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Maniik gives the jar back to Nandini and she thanks him. Manik says that finally a big day, Nandini says not compared to yesterday. Manik says that it has been a long journey from the day you punched me till yesterday. Nandini agrees and Manik says that when you punched in front of everyone I got obsessed with you though my friends said that you were not my type. Manik says that I knew that I wouldn’t rest and you should be proud of yourself as you have been the biggest challenge of my life. Nandini says that I can’t understand to what you are trying to say and Manik says that you are poor as you never think and she remembers to what the things he did to her.
Manik says that let me put this in plain language and Nandini says that don’t say. Manik turns around and says that mission

Nandini Mutri is accomplished from that punch to the kiss. Manik says that it has been a pleasure while Nandini says that if this you silly stupid trick then don’t do this. Manik says that why don’t you believe me, are you sure, so stop me. Nandini remembers all the things Manik said to her and thinks of them as evil. Nandini says that this was how you wanted to know how I felt. Manik wipes his tears and says that do you have any doubt.
Nandini says that prove this doubt wrong and Manik says that why would I. Nandini says that what do you want to say and Manik says that let me cut it short for you and he pastes that the Fab5 victim sticker on her forehead and laughs as Nandini cries. Manik says that did you think that I would let you go and the kiss could have been done in public. Manik says that I have a class unlike you, he comes close and she pushes him away. Manik keeps on mocking her and then says that it has been a pleasure and leaves.

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Musicana is started of by Neunika and she brings the M.C VJ Gillian. She comes and introduces Shan and his and his band Superbia. They come on the stage as judges and talk about the competition and also bring another person. The band also performs a song with a beautiful song. Manik cries as he leaves and so does Nandini. Nandini opens the jar and the fireflies fly away.
Aliya comes to Dhruv and says to him that you could at least lie that you were. She says that you will a lot of chances to ask her out. DHruv says that he doesn’t know what he will do without her and Manik. Aliya says that where did Manik come from and he explains what happened. Aliya says that how did he react and Dhruv says that he will also support me like you. Aliya hugs and says that our chances have increased more now.
The M.C comes to stage and calls for NH3 to perform they perform and talk about while Harshad says that today we will win and the Fab5 will help us in that. They want to know where Nandini is and she comes looking dull. The NH3 starts to perform started by Harshad while Nandini is still crying. Nandini starts to sing but then stops as if has lost her words. The crowd starts to boo while the NH3 is shocked to what is happening. Harshad starts the performance again and Navya helps in the song and the two of them try to get the performance.
As soon as the performance ends Harshad drags Nandini and says that what was that while she is still crying. Harshad says that this was our only chance and you are so selfish he kicks some stuff while Navay and Shahid com to help her. Nandini runs from the room and hits Manik.

Precap: The Fab5 also performs and amazing song while the video is played of Cabir and Raghav.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Really Heart touching love story never saw in life,i tell you from the bottom of heart I believe that true love never fails

  2. this never happens in real life….people fi8 for thier love
    ofcoz its nt druv to be blamed, nt even aliya…whatever manik did was completely his own decision. nw what if nandini starts takin pills lyk mukti…wont fulfill manik’s motive

  3. n yes felt bad for cabir as well…though dont lyk d gay thing,this ll destroy his future n his complete career

  4. Heart breaking episode…very very emotional…

  5. From the time i saw and read the epi.,i am continuously crying…manik was also so much hurt and his tears brought tears in my eyes..dont do dis manik! I want to c manan together again…u guys broke up so fast,so we want u to patch up even more faster….go manik , say everything to your love ,hug nandini tightly and say to her that you love her more than anything else….

  6. Manik you are so stupid. Why would you do that to Nandini?? Now she will never trust anyone, especially you! And why would she just run into the arms of Dhruv after experience of such heartbreak from the guy who she loved? I can’t believe Manik would do such an immature act. He should man up and either tell her the truth or fight for her. If he loved her that is what he would have done. Whatever, I can’t watch this anymore…just when they were so happy together they are being separated. I’m losing interest.

  7. hate this episode why the hell does manik has to do that after knowing how much she loved him she will never ever say yes to dhruv

  8. Really fr frst time I hate u dhruv because of ur damn stupid love this all happened!!!!:-( we want manan back pls!! Manik don’t do dis !!!!

  9. Manik I really don’t understand what is the use of hurting yourself n the person whom you love so truly !! Plz don’t do this to nandhini!!!!!;(

  10. I absolutely agree wid monica, Manik u loves nandini and she also loves u so wat is the point of sacrificing our luv and all bcoz of ur best frnd is in luv wit her I really don’t understand this……

  11. how can manik do that … i just hate love triangle and two ppl love each other and one person comes between and other person sacrifice his love .. like in this case manik and nandani loves each other and druv comes between and manik been stupid is sacrificing his love …

  12. how cn u do manik like this how much nandini was crying u cannot see

  13. heart breaking episode. feeling sorry for manan,and waiting for the confusion to be cleared soon. make manana 2gether forever

    1. alifyachunawala

      I agree we all r manan fans nt harshdz so plzz..aww such a hrt breaking epi…manik why did u do ths to nandu yarr..plz dont sacrify ur luv fr dhruv plzz ..if he is yours bst frnd he will undurstand u as u undrstn him..i only luv manan n i hate alya as all just happen just bcz of hr..i want manan bck..plz guyz rply if u guyz agree me

  14. alifyachunawala

    I agree we all r manan fans nt harshdz so plzz..aww such a hrt breaking epi…manik why did u do ths to nandu yarr..plz dont sacrify ur luv fr dhruv plzz ..if he is yours bst frnd he will undurstand u as u undrstn him..i only luv manan n i hate alya as all just happen just bcz of hr..i want manan bck..plz guyz rply if u guyz agree me

  15. i dont agree. not at all

  16. I hate this episode this show also like another stupid serial frm today on wards I don’t watch this anymore……………….I hate kaise ye yariyan

  17. hey manan u r best plz don’t split jz bcz of shit …agar dhruv Nai hota toh serial m twist Nai hota okkk we can cope sm days.. bt v want manan together forever…hate such saddy episodes kyy plzzz back yaar with the blast “lovve..kyy:) 😉

  18. manik n nandu vl b togedr fr sure……

  19. dhruv I know u r very shweet ..but plz don’t come in between of manan and plz speak to nandini dat u r in love with her and let her know dat manik knew about it so dat nandini will got to know dat manik is leaving her only bcz of you.. and she will cm to manik to talk about what ever happen in between them is only bcz of “dhruv” the kabab mai haddi;)

  20. worst episode manik should not have done this to nandu very bad

  21. the worst episode i have ever seen..heart breaking epsode..oh god..:-(

  22. very sad love manik and nandini together

  23. deepthi annagowni

    guyz wats d song name .. which nandini band perform

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