Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes and stands next to nandini and says that I wanted to ask something. He says that do you know what a tie is. Nandin asks if it is a musical note and Manik says that it’s something like that and what did you thought. Nandini gives the definition of tie and Manik says that we will use these notes for the next play. Manik asks her is she can try and Nandini agrees and sits to play the piano. As she does Manik sits behind her and gives her a bracelet and says that we should mark our beginning with something that is ours.
Nandini stands up and holds Manik’s hand and they are about to kiss. Soha comes in and says Hey, she says that I have been looking for you all over. Manik apologizes and says that I got stuck somewhere and apologizes again. Soha says that I know you must have

got stuck somewhere otherwise you would have come. She says that don’t get stuck anywhere as I have arranged a photo shoot for the album cover. Nandini says that we have to focus on the songs, Soha says that you might be the manager but this is my father’s album so if I say so than it will happen.
Harshad brings Navya to the hospital and after calming her down she calls the nurse who takes her to a room. He meets the doctor and says that just make sure that Navya doesn’t gets to know to what is happening and do it quickly. The doctor says it will be easy and no one will know. Navya asks the nurse of what the injection is for. She argues with the Nurse when the doctor comes in and relaxes Navya down.
Aliya, Muktii and Dhruv at the room for the photo shoot when Muktii asks about the flower. Soon Nandini, Soha and Manik come and Nandini says that the three songs are not even ready yet which are the basic of this album. Cabir also agrees with Nandini while Soha says that I know how to bring a yes out of my father.

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Navya is fighting with the doctor as she doesn’t wants the injection. The doctor tries to persuade her when Harshad comes in and asks her to what is going on and asks her to relax. Navya keeps on fighting and says that she doesn’t wants the injection and runs off from the place. Harshad chases her while she manages to escape.
Soha has brought three stands for Manik while two stands for the rest of the Fab5. Manik asks why the difference and Cabir says that you need to work on as we are naturally good looking. Aliya proposes with a jacket and so does Nandini and Manik goes with the one which Nandini brought up. Soha says that you are a rockstar and should look like one and will wear the clothes I have brought. Cabir says that Manik won’t wear these clothes and Manik also agrees. He takes the jacket and says to Nandini that we need a few more changes.
Manik is trying the jackets when Nandini asks of what he thinks about Soha. Manik slows down in his talk just to annoy Nandini and drags her inside as well while asking for the jacket. He asks her if she is jeolos and says that you don’t need to be. He says that you don’t need to be jealous of her while kissing her Nandini says that let’s go a little slow. She says that let’s be friends and Manik says that we can’t be friends and Nandini asks why not. Manik doesn’t answer and asks Nandini to go out as his friend needs to change. Nandini asks him to calm down and at least listen to her. Manik says that there is nothing to hear and tells Nandini to leave and so she does.
Aliya is coming out when her hair gets stuck in the door. Dhruv helps her and as they are walking Dhruv sees the tattoo on her back. Manik is doing the photo shoot and Soha asks him to concentrate. Soha stands with Nandini and says that he is soon going to be mine. Nandini says that you should hold you hopes high while and tells Nandini about Manik visiting her last night. Manik says that he doesn’t wants the shoot right now. Soha says that they will be somewhere in the background and Soha says that the others will be in the background. Nandini says that there is going to be a blast now and Manik refuses for the album.

Precap: Muktii asks Manik of what is going on between him and Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Nutz

    Guys, plz forgive fr leavng lyk dat without tellng,actually in da evening i was hvng pb wd connection.

  2. remix queen

    i think today i was more annoyed on nandu than on soha…soha ke liye fab5 n manan r enuf…i feel guys all the pranks fab5 used to play on nandu n navya earlier dis time fab5 nandu will play on soha…god help her

  3. Nutz

    Hope so shar! Dat wud a big development in nandu but is she smart enuf to play pranks on soha,i mean cum on her stupid actions makes her luk a little dumb.

    Hi ss ! Glad u enjoyed da epi

  4. remix queen

    navya did an awesome job..n i loved nandus reaction wen soha says maniks da face n rest will b in backgrnd…n maniks reaction wow!! So caring fr his frnds..

  5. Nutz

    Guys can any1 tell me abut wat happend to mukti, she was askng abut manan! Wow! I mean wat made her notice dat smthng’s cookng btw manik n nandu.

  6. Partha gf is one nd only Niti………suhashda I am here
    Hii nutz….missed u soo much,ant u surprised 2 see me at dis time

  7. Nutz

    I really lyked da part wen manik says dat dhruv n cabir lyks nandu, dhruv is lyk wat! N cupid cabir ya i really lyk her…..ha ha ha , i found it very amusng

  8. Nutz

    Sorry ammy, i won’t be able to wait here. srry.

    Guys i hv to study nw, see u all later.
    Bye fr nw.

  9. soundarya

    MANAN is so lovely,,, but this soha is totally opposite to them…. when i see her , i really gets too irritated ,, tension,, anger,,,etc… Totally i just hate her as if i hate harshad…..

  10. Hi carron
    …….its me guys……..nd I really have 2 charge my ph…….cming after a while…….dont believe any1 who writes username as ammy…..4r security reasons
    Nd suhasda Christmas tree was for dis year 25th….early wishes

  11. kuhu

    guys this is my last comment. I hav promoted to class 10. After 1 year I hav to give matric but I will see kyy. bye guys. I will never forget u guys. keep commenting:-D

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  13. carron1112

    R u serious kuhu .??? Bye bye
    I will miss u sooo much .. All the best in life !!! Keep smiling !!! 🙂

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    Hii ss….srry I missed u first
    Kuhu plzzzzz keep contact…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzयय

  15. carron1112

    In a maths test the average score of the 10 girls in a class is 15 n the average score of boys is 10 .The average score of the class in the test is ??

  16. Nutz

    total test num by girls= 10 into 15= 150
    total test num by boys= 10 into 10=100
    therefore total num=100+150=250
    total student 10+10=20
    therefore, average num = 250 by 20= 12.5

  17. sanaya

    guys jst saw d ep..liked nandinis line in last aise hi sade hue coconut si shakal hai n nw soon he z gonna blast.g

  18. No suhashda …..i thnk u r r8…..dis is a public page …….nd I was just going 2 give my address
    See wat a fool I am…..i didn’t realize previously dat u can chat while charging ur mob……lol

  19. Av.scr of 10 girls r 15..so total score is..10*15=150..av.scr of 10 boys r 10..so total 10*10=100…total student in the cls 10+15=25..total mark scord 100+150=250…so 250/25=10..ans

  20. Nutz

    Carron if da num of boys is 15,den change da second line:
    total test num scored by boys=15 into 10=150,
    n change da rest accordingly

  21. sanaya

    overall…ep was gud..waitng fr tomrw…shar wat do u think manik ll admit his relatn wid nandu or he ll cover up d truth

  22. Hi Pritam nd aish…..yes sanayadi cause Manik has always wanted to accept his love……smhw I want to see alyas reactions

  23. fairy

    Guyz…l don’t knw …why l don’t find special romance between dhrulia……hair stuck, paper ball, coffee split…….l hvn’t found any romance…….sry ..if l hv hurt any1’s feeling….really sry….

  24. Nutz

    Hi fairy!
    Bye suhash.
    Welcum pritam to kyy family.
    Guys do u really think manik wil accept? Da precap shwd him tryng to cover up

  25. I thnk Manik will say 2 mukti every thng……cause he cant lie nw
    Bt if soha comes in the middle every thng will be spoiled

  26. fairy

    U r welcm pritam….plz ans aish n ammy’s ques…….ha ha ..l also want 2 hear it….ok l shld b sure…l hp u r a boy…ha ha…r8?

  27. remix queen

    i feel cabir will cover up…i think manik n nandu sort out watever frnds issue n at dat time mukti hears…sumtin like dat…

  28. Nutz

    Fairy i kinda agree wd u. Coffee split, paper-ball, hair stuck were kinda lame but i lyked da guitar string flower.

  29. i juzz dont find dat influenc in dhruliya..mayb dsir romanc was juzz inserted for manan..actually i dont thnk deir affair would work out

  30. aish

    ok frndz I m going 2 study now bye gud ni8 mana dreamz n I don’t know that I will come 2morrow miss all of u so much I ll try my best 2 come 2morrow

  31. Fairy I 2 thnk dat dhrulyas chemistry Is thanda……cause 4r a gr8 chemistry u need to be s gud actor……bth Dhruv nd alya r nt dat gud

  32. pritam

    / .—-._/
    / /__/”””/
    ‘.______./ ood
    /””” . /””/
    / “./ /
    / /”. /
    /__ / “.__/ ight…

  33. remix queen

    hmm..mayb as usual sum1 will come n i hope that sum1 is nandu…sanaya check the comment on fb…so many for nandus frndship!!

  34. remix queen

    i feel nandu will g blackmailed bt dis time manik will trust her n get to the bottom of the matter n den fab5 will teach soha a lesson..first deyll act as manik nandu break up to satisfy soha

  35. vaishu

    hi sanaya,,,i dun mind sending my picture to u fairy,,scared u might forward to others with out unconsciously ,,,plz don’t feel it bad,,ill try b4 leaving srilanka!!no hard feelings fairy

  36. aswini achu

    Utkarsh and niti are really close off screen whereas manik and nandu are nt by still wt magic on screen they share a very gud chemistry 🙂

  37. Bt fab5 shld interfere nw……..dey will turn sohas life a hell……nd she will be forced to go away
    Then the two great villians of the show will join hand-harshd nd soha
    Missing neunika……she will join dem soon too

  38. Guys don’t worry…….I don’t think dis sizzling romance on screen will nt effect der offscreen life(until nd unless they r too much professionals)……always the leading pairs link up……temporarily at least if nt permanent

  39. sanaya

    vaishu in earlier cmnts shar has said dat nandu must b tryng to say smthng else bt it went in another way..i agree wid her..

  40. remix queen

    maybe she meant lets get to know each other better as frnds first…bt i think it wasnt rite…nt wen hes changed so much fr her

  41. Seriously guys……nandu takes so much time falling in love wid Manik
    nd I fave fallen in love wid Manik first sight nd first show:-)

  42. No no if it was real y would they call it a rumour
    Atfirst it seemed dat they would pair Dhruv nd nandu……so all these rumours

  43. fairy

    Hey..guyz..l m back.
    Vaishu..don’t wry…l don’t send any1’s pic widout their prmisn…..u cn ask evry1…n it’s ok……
    Hi..ashwini…yes l hv heard also tht utkarsh n niti is in a reltnshp….

  44. Mujhe aajkal Bandar aur mukti Ki chemistry achhi lag ti hai….cause mukti acts so well…..nd Bandar effortlessly wears the look of a Bandar

  45. remix queen

    sumhw i feel wat nandu said was rite bout goin too fast bt the way she put the frndship talk frwrd was nt rite…i mean common first day u date sum1 go so far bt obvyo must b awkward fr her…so many comments on soha…to the extent dat dey calld soha a dog

  46. vaishu

    ammy .even at diz point nandu doesn’t know wat she reli wants,,,but u fall in love at first glance,,love at first sight remain mystery,,,kidding!!

  47. Guys its a metaphor…..niti spends more time wid Utkarsh cause she doesnt want any1 to knw about her relationship wid parth
    Guys dil hai Ki manta nehi Ki there will be no pani in real life

  48. sanaya

    shar..soha z actng dat way only..hw cud she evn think dat manik ll listen to her words wen his nandu is standng infront of him

  49. Niti is 25 nd parth is 23……bt age is nt a matter in pani…bt fr Utkarsh…..he shld see niti as elder sis…..call het di

  50. vaishu

    u r right remix,,,wrong timing ,,,she had a bad history ,so when some one hurts another in relationship ,trust issues tend to form,its important to b honest n open,,as well as forgiving

  51. Nutz

    Guys don’t u think our nandu has got a differnt n weird style.
    I mean:
    dhruv proposes nandu, nandu: can we frnds?
    Manik kisses nandu,
    nandu: can we start da yr as frnds?……haha

  52. Nutz

    I’m hvng dinner. Eatng wd right hand n typng wd left.
    While eating nandu’s ‘can we be frnds’ tag came into my mind,so just wanted to share it

  53. aswini achu

    Hey no niti told tt she was studying vg 3rd year in an interview of a telugu movie mem vayasuku vachaam so probably she may be 21 to 22 at least

  54. aswini achu

    Hey no niti told tt she was studying clg 3rd year in an interview of a telugu movie mem vayasuku vachaam so probably she may be 21 to 22 at least

  55. Guys sure agar pani real life Mein ne Hua……….toh Mein Mumbai jaungi aur parth koh bolungi Ki Mein use kitna pyaar karti hun…….seriously

  56. U knw guys when I first read on dat cabir gonna marry Navya…..mujhe saabse prhle khyaal aya…….have they attained the legal aage 4r marriage……..aur Mein Puri din unki age sochti gayi……………..lol

  57. fairy

    Ammy….jst calm dwn…l thnk u r trying ur bst 2 get away all torn of ur way….ha ha ha …jst joking…

  58. fairy

    Guyz…wifi isn’t wrkng….hv 2 go nw….bye 2 evry1…gud n8…
    Anu..l ll send it 4 sre…don’t wry……

  59. sanaya

    precap was lyk:
    cabir: kya bakwas kr rha hai, cnt evn lie properly.
    dhruv: wat frm whre did i cm?
    manik: clueless of wat he z sayng…….hahaha

  60. fairy

    Guyz…4get 2 tell smthng…..
    Have a sweeeeeeeeeeet dream ……
    Enjoy ur chtting…ha ha ha……… BYE

  61. sanaya

    as nandu has already said lets jst strt wid frnds..so nw evn if manik swears about being frnds..dat wont b a lie….lol
    wat say?????

  62. sanaya

    i was jst makng u all laugh ananya..see nandu has already said na lets jst strt wid frnds..so nw evn if manik swears about being frnds..dat wont b a lie..it means he cn swear on being frnd wid nandu na..

  63. aahana

    Soundrya…Sanaya and Ananya…please watch and read updates of Channel V friends Condition apply and Million dollar girl

  64. soundarya

    i like the epi,, and this soha,, oh god,,, such an irritating character at now…. but as nandhu said there is gonna a blast tomorrow for soha by manik… for insulting manik’s frnds… yaahooo….

  65. soundarya

    nandhini is rite in saying that they r fast ,,,but y she told manik that we can be frnds,,, oh 🙁

  66. Gud mrng guys..kab tak nandini hide karegi apna pyar ab to man lo yeh sirf frndship nahi hai manik ke sath…stopped drama nandu.precap is too good..today’s epi..intsting..manik kya bolega in ky2?

  67. I had a dream dat Bandar nd nandu r dancing
    ……………mukti came up to me nd said dat it is all ur fault
    In the confusion I woke up.

  68. remix queen

    gm guys…ur rite kapil…nandu is mad…n sanaya i liked ur descriptio of the precap…damn good…

  69. Nutz

    Hi ammy n sana di ! Hw r u?
    Ammy i lyked ur abti dream,maybe u were thinkng abut bandar b4 sleepng.

  70. sanaya

    ammy do a simple thing..type ” gmail in html view” in google..den dere ll b an option standard view..click on that n scroll down..smwhere u ll find html view..jst clik on dat

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    wats ur name nd where r u frm?

  73. Nutz

    Gud mrng love.
    Hi fairy. hw r u? Wat were u dng? I’m readng ban-i, pg-237…why is der so many history n characters!

  74. fairy

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    I was doing english grammer…l hv tution 2day …so hv 2 go soon….

  75. Nutz

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  76. fairy

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    I am in 10 std ICSE student vaishu and pritam
    Fairy i too missed u that’s why i came eventhough exams r going on

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    Hi guys! I’m here fr 3-5mins.
    So how r u laura, pritam? N i knw u’re fine fairy so didn’t ask!:-D..just kiddng fairy

  93. remix queen

    i was seein the beginnin epis of kyy…hadnt seen den bfre n started seein frm the alia breakup part…lol…kya kya pranks khele hai…

  94. remix queen

    yaa jus saw dat epi…reachd till epi 10…u know wat i dnt know hw sum1 can fall in love with sum1 u hated…haha…after all dat

  95. Nutz

    I’m fine laura.
    Ammy, shar glad u guys r back.
    Guys i hvn’t watch kyy’s beginng epis. I started frm da epi manik savs rishab n nandu lands in his bedrum to thank him

  96. remix queen

    yaa dats epi 46 even i started a lil bfre dat..till epi 38 aliya manik breakup ders only fights n fights…makin her a spot n all was good scenes bt mazza nai aaya i beginnin epis

  97. remix queen

    manik n aliya kissed twice in beginnin epis…kiss hi nai laga…no chemistry…so thanda…lol..i was laughin

  98. remix queen

    haan …except fr the punch epi dat was awesome other epis r nt dat great…n frankly speakin maniks hair was very champu…i cnt believe hes the same manik we r mad behind…haha

  99. fairy

    U knw guyz….whn d gay prt cm..l was with my lill cousin…….they strted 2 ask me …why a boy is kissin 2 anthr boy? Wht r they dng? Ha ha

  100. fairy

    In d 1st epsd they didn’t show manik…..bt at 1st l wanted dhrunan….bt thn l realize and want manan….

  101. remix queen

    ammy ur rite…the storeroom wala epi rocked…i still laugh at the rat scene…n da manan kiss i saw wen mom was with me…oh god mom ne jo lecture diya uske baad..lol

  102. remix queen

    yup they cud nt go ahead with the gay part coz it wud have created probs…n dhruv was sweet to nandu in beginnin bt he never had that in him to stand up fr her…silent helpin is like useless

  103. remix queen

    waise itna hai ki fab5 ke aagey soha ki bhut chalti hai bt she cnt do her manmani i frnt of manik…i like maniks adamancy…even wen cabir says manik aise kapde nai pehenta soha gives bck de cabir doesnt say nytin bt de manik says no toh buss verdict given…haha nice

  104. Yes yes I understand fairy….same prob….tv in drawing room……..its vry diff to get my parents away……extra caution I close smtimes the doors nd widows even

  105. Who wants to see dhruliya…
    ……….kabhi aisa hota hain……bal darwaze mein phaas jata hai
    I liked the last part…..sara hua cocunt

  106. fairy

    Ha ha ha ha shar…manik is their leader…manik hs bcm gud 4 nandu…so whle fab5 bcm gud….ha ha

  107. Fab5 is gud bt only wid themselves……….nd so dey liked torturing wicker students…….notice one thng fab 5 is nw broken……everyone has sm prob ……its nw NT poss for them to carry on

  108. Crippled wid recurring prob………..they have lost der…..err bullying attitude………they had a dangerous aura in the beginning …..dey have lost it

  109. 4r cabir……i thnk after sch a disastrous phase its natural to lose arrogance…
    …….4r alya manik was her life…..she 2 is broken…….nd mukti the shero was going to end her life..

  110. remix queen

    i mea if manik turns out liking nandu its undrstood coz he was always obsessed with her bt nandu had to clean his shoes n wat not..hw can she land up liking him…m seei the spot walas epi

  111. sanaya

    hi ammy..
    fab5 wer arrogant frm d beginning,. used to bully d weakr ones..jst to make othrs realise dat dey r d leadrs…bt dere was a gud thing abt dem..wenevr dey bullied whethr navya or nandu or sahil..manik always had a backup..wen navya ws askd to sit in a dustbin, dhruv was keepng an eye on her..wen sahil was askd to jump frm d terrace, mukti ws dere to save him..

  112. remix queen

    arre 1 event cant change stuff…u know wat guys i realised 1 thing…manan has romanced nearly everywhr…bedroom classroom swing everywhr…deyve shown a lot of scenes of manik swimmin…wat wud a manan romance in the pool be like…hahaha…wow!!

  113. remix queen

    yaa sanaya dats der bt wat bout the spot girl n all wasnt that cruel..he calls her in wen hes showerin too purposely…lol

  114. sanaya

    durng musicana manik took rishav to d hospitl n missd his competition..dat tym nandu noticed dat manik also has soft side..n wen she was hiding in d almira she hrd mukti n maniks convo abt neunika(hw she ws treatng wid manik)..n she strts to develp feelngs fr him

  115. remix queen

    yaa neunika is weird..i think dey shud shift the track a lil frm soha nw…der r so many things dat can happen…dey can show dhruv n rishabh again…manik shud spend sumtime at nandus hse become frnds with rishabh dat will also bring cute moments

  116. remix queen

    yup saw…bt i think viewers will like the soha part…coz last time manik nandu didnt understand n trust each other…dats y manik left her…bt this time manik nandu will fight fr their love…come out victorious

  117. carron1112

    Fairy n di u know I told 2 my best best friend abt y guys n she is sooo excited 2 meet u guys !!! She always asks me hw r u ppl 🙂 she will most probably join us after March …

  118. carron1112

    Me totally fineeee !!! My test went so gud !! N 2day is Thursday !!! N next Thursday I am having my overnight camp !!!!

  119. fairy

    Sana…l hv slapped my wifi mny tms…nw her fc hs bcm red 4 my slap….nwadays it is bhving well….u too do d same..

  120. fairy

    Shar….u hv a swt nm like sharmin…bt l thnk evry1 hs 4get ur nm…..ha ha ha ….u knw shar….l hv bcm tired 2 explain ppl tht who is shar?…….

  121. fairy

    No no no…carru…d talking machine is me….l m sch a machne which machne don’t need 2 turn on…… it hppens automticly….n never stp….ha ha …bt it happens only whn l cht here…

  122. carron1112

    Well angel I am natural at talking !!! Weather chatting or not chatting !! I luv ppl who r funny , cheerful n talkative

  123. fairy

    Ashwini…rehab is sch a plce whr ppl go wid their pb n try 2 slve d pb through do sm gud thng, talking…etc…..
    And bander is suffering wid sm serious illness…

  124. sanaya

    i want manik to avoid nandu(purposely) as aftr being frnds incident..n strt to flirt wid soha again jst to make nandu realise dat they r far mre dan frnd(they love each othr)..nandu jealousy begins n she scolds manik fr such weird behaviour..manik replies u only said na lets jst strt wid frnds..nandu becums mre insecure…smhw manik gets to knw dat soha was present in dat flat n she had sent messge to nandu..cntinued

  125. carron1112

    Wht ????!!!! Nandu n manik is just friends now !!!!????????? Wht abt they getting together ???

  126. aswini achu

    Fairy we call our closed ones with lovely names tats y .and I feel pity for bandhar inspite of his illness he smiles.so sweet 🙂

  127. sanaya

    he tells evrythng to cabir n mukti aliya n dhruv hears evrythng..they ask manik n he explains dem evrythng dat he n nandu loves each othr..they all join deir hands n fab5 decides to throw soha out of manans lyf

  128. remix queen

    as i said earlier dey have had scenes in the shower bedroom classroom latest swing …da beginnin epis mei deyve shown a lot of scenes of manik swimming…so i want to see a pool scene as nandu cant swim…n i also want manik to romance i nandus room wen rishabh is sleepin…hw much she wud blush god…i want him to become frnds with rishabh…

  129. carron1112

    Ugh I am soo not talking 2 Nandni !!! What her problem ?? I thought at least in kyy there will be no problems from now on….

  130. remix queen

    yup sanaya eve i feel same..bt i hope its true…i doubt hell say so soon bt…i think fr nw cabir will cover up

  131. fairy

    Shar…l hv seen it…..,she is a muderer…….hw dare she 2 do this wid nandu…….ha ha did u c bander 2day?…..ha ha

  132. remix queen

    epi starts with manik sayi no fr album n he walks off in anger,…cabir stops him bt manik says wat is fair is fair n walks…nandu tries to stop he doesnt so she goes behind him…dey go to the dressin room…nandu says dat ur angry fr sumtin dnt remove it on sumti else…so manik says den tell me y m i angry…she says coz i said lets b frnds…hes still angry…den she asks him to hear her out…she says we do everytin in xtremes wen we fight we want to cut each others throats n wen we r close wat wud have happened if the knot wud have come out we wud have crossed limits so can we start with frnds n understand each other…so he cools dwn den understands n starts tivkling her sayin frnds make frnds laugh…so even she does to him n dey fall on bean bag…den he gets up n dey go bck fr the shoot

  133. remix queen

    fab5 shoot together…den solos also…wen mukti is doin abhi passes n does some funny moves to make her smile n her shoot goes well…abhi comes to manik n says no need fr thanks..so manik says yaa fr mukti…so abhi says no fr nandu coz shes smiling…so manik smiles n msgs nandu to come out

  134. remix queen

    nandu goes out to meet manik dat time manik says thank u fr understandin me wen i was angry n the frnds idea was nt bad…at that time navya comes to colg n tells harshad hw cud u try to abort the child…so he says we r too young fr kids…n its a small mistake..so she says ill prove dat its small so she announces on mike i navya m pregnant n child is harshads..so nandu n every1 run towards navya…nandu stands nxt to harshad

  135. remix queen

    harshad tells nandu nt to interfere she says i will he goes to slap navya dat time navya stops den he tries to hit nandu n manik stops…den principl asks harshad to come to ofc to b xpelled…nandu asks manik hw harshad is here…he says o aliyas request…den nandu is consoling navya n sum1 comes tells nandu manik is hurt n searchin fr u…sohas plan it is as she ties a transparent thread to cut nandus throat

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.