Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik knocks on the door and calls Nandini, he backs up and says that she will never come out like this. Cabir is trying to keep Soha in the party and she says that I wanted him to come and he hasn’t. He says that he won’t like you going after him and she leaves saying that what I should do. He gets a call from Manik and Soha hears it as well. Cabir runs downstairs and says to Manik that how much do I have to lie for you. Manik says that I need a dress for Nandini, Cabir mocks him and Manik tells him to shut up and not get ideas.
Manik explains what happened and Soha standing near hears some of it. Cabir gets the address and says that going there won’t be a problem. Manik says to Nandini that it is almost New Year and switches the lights off so she can come out. He then realizes

that his jacket is burning and takes it off as well as his shirt.

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Muktii comes outside and Abhymanu comes and asks if he should bring anything for her. Muktii says that I am fine so you tell me either your place or mine. Abhymanu starts to blush and asks if she loves him or not. Muktii says that what are you doing while Abhymanu says that you just said to me that you wanted to come over to my house and meet my parents. Muktii says that why me all the time and says that I need a drink, Abhymanu smiles after she leaves.
Nandin comes out and the new year begins. Manik throws glitter over her with the help of the curtains while everyone at the party is also enjoying. Nandini enjoys the glitter and says that these look like fireflies. Manik comes close to Nandin and she hugs him, everyone at the party is dancing with their partners as well. Cabir is remembering Raghav when Aliya comes and drags him in and soon everyone else starts to join the dance with him.
Manik is dancing with Nandini when Soha comes to the tower and gets mad as she sees them. She throws something and breaks the window. Manik comes asking for who is there and when he turns the lights on but they don’t. Manik says that it might be Cabir and says that if it is you then I will kill you. Nandini asks of how Cabir would know and he explains of what he had told Cabir to do. Manik asks of whose house this is and Nandini says that I don’t know as Abhymanu arranged all of this.
Manik says to her that we should leave and they head out. Soha comes in and with a gin says Happy New Year Manik and my dear friend Nandini. Cabir is waiting outside for Manik and Nandini and says that whether I should disturb them or not as the lights are off. Manik and Nandini come out and he is surprised to see the way they are dressed. Manik tells Cabir to bring the car forward once Nandini is inside he mocks the both of them of their party theme. He then leaves with Manik and Nandini.
Navya is crying in her bed and thinking about what she has said to Harshad. She remembers Harshad telling her to stay away from her. Harshad says that this is not my child as that day I used a protection so stop lying. Navya calls Harshad again while he doesn’t answers as he thinks that she is lying. Navya says that if he doesn’t understand than what will happen of me. She texts Harshad saying that please talk to me as this is your child. After reading the text Harshad says that maybe she is not lying as there was no one before me and Navya is not a girl like that. He says that if Navya is true than I am in big trouble.
Nandini is going with Manik and is scared when Manik holds her hand. Manik asks Cabir of the dress and asks him to stop the car. Cabir gives him the dress and Manik tells Nandini to change it and says that we are going outside. They come outside and Manik starts to cover up the windshield, he looks at Nandini one more time to calm her down. Cabir starts to cough again and Manik asks what. Cabir says that at least tell me what had happened and what were you two doing that lead to this.

Precap: Manik can’t find his phone and Cabir asks if he has left it in that house. Nandini gets text from Manik and Manik comes to get his phone which was being used by Soha. Nandini calls Manik and tells him to leave as she thinks that someone is there.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Ruchi

    I guess the cupids are cabir and abhimanyu! For villian i think Soha and Harshad as always!who is the 3 rd one!!!!!

  2. Nutz

    Have u watched 2dy’s episode?
    I really enjoyed da epip
    plz can any1 tell me abut da song dat was played 2dy?
    Plz any1

  3. Nutz

    Have u watched 2dy’s episode?
    I really enjoyed da epi.
    plz can any1 tell me abut da song dat was played 2dy?
    Plz any1

  4. Nutz

    My dear niku, i myself am lukng fr dat song, sorry i’ve no idea but wen i’ll get to knw, i’ll definitely share it wd u

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    Khwabon ki razaai mein, raat ho teri meri

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  14. fairy

    Hi, neha di…
    Nisha ..in d precap they saw th t manik was searching his phn n cabir said 2 chck it in d house…anothr side nandu was sending msg 2 manik’s phn bt soha was answering…manik thn takes his phn n call nandu , nadu tell abt d msg bt manik said no…thn nandu said 2 leave d house as thr is sm1…….guyz..l can’t describe it clearly…sry

  15. Nutz

    Hi neha di !
    Sorry nisha,even i didn’t understand wat was written in da msg n wat nandu understood dat she told manik to leave da place.
    I wonder wat is soha’s evil plan,she’ll definite do smthng bad dat’s fr sure

  16. fairy

    Nutz…l thnk tht it is nt d main point wht was written in d msg actually nandu whn asked manik abt msg manik said tht he didn’t knw anythng abt d msg…so she thgt tht sm1 was using his phn…

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  29. vaishu

    yea sound,,i heard manik n nans r not very close in off set,,but i dun know how they able to pull such chemistry on screen,,hats off 2them

  30. soundarya

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    nope he wont…i have my big doubts…dey cant make the show so shitty yar…wat were ur fav scenes or dialogues today?

  39. remix queen

    nice…i liked 3 scenes…1 wen he holds her hand in the car…damn cute…2nd wen shes changin in car n heslukin at her to tell her hes der….n 3rd was wen he wants to open the knot behind her neck n she stops him…dat was awesome…soha chipkali se chudail ban gai…lol…n her golden hair is suitin her evil luk!!

  40. remix queen

    hi sanaya missed u…u finally saw?? Nw tell me wich was ur fav scene n dear scriptwriter wats comin on nw..n wat we had predicted of him puttin off the lights n all was correct…waah…i even liked the scene wen dey come out near cabir n he covers nandu behind him…cabirs reaction haha

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  42. sanaya

    shar missd u too..i liked manik cabir convo…manans romance on terrace..cabirs mockng at dem n in car manik holdng hr hand

  43. yeah annaya according that concept i thought, but there all his frndz will know abt their relationship bt here nly cabir ( fab 5)…
    i luv the scene wr all his frnd and ga eul will stand against the marrige…

  44. sanaya

    aftr seeng d ep i m jst speechless guys..,i think soha has sent sm threatng msg to nandu dats y she ws scared..smthng lyk mms or dnt knw..she ll try to defame her..

  45. remix queen

    no she wnt do nytin to manik coz she likes him…itll b nandu whos the target…even wen soha says she says manik n my frnd nandu

  46. remix queen

    dis much is fr sure that watever shes gnna do shes gnna hide n do…coz even today she was hiding frm dem…so it will all b suspense fr manan as to who did it n the blame will come on harshad den harshad will think whi did it n den wilk come to know its soha n join hands

  47. sanaya

    no daniel dat monkey in bof was very nice..she nevr used any wicked plans..she jst wanted jun pyo..she nevr harmed jandi

  48. sanaya

    if u want to c emotional n hrt touchng korean drama den watch ” autumn in my heart “..my favourite emotional drama evr

  49. i hav seen heartstrings, heirs, pk, lov rain, star falling frm sky, my luv frm another star, my girl, to the beautifull, ur beautiful,scert garden ,cafe prince, city hunter… personal taste..

  50. sanaya

    autumn in my hrt is a story of 2 families whose baby grl gets exchanged during birth..hero loves hr sistr alot n is ready to do anythng fr hr..the othr grl who ws exchanged(heros real sis) n hero wid his wer also in d same school..the othr grl was vry intellignt n jealous of heros sistr..one day heroine(heros sis nt d real one) met wid an accidnt n evrythng ws reveald..n both the grls get back to their real parent…the heros family shiftd to usa bt heros love fr hr sis(the exchanged grl who lived wid him aftr she was born n later separated frm him) did nt change n it took another form..they both strtd loving each othr evn aftr separatn

  51. sanaya

    there z anothr hero who ws heros frnd…both d frnd loved d same grl(dat fake sis or our heroine)..they(hero n heroine) saw many ups n downs bt decided to get married..families wer against d marriage..heros family was treatng the heroine as their daughtr evn aftr 8yrs…the 2nd hero gave many chance to the heroine to retrn back to him bt she refused

  52. sanaya

    one day she finds out dat she has leukemia(cancer)n she hides it frm evry1..bt 2nd hero smhw gets to knw abt hr cncr n he decides to take hr to the best doctr for hr treatment…n aftr smtym her family came to knw abt her cncr…hero marries her n aftr sm days she dies n n next day hero also commits suicide..ep ends

  53. sanaya

    wen hero came to knw abt hr cncr he strtd avoidng her..he nevr visitd her to d hospital..she ws nt respondng to hr treatment n went in coma..evrybody tried deir best to bring hr out of d coma..bt evrythng failed..then 2nd hero decides to bring the main hero to her..he went to bring him n the main hero denied on visitng hr..wen d 2nd hero forced him fr d reason he said if he ll go to her she ll die becoz she z waitng fr him only..smhw he gets strength n goes to her n she cms out of d coma..n den their parents agreed fr deir marriage

  54. sanaya

    heroines blood grp didnt matchd wid any of d family members..her father askd d doctr n doctr told dat may b their daughtr has been exchanged wid sm1 elses,.so to cnfrm they checkd d details of their birth 13 yrs before.,.n this way they got their real daughter,

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