Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soha has set the trap consisting of a sharp wire and drops some oil on the floor. The Fab5 comes and Cabir says that we shouldn’t have done it, Aliya stops him and they get into a fight. Muktii says that at the night of musicana I came to see you and saw the two of them. Aliya says that’s why you went to the rehab, Manik comes and calms her down while Cabir says that let’s play some music to calm us down. Soha sees them going up and says that we need to shoot again as the prints were mixed. Soha stops him while Manik says that this is how we work and goes upstairs.
Nandini is running to Manik’s aid when a janitor comes and falls on the floor because of the wire. Manik sees the wire and though he calls Nandini but she doesn’t stops so he runs to her and manages to catch

her in the nick of time. Everyone is surprised while Manik asks Nandini if she is Okay. They then get up and Manik hugs Nandini surprising everyone. Soon Dhruv comes and sees the wire and stops everyone from moving.

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Cabir asks Nandini if she is fine and then says that she could have gotten seriously injured. Manik asks Nandini why she was running and Nandini asks Manik about his hand. Manik says that his hand is fine while Nandini explains of what she was told. Soha says that is so sweet while Nandini says that she is the manager and leaves to see Navya. Cabir says that this was planned and someone was trying to hurt Nandini. Manik says that of coures it’s Harshad and Cabir backs him up against ALiya. Manik takes the wire looking for Harshad and while looking Abhymanu comes as well. Manik asks of what he is doing in this costume, soon Manik leaves.
Harshad just came out of the Principal’s office as he is suspended and angry when Manik comes and cuts his arm with it. He warns her Manik while Manik says that one cut on Nandin and I would have cut your throat.
Harshad pushes Manik back and says that you are possessive over Nandini and asks what is cooking. Manik doesn’t answer and starts to fight back and so does Harshad, Aliya comes and stops the two of them, and says to Manik that you are not sure that he has done it. She says that everything is already a mess so don’t create more. Manik says that whenever there is a mess he is around there, ALiya asks him to leave and Manik does.
When Manik leaves Aliya says to Harshad that for how many people I have to apologize for you. She asks of what is wrong with him and tells him to leave and get out of her life as she is sick and tired of him. Nandini is wondering whether to call Manik or if Aliya had stopped the fight.
Abhymanu is sitting with pain when Muktii comes and asks if he is Okay. He stands up and says that now I am feeling much better. Muktii says that you are sweating and Abhymanu says that a hot girl has just came so the body started to react. Muktii then mocks him and says that you need to go to the doctor. Abhymanu asks her about the rehab and says that I don’t have much time. Muktii asks of what that means and Abhymanu says that I have to get these files on a desk. He says that you are scared which means you care. Muktii leaves saying that there is a time for a joke and leaves while Abhymanu falls again feeling severe pain.
Nandini comes and sits with Manik and says that what did you do, and was there any need to do this. Manik says that look who is talking, who told you to instigate that idiot. Nandini asks of he hurt him and Manik says that I did nothing wrong as I stood by my friend just like you did by yours. Manik than holds her hand as they are sitting. Manik asks if friends can’t hold hands and puts his head on her shoulder saying that a friend could use a friend’s shoulder. He then goes to kiss her when Nandini says that this is cheating as friends don’t do this. Nandini tells them to go to his friends and be ready for the questions. At first Manik says that they won’t ask questions but gets confused himself.
Cabir is sitting with the Fab5 and says that I want to get rid of these clothes as they are uncomfortable. Dhruv says that he doesn’t feel anything when Cabir starts to crack jokes again. Aliya says that she just wants to go home and sits down. Dhruv sneaks up to Aliya and holds her hand when Muktii says that what is happening. They let their hands go when Muktii says that something is going between Manik and Nandini. Cabir tries to back Manik up and Manik is about to leave the room again when Muktii calls him. She asks of what is going on between you and Nandini and though Cabir tries to change the topic, while Muktii tells him to shut up.
Manik answers to Muktii that Nandini is our band manager and Dhruv and Cabir like her and I am just trying to be her friend. Mukti than asks Manik to whatever he has said to swear it on the fab5.

Precap: Manik is with Soha who is lying on a piano and says to her that you are very beautiful. Nandini walking by hears and sees Manik say that can we not talk about her.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. fairy

    suma di….jst go 2 d yest cmnt…u ll get d updt….n ha ha ha tell ur hitler aunty 2 c kyy wid u….she ll bcm fan aftr c d epsd

  2. Kissed means?u r just inviting ur own danger….hw was nandus reaction guys
    Bt Manik cant lie in the name of kyy..

    Maybe he suspects soha….its a plan

  3. fairy

    Suma di…l hv an idea… tie hitler aunty wid a rope n let hr sit in front of tv n jst left her aftr12.00….she ll love tv n ofcrse ll nt cm 2 ur house anymr….ha ha ha …don’t mind…sry

  4. Yes yes fairy or a plan of kyy…..manuk cant lie in the name of kyy….he will admit….meanwhile nandu will cm to knw abt sohas plan nd inform Manik……fab5 hatch a plan

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    Finally came to othr room cant bear the sweet tortures of guest
    Pritam we have each others I’d nd many of us r in hangouts

  8. Ruchi

    Just like a saviour aliya comes in time and saves harshad and stops their fight!asks manik to leave and says harshad that she regrets him having as her brother and all drama!and leaves upset!

  9. Ok bye…..nadays when I go away I see u r pics to elevate my mood…….my sweet bros nd sis……u knw it feels dat every one is wid me
    Hii to everyone nd bye

  10. Ruchi

    And then the scenes shifts to nandu who searches manik everywhere but finds him at the stairs!and goes near him and manik pulls her to sit beside him.then naku asks what happened?. Manik replies in a sarcastic way and says look who’s asking !nandu says what was the need to get into a fight! To which manik replies that as she backed up navya her FRIEND even he backed his………..!to which nandu smiles and says u want to say friend!

  11. remix queen

    hey guys m bck…todays epi rocked naa? I think ye precap part monday pe nai aayega…manik runnin fr nandu…awesome scene…epi uploaded kya?

  12. remix queen

    dat was an awesome scene ruchi…der was acgion romance comedy everytin in todays epi…felt really bad fr abhi…soha ko kuch kar dete

  13. Ruchi

    To which manik replies that ya whatever u call that in ur language!and they have some cute moments together like manik holds nandu’s hand lies on her shoulder and says friends do this right?and moves in to kiss when nandu says CHEATING!friends don’t do this!and asks him to leave for his friends who might be waiting for his answers!manik says what kind of answers do they expect and for what!to which nandu says him to recollect the hug and the weird stare that FAB5 was giving them!

  14. Ruchi

    Then he says oh!scene shifts to a room where abhi is moaning in pain and mukti notices him and ru s for help but looking at mukti he acts being ok they have a talk and abhi asks mukti what is the real reason behind her going to a rehab to which mukti answers that she doesn’t want to talk about it! Abhi in flow says that tell me cause I don’t have enough time ! Mukti Is all appalled to his words ! Then abhi clarifies that he was saying about his task! And mukti leaves with sigh of relief!and abhi falls on the floor wincing in pain!

  15. remix queen

    u know wat guys…with the kidnapping plot coming up deyll try and show the understandin trust n the wavelengths of manan matching…dats hw the frnds part will proceed…n think of it dis way thanks to soha we r gettin to see such good scenes of manan…n their love trust understandin

  16. Ruchi

    Scene shifts to the shoot room where FAB 5 accept are there and get there problems out and aliya is stressed and wants to go home dhruv comes and holds her hand and they have a light moment and mukti startles them all by saying there she thinks there is something between manan!cabir covers it up but mukti doesn’t listen to him when manik arrives and sees her talking about manan then he takes a U turn when mukti sees him and calls him !she asks him what’s between him and nandu to he replies that he is just trying to be friends with her! Mukti asks hi. To swear on FAB5 and say! The screen freezes on manik’s face!

  17. Ruchi

    Precap : they show soha lying on the table and manik with her and he call soha beautiful and soha asks what asks what about nandini to Which he says forget nandini and are about to kiss and nandu watches all of this in a shock.PHEW …..mi m done with the epi at last!

  18. ammy fairy sana sharmin n vishu n neha n sound n suhash where u all r guy’s ……n sry if i 4get ani1’s name……..

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  21. sanaya

    saw d ep..amazng ep…
    jst hate d precap..soha mst b dreamng or manik mst b tryng to defnd himslf frm ques of mukti n all..

    • SS


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  24. Well I thnk multi has to live wid bandars memory…….this six months will be the bst
    Guys 1 thng dat means kyy gonna last another 6 months

  25. remix queen

    i think he wnt live…sad bt i feel dat…deyll try to put fourth the msg dat he made every1 smile n left…it will b very emotional…hell change every1s life…

  26. Navya is preg…..so six months dere too….
    Ohh god…
    I can see Navya naming her baby abhimanyu……..series ending wid the birth of child….mukkti will be god mother…..manan announce dere marriage

  27. Or mukti adopting the baby…….cabir dad…..harsd away……fab5 releasing der debut album……..super success…..dhrulya confirm der relationship………

  28. Human brain is the most outstanding object in world.
    It functions 24hrs a day, 365days a year.
    It functions right from the time we are born,
    and stop only when we enter the examination hall.

  29. remix queen

    ammy the serial wnt end so soon…n the kid part i think aliya fab5 will step in…dat way m proud of wat aliya said to harshad

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    Wen manik n nandu were running towards each other i realized i’m sittng on sofar je hatol ba hat ba hand otar opur wd my head ahead of me as if i cud stop dem da thread..lol

  33. kyy rocks

    aaj ke epi mein manik ka heropanti dekhne layak tha…luv manan scene.wowww manik yr a real actor..precap is vry vry intrsting…gud nite guys..

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    Ammu: ora morte morte to moreni. To tumi tai bole nishas bondro kre acho!

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    m bck guys…i loved loved loved maniks reaction wen he shouted to nandu to stop…n da frnds can hold hands was so cute!!

  40. vaishu

    wat u guys think bout diz quote “For some people, love is something your have to prove…For others, love is proof in itself.

  41. fairy

    Shar….u knw..l feel in d sving prt….whn they bth wr runing like kuch kuch hota hai..n aftr tht main hoo na….ha ha ha

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    2 knw whether I am a boy or girl wait for my pics

  45. remix queen

    i jus loved the saving part…dat was ultimate…i mean never expected such action frm manik…da epi had comedy cute romance drama n action…all in one

  46. vaishu

    ananya example manik n nandhu ,so far they hvn’t confessed yet but its proven,,love da wifi dat links heart to brain

  47. sanaya

    vaishu i guess ur quote signifies dat.. sm people need a reason to believe in love bt fr othrs love is itself a reason to believe…

  48. vaishu

    ammy it doesn’t matter u r boy or gal,v r frenz,m sure no one is fr old school,,v r very much liberal,,,oni thing is sudden out burst shocked us:)

  49. remix queen

    even wen he was lying…n i liked the anger fr hurti his love..although to the wrong person…felt bad fr harshad though bt he deserves it nyways

  50. Confusing….gud n8fairy
    Dats y dere r smtimes prob in love…….wifi prob….sry sry I am mad 2sry sry vaishu likew ur wifi example

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    Shar while watchng 2dy’s epi,i was seatng on sofa’s handle or hand,full 45 degree bend,head ahead of me,ful concentration on tv.
    Wen manik lands on nandu i seized relieve n saw mom,i said dat their life was in danger…mom said de r stil alive, wat r u holdng ur breathe for, u can take breathe

  52. i know english, malayalam, tamil ( can understand the language), and finger language
    oh nutz i bet ur breath must have gone when u saw ur mom

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    Gud mrng all of u…yestd epi manik save nandu really awesome like hero type….great manan scene amazing..funny cabir is really nice actng skill..day by day luv manbir..& i thnk precap is soha’s dream.

  59. Nutz

    I feel so unfortunate. On 31dec wen auho was talkng abut leavng, i wasn’t here, on 1jan wen she left da leavng note i wasn’t here too. Wish if sum1 cud hv stopd her. I didn’t even get to see fr da last tym.or bid farewell;-(

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    sanaya,,as we all know dat abhimanyu suffering fr terminal illnesses n has very short life span,,do u think he will play wif mukthi’s feelings??its not right rite??

  64. vaishu

    ammy i think guys have wifi n love probb…gals v hv lots of problem,,,v dun bother much bout former 2 🙂

  65. Samyukta

    He said that the journey had been great for him and also in the comments
    He commented that he left the show but will be back with a bang

  66. Samyukta

    I have no idea nutz
    If anyone knows how to upload pictures in this website I can take a screenshot and upload it here

  67. vaishu

    but sanya ..his intentions r good..but mukthi in delicate state…n its possible she may fall for him coz of his nature!

  68. sanaya

    n vaishu..she has startd liking him…wen she ll cm to knw abt his illness..dnt knw wat she ll do…yest wen abhi told i dnt hv much tym she became vry tensed n scolded him nt to say anythng lyk dis again

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  90. Samyukta

    I know @kyy rocks
    This is so sad
    Although harshad was a terrible person, he was quite good in his role as a villian

    No offense to anyone, but harshad was a much much better villian then soha

  91. qwert

    uffffff….i didnt want abhi to quit…lyk wat abt navya..i thought dey wud turn his character positive….n dey wud show either mukti or navya wid him

  92. So Harshad quits kyy…..shocking..
    …Abhishek Malik wants to be a gud guy……plzzz nw they will focus only on soha…..Abhishek ye kya kiya….bcoz of u tricks we could enjoy manan romance……kyy fans love evil Harshad

  93. U were the bst villain……u revilness made kyy plot soo interesting
    Hi guys got my nee I’d….qwert I cant still send u email

  94. sanaya

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    i ll also miss harshads part..coz of him manan came close…n nw dey r madly in love wid each othr..

  95. Nutz

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  96. They have decided to scrap Harshads character.
    ……..probably dey will she dat harsh has gone away abroad to rectify himself