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Nandnini walks away from Manik and cries in a room. Manik sees her shadow and stands beside it also feeling guilty. After a few seconds he remembers his promise of never hurting and they fell relax to the curtain. Nandini notices the shadow and so Manik hides behind another one. Muktii is very happy at the performance of NH3 while Cabir and Manik are both unhappy.
Manik takes Dhruv aside and asks of what happened. Dhruv says that Nandini is very delicate and might not have handled the pressure. Manik says to him to go there and help her as girls cry on every situation, and tells Dhruv to give her a shoulder to cry on. Manik says that you can win her heart as she is there. Dhruv says that we are playing after three bands but Manik insists and he leaves.
Harshad is very frustrated

and Navya comes and says to him to not take this much tension as we might win. Harshad that when the words like might come to your mouth it means that we have lost it. Navya says now we can’t do about it and so we can try next time. Harshad says that I don’t count on next time and leaves.
Nandini is telling herself to not to cry but can’t stop herself. Dhruv comes from behind and says that when life doesn’t go the way you plan it mean something bigger and better will happen. Dhruv says that all will be Okay in the future while Nandini says that nothing good is happening. Dhruv puts his hand on her says that I am here for you and she hugs him.
Manik is told to come on the stage and he tells the person to bring Dhruv. Manik then realizes and says that the two of them spending time is good and tries to convince himself over that. DHruv says that nothing more bad can happen and I am here. Nandini says that there won’t be any second chance and says that I give up. DHruv gives her a handkerchief and says that you can’t give up like this as musicana will also be next year. Nandini tells him to focus on musicana as she has made her group lost and Dhruv leaves after she promises but lies.
Cabir is sting thinking about what Hasrshad said while Harshad says that only Cabir won’t rwork and I need someone more. The members of NH3 are being scolded by a senior on their loss and he requests the Fab5 to be not as bad as them. Dhruv comes with Nandini, and Manik calls her and says that we are next.
The person comes and says to Manik that you have to go on the platform and Manik tells Cabir to get ready. Another performance is on stage by Rutba who also gives an amazing performance. Muktii is calming herself while Cabir is calling herself. Cabir says that NH3 lost because of Nandini, I don’t want to do the same. Nandini comes to the back stage and Manik is there while, Aliya helps Muktii is calming down and Cabir is still calling.
Raghav comes and gives his resignation to the man while Aliya gives the pills to Muktii. Aliya says that you can’t find one battle at the same time. Manik says that to himself that I should not have talked to Nandini before her performance. The instructor leaves and Nandini climbs up to Manik. Manik says that what are you doing here and tells her to get lost. Nandini says that I won’t break and won’t fall any my innocence is not my weakness.
Nandini says to him that I won’t spoil your performance and your life. Manik says that he can see that while Nandini says that you said all of that so that you could win. Manik says that he knew and had to do it on the right time while Nandini says that you will not will musicana and if you do your heart will say that you are loser and were a sick person.

Precap: The video of Raghav and Cabir are played and the chants of expelling Raghav are started.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Guys who ever r fans of manik and nandini quit the show if they r not together by next week.the director has to get them together or we all will stop watching the show.
    A true love story cannot end up this way. There will be no trust left to love someone. This is a youth channel and we want to see true love and not how to break or play with someons feeling.

  2. Chill guys….manik has grown al hs lyk protctng druv..he ws d strong hero wid al solutions ryt…evnif druv didn’t appear manan reltn might hav created a big scene among fab5..but nw its vry clear hw passonatly they lov each other and manik is also relizng it.bt he lackz a helpng hand .. sm1 to mak hm undrstnd…but if they r always togthr widot any trbl tht wil become boring….so i think ther stry shud come out in d most passionate way so that no1 can say a NO and evry1 shud be in a awe and tears….wouldnt that be mor romantic…so letz nt strike n wait n cc…sighing off^.^

  3. From today onwards i will stop to watch this serial, I can’t see nandini and dhruv becoz of manik and nandini only i was seeing

  4. Hate u Manik for this

  5. Guys we all have to stop watching the show untill manik and nandini are together. Love has to win. Sacrifice works only when love is both the ways and not one side. We have to write and show the director that we all a shall leave the show in nandini and manek r not together.

    1. Chill guys its jst a serial ..bt all of you support for mannan gud bt I feel pity for alya .anyways like someone said that love has no rules …so I wish now for mannan

  6. Who ever wants nandini and manik to be together have to post here plz guys

  7. I want nandini and manik to be together

  8. manic u r a true frnd of dhruv as u sacrifice your love fr him bt u also know nandu loves u so wat d hell of u r sacrificing nandu is perfect fr u. u should be with her manic and nandini cutest couple n best love birds well pyaar mein thodi probm na ho toh phir maza kya hai great anxiety fr d next episode hope manic n nandu relationship twist soon woukd come in love u manic n nandu

  9. Hello everyone i am new here can i join u all please be my frnds!!!!!!!

  10. Please reply

    1. everyone here is ftnd 🙂 😉 ♡ ♥

  11. Chill gu

  12. Chill guys its just a serial. Bt I understand everyone’s emotions abt manan .bt still I feel pity fo

  13. manik pls dont do this…nandini is always yours…we want u back..we all waiting for that…u sacrificing for dhruv..but u must think about nandini..she only love u..so pls join u both…otherwise we..ur fans will not watch the show

  14. I feel pity for alya.someone said tt luv has no rules so even I go for manan .on the other hand dhruni is again the bst eg. For friendship. Everyone needs a friend like dhruv who soothes at all tough times…

  15. I know manik will return to nandini and she will forgive him. Guys don’t quit the show and let’s see what would happen to them. And of course nandini won’t fall in love with dhruv because she only considers hi. As her friend. So guys let the real story begin at last “picture abhi baaki chain mere dost!” All of u agree?

  16. manik plzzzzzzzz dont do this………… u nd nandini are so cute togethr

  17. Hi we all have quit the show. We will notwatch untill manik and nandini r together

  18. Most of us have quit the show becoz they r not getting manik and nandini together. one thing is sure how fast the show came up becoz of manik and nandini in the same speed it will come down if they r not together. Everywhere the same topic is being discussed thst if they r not togethet we r not for the show.

  19. Yeah!!!!I love manik so much.His lip is so much cute&he is also very cute.I am just crazy about him………..

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