember how stone hearted I was n used to hate women, I was a monster but when Nandini came, my life became heaven.
Nandini: Alya, we r ur frnds, we all want u to be happy like we r happy, we want to make ur life colourful, ek try to de kr dekho, if not for us, for urself Alya.
Cabir: I never knew if I will ever be a normal human n not a gay, but when Navya came, I changed.

Dhruv: guys, usse pressurize mt kro.

He is about to go when Alya stops him by holding his hand. He looks back at her.
Alya: I m ready to give another chance to this relationship.

Everyone smile while Dhrulya have a hug.
Someone rings the doorbell of Navya’s house. She opens the door and is shocked to see Harshad.
Navya: y r u here?
Harshad: to meet my daughter.
Navya pushes him out of the house but he comes in forcefully.
Harshad: Navya I only want to see her from far, plz
Navya nods yes.

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