Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes down and is about to walk away when Cabir tries to calm him down. Manik says that it is not cool as the only reason I am doing this album is because of you guys. Manik says that what’s fair s fair and if she can’t understand that than to hell with it. Dhruv also tries to stop him when Manik says that he is done. Manik is walking when Nandini tries to stop him and Manik says that if I need you I will come for aid. Nandini leaves and Muktii says to Dhruv that you have to believe Nandini as she is following Manik with such anger.
Nandini comes following Manik to the dressing room and says that why are you taking out your anger somewhere else. Manik keeps on yelling and she asks him to just hear him out for once before he says something that he will regret. Nandini

says that if that knot opened that night things would be different, she says that whatever we do is extreme and we get overboard. She says that let’s get to know and understand each other. Nandini says that you are a great friend and I will also be happy if you became mine as well.

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Manik stands up and starts to tickle her and Nadini asks of what he is doing. Manik says that this is what friends do make each other laugh. Nandini tickles him but he says that I don’t feel anything, Nadnini tries one more time and Manik laughs and both of them fall on a couch. Manik gets up and says that let’s go complete that shoot. Manik comes back and says that let’s start the shoot and makes a condition with Soha. Soha agrees of all of them staying together and the shoot starts.
Navya is running with Harshad chasing her, he finally catches her and she tells him to stop following her. The whole college is watching them argue and Harshad takes her aside and says that this is not good as we are children ourselves. Harshasd warns her and tells her to do what is necessary as he will not let this problem ruin his life. Navya pushes him and runs off again.
Muktii’s time has came for the shoot and Abhymanu walking by sees her. He acts so that Muktii may laugh and then comes forward and stands with Manik. He says that no need to thank as I like happy people. Manik is about to talk when Abhymanu says that I was talking about Nandini who is also laughing. He leaves while Manik texts Nandini to come out, she follows him and before Nandini is about to say anything Manik thanks her. He explains to her and Nandini says that you are trying to thank instead of apologizing. Manik says that No as I you are the only one who understood me.
Manik says that I am trying to understand it myself and it is going very slowly. Manik says that this friend business is a bad idea. Nandini says that he idea are always the best and Manik holds her up and says that don’t force me to show the faults in your ideas.
Navya is being chased by Harshad when she runs to the stadium and announces everything on speaker. The principle comes and tells them to stay apart when everybody else comes as well. Nandini is surprised to see Harshad and Manik explains of what happened. Nandini comes and backs Navya up and says that what you did is right. Harshad tells Nandini to stay out of it while Nandini says that you can’t stop the truth and tells Navya to say everything loud and clear. Harshad says that I won’t do anything like this as I have standards.
Navya says everything when Harshad is about to hit Navya, Nandini helps Navya and Harshad is about to hit her when Manik comes and backs Nandini up. The principle warns all of them and tells Harshad to come to his office immediately. Later Navya is sitting with Nandini and regretting everything she has done while Nandini calms her down. Nandini asks of why she didn’t ask her help while Navya says that I was a fool not to ask.
Soon a guy comes and tells Nandini that Manik’s hand is hurt and tells and Nadnini runs to his aid. Nandini runs to the fifth floor falling into Soha’s trap with the Fab5 somewhere else

Precap: Manik hits and tortures Harshad asking for Nadnini

Update Credit to: Sona


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  2. remix queen

    Soha’s plan to make distance between Manik and Nandini in kaisi Yeh YaariyanPresent track shows that Soha has decided to get Manik (Parth Samthaan) at any cost after seeing him with Nandini (Niti Tylor) on New Year party.Soha has turned obsessive for Manik and wants to make him dance at her fingers.On the other hand, Nandini also knows about Soha’s intension for Manik that is why she is trying to keep Manik away from Soha.Manik realizes that Nandini is jealous by Soha and makes her more jealous by talking about his and Soha’s relationship.Manik and Nandini’s unspoken love will add more twists and turns due to Soha.Soha now plans to take Manik out for photo shoot while Nandini forces Manik to concentrate on music.Muktii realizes that something is fishy between Manik and Nandini.Manik tells her that there is nothing between him and Nandini as she is just their manager.Will Soha take Manik away from Nandini?Will Nandini fight with Soha to save Manik from her bad intension?

  3. soundarya

    OMG!!!!!! superb episode….. MANAN love u both,,, and abimanyu today u r so so so cute…in that attempt to make mukti smile,,, & also in the speech with manik….. But there is something opposite to this all ,,, that r all of our big stupids soha & harshad….

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    Arrey who said ? I m telling tht if l say a anthr wrd abt heaven ppl cn get hurt 4 me….public site…..

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    Soha to harm Nandini getting Manik in Kaisi
    Yeh Yaariyan
    Present track of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan shows
    that Soha has turned a vamp and wants to
    get Manik (Parth Samthaab) at any cost in
    Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
    Soha thinks that she can get Manik only after
    keeping Nandini (Niti Tylor) away from him.
    Nandini gets a call and the caller tells her
    that Manik is injured.
    Nandini rush to meet him and falls in Soha’s
    Manik is tensed not to find Nandini
    Manik blames Harshad for kidnapping
    Nandini because Harshad (Abhishek Malik)
    was also tried to harm her earlier.
    Physical fight between Harshad and Manik
    However, Harshad will tell him that there is
    not his hand in Nandini’s missing.
    Will Manik come to know Soha’s hand in
    Nandini’s kidnapping?

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