Kaisi yeh yaariyan chapter 1

Hi I am Sara also known as Salley Sue (Sara), maybe some of u know me, I m writing this ff continuing after the death of Manik and Cabir, I don’t promise that it will be super good but I will write as good as possible.
. . . . . . . . .

Nandini’s POV:
I woke up by the sound of my alarm and switched off the alarm, I wasn’t on my bed, I was sleeping sitting on the floor leaning to my bed, the blanket was all wet as I slept while I was crying missing my love Manik, I m still mourning for his death, 3 months have passed but still it feels like it was yesterday when he died.
I pick up the photo frame of Manik’s photo.

Nandini: Manik, y did u go? I really miss u my monster, I will find out who was responsible for that bomb blast, this is my promise to u.

I said this cryingly and felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and to my shock, he was standing in front of me.
Nandini smiles: Manik
Without thinking further I hugged him tightly and he responded by hugging me back.
Nandini: Manik, why did u left me suddenly? I miss u so much.
I didn’t got any response.
Nandini: Manik plz say something.
Again no response came, that’s when I realized I was hallucinating, but whatever, I know he’ll come back.
I went to freshen up and get ready for college.
End of POV.

Navya is irritated in her room because of her daughter Cavya crying a lot and tries to make her quiet. Mukti wakes up by the crying noise and she too tries to make Cavya quiet but in vain. They try to make her sleep, just then the doorbell rings, Mukti answers the door and sees Aryaman. He comes in and she closes the door, Aryaman goes to Mukti and Navya’s room and sees Cavya crying. He picks her up and she calms down. They get ready to go college.

At space academy, Nandini enters and sees Nyonika and Harshad together, she goes closer to them and hides to listen to their talks.
Harshad: Nyonika, if u don’t do what I tell u to do then I will tell ur secret to everyone.

Nyonika: don’t u dare do anything like that.
Harshad: Oh c’mon, u were the one who planned that accident.
Nyonika: just shut up! better be away from me.
She leaves and Nandini cries.
Nandini: Ayyappa, what kind of mother is she that she killed her own son, she’ll have to pay for that.

How was it guys? should I continue?

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  1. Of course u should sara!!
    Loved nandu’s pov lots??
    Aww it’s CaVya.. We all wanted navya’s baby to be a girl and this is the 1st story I’m reading with ‘cavya’ in it! Thanks sara!☺
    And nyonika.. that butch.. and that jerk.. Both should rot in hell..
    Update whenever you want sara.. no hurries..(exams u know?)
    And it’s good talking after so long☺

    1. Hi plumpy, missed u a lot ?

  2. Hi good one pls continue

  3. Plz continue…..

  4. nestle joseph

    its superb pls continue.

  5. Awesome episode, love you loads.

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