Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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DHruv says to Manik that there is only sided love between them and can never be completed. Dhruv asks Manik of what he thinks and Manik says that ask your heart. Dhruv says that I think I should move on. Nandini is searching for Dhruv when Cabir comes and says that never have I got hurt in love. Nandini says that if it doesn’t love than it’s not love she says that who can understand it better than you. Cabir says that I am impressed and now understand why my friend has your name all over him.
Cabir says that you have got courage which none of my friend has as you talked about R and they pretend that R doesn’t exist. Nandini says that in love you need a heart not courage and you should not run when life gives another you should not run. Cabir says that look who is talking isn’t

you running away, so stop. Nandini says that I should be going home and Cabir says that you should and says that he is Manik’s bedroom.
Manik is dancing in his room as to what he has just heard. Nandini comes to the door sees him and is amazed and he drags her inside to dance with him. Nandini asks why is he dancing and he replies saying that I am happy. Manik says that what do you think you can walk in out of everywhere without anything and it doesn’t affect if anything happens to me. Nandini agrees and Manik says that it is going to be so much fun proving you wrong. He throws Nandini on the bed and she hits him with a pillow.
Harshad says to Navya that I didn’t hit Cabir and only said that because I was angry for him playing the video. He says that it is good that he played as because of that we came close. Harshad says that those people will go to any extent to harm me and want to take everything from. He says that you are the only one who can help me and you must get me out of here. Navya asks of what she should say and Harshad says that she should only say the truth as they were together the night Cabir got attacked. Navya wonders if she can trust Harshad all of this.
Dhruv is looking for ALiya when Nandini comes from behind and starts to talk. She is about to say something when Manik says that she wants to go home. Dhruv asks if he missed something when Manik says that you didn’t and tells him to come quickly. Muktii is with ALiya and says that I can’t believe that he kissed someone and that person is to be Nandini. Aliya asks her is she is sure about Dhruv kissing Nandini and Muktii says that DHruv is a guy who will only kiss a girl he loves.
Manik comes whistling and Muktii asks if she misses him. Aliya says that sometime I do miss him but we have some good memories. Mukii says that love is a complicated thing as even after that much drama I still have got Harshad in my head. Aliya says that I feel sad even after knowing all the bad about him. Muktii says that so what if he isn’t there a I will come with you.
Nandini is in her bed trying to sleep but keeps on thinking about Manik. Manik on the other hand smiles and wants to call her but says that I need to get inside your head. Nandini says that why can’t I get him out of my head as he is wrong. Manik says that what is going on in that head and I will find my answers tomorrow.
The next day Nandini comes to the hospital to meet Navya. Suddenly a car comes from behind and drags her inside. At first she gets scared but sees Manik and tells him to stop the car. Manik says that what you think and if you haven’t realized than I am kidnapping you. Students laugh when Cabir comes and after Muktii pushes them away she asks Cabir if he is Okay. Cabir says that he is great when a man comes and tells them that they have been called by the principle.
The manager of the Q labels if there who warns them of their avtivites and their absence in the last few days. He says that if this goes on than you will be striped of the contracts and will not meet Mr.Khurana. He asks if they have a song ready when Muktii says that we do and later the talk about why Muktii lied. Muktii says that what else was I supposed to do and Dhruv says that let’s show that man the talent of Fab5.
Manik brings Nandini to a house and puts her on a sofa. She starts to yell at him while he sits very calmly. Nandini says that she will complain to the police about it while Manik says that I also want to meet them and tell me that you caused all of this. Manik says that you are stubborn and in a result all of this happened. Nandini goes on the door and starts to try the codes, Manik tells her to stop that otherwise they will be stuck here together.

Precap: Navya says that she was with Harshad before 12 and didn’t about him earlier. The inspector tells the guard to lock him up while Navya says to him that I am not supposed to lie.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. kuhu

    kapil west bengal’s bengali language n assam’s bengali language r same. Actually, Assamese is the language of Assam but in Assam there is a place Silchar where all talks in bengali

  2. kuhu

    kapil west bengal’s bengali language n assam’s bengali language r same. Actually, Assamese is the language of Assam but in Assam there is a place Silchar where all speaks in bengali

  3. Axsm ep..the way manik was dancing!! So sweet.!! No one should miss that scene…he was looking so cute!…I became happy seeing his happyness…love u manik!! And east or west-manan is the best!!

  4. Prahasith

    Guys, can anyone give me the linnk to Manik’s backgound music?? its so awesome!!

    thanks in advance 😀

  5. keetu

    i love u
    cabir(ayaaz) he is the cutie of the show …his sense of
    humour… omg i am very
    anxious for upcoming episodes

  6. Maneet

    Jst luvd the manik dance… Its so gd… Day by day its gettin more n more interestin…cabir u r really grt

  7. soundarya

    Oh wow!!!! MANIK ur dance is like, a small child’s dance, after it sees an icecream…. ….U is really so so so so Cute like a baby….. And fingers crossed for 2morrow’s epi..

  8. kuhu

    o wow:-) 2day manik was looking very cute while dancing. But in d precap….dt stupid navya . she can save harshad but she does d opposite one. she blocked all d way of coming out of harshad. she does not deserve.
    I luv u harshad….sooo much♥

  9. Manik dance was just WOW and waiting for tomorrow’s epi…
    Thank god harshad is back to jail..love you parth and niti (manan❤️)

  10. Manik,why r u so cute?? Ur smile’s in this ep.!! He smiled for about 8 times!! And all those highly cute cute smiles were just price-less!!..

  11. Nia Sharma

    Today manik was like heaven .. his dance was awww .. n after being in love with manan n dhruliya .. i have a big crush on cabir (ayaz).. he is sooooo amazing… n mukti is soo stylish ..love her style .. love ky2

  12. piyaa

    Gud morning kyy rockz. 🙂
    was busy yesterday….. nice epi
    Luv u Malik.. after a long time parth tweeted yesterday :-D. .. Am really happy 🙂 🙂

  13. aswini achu

    Guyz beware cos parth told tt he is nt thr in twitter may be he wl join in future…so check once again..if he is real then am happy for u

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