Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik is still playing the guitar when Cabir tells him to stop. He comes and says that you will hurt your hand and then says that Nandini would say this if she was here, Cabir says that till Nandini doesn’t come let’s get your hand dressed as Nandini would scold me if she comes. Manik tells him to shut up and Cabir says that I should not make fun of Nandini and asks Manik if he saw her face when he got hurt. He keeps on talking when Manik tells him to shut up and says that let it go. Cabir says that why you don’t let go and stop smiling as there is nothing between you and her.
Manik then smiles and says to Cabir that aren’t you hurt for your mother. Cabir says that he doesn’t wants to talk about this and Manik apologizes. Cabir says that Dhruv hasn’t come as he went to get

Nandini and it’s been long. Dhruv is with Nandini and says that you want to say that I shouldn’t keep any hope. Nandini asks if there is any while Dhruv says that there isn’t any and when Nandini gets on the bike he throws the flowers away.
Aliya is with Muktii in the kitchen and wonders if they did the right thing. Muktii says that Harshad loves you and won’t stay mad at you for long and wonders what Navya would be feeling. Navya wakes up as If she got a nightmare. She thinks about her time with Harshad and says that maybe Harshad is right and Nandini is wrong. She then says that Nandini is her best friend and won’t lie to her as for her she became friends with the enemy. Navya holds her head when she gets a call.
Cabir is teasing Manik about Dhruv and Nandini being late when Muktii says to Cabir that why do you care if they are spending time together. Cabir replies saying that as far as he knows Nandini turned Dhruv down and ask if Nandini said yes to Dhruv in the time he was hurt. He goes and sits with the girls while Manik starts to play his guitar and Nandini comes and stops him and says that why didn’t you do to the doctor. Cabir starts laughing and when Nandini asks what so funny and Cabir says that he just remembered something. Manik asks where Dhruv is and he also comes.
They celebrate and when Manik opens the champagne bottle he throws half of it on Nandini. When the time to drink comes Nandini says that she doesn’t drink and asks if she can change this. Manik says that he will show her the way to the washroom and Nandini is about to says that she knows but stops and asks him to show her.
As they go up Muktii says that these two are acting weird and there is something wrong. Manik and Nandini come upstairs and Nandin asks Manik what. Manik says that he is just showing her they way while Nandini says that she hasn’t come here for the first time. She stops and goes in the washroom while Manik also comes in and keeps on teasing her. Nandini pushes him out and while washing her face when she looks up she sees someone covered in black piece of cloth. Nandini screams and it’s Manik underneath who stops her and says athat you didn’t want to see my face so I came like this.
Nandini says to him that if you think that these things are sweet than you are highly mistaken. Manik stops and says that he can’t be sweet as only Dhruv is sweet. He leaves the washroom saying Bye to her. Dhruv comes to ALiya who is in the garden and hugs her and says that it will never happen between me and Nandini as she will never love me. Aliya steps back and says that it will be Okay and leaves.
Nandini comes out of the washroom to the wardrobe and Manik stops her. He holds her and says that why do you care and keep on telling me to go to the hospital. He says that why do you care then why are lying. Nandini says that it doesn’t affect her and Manik asks her if she is telling the truth. Nandini says that she is telling the truth while Manik says that you are not. He holds her arm and says that you are not the only one who can make someone tell the truth and reminds her about the jungle.
Manik then goes and shows her the lamp she gave him as a gift. He turns it on and holds Nandini around his arms. He asks her that if it doesn’t matter than can you walk away. Nandini after a few seconds says yes, Manik says to her than prove it and walk away right now. Nandini lifts her foot but stops and Manik asks her that why aren’t you going. He tells her to accept it that she can’t leave him. Nandini turns around and says that I can and leaves the room. Manik gets frustrated and is about to break the lamp but stops and says that I can’t let her go.

Precap: Dhruv and Nandini are sitting together and Manik asks Dhruv for what he feels for her. Manik says that he is sure that Nandini can’t love him. Nandini thinks that why can’t she love Dhruv as he has everything she likes. Later Manik then sees the both of them hugging.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Aswini

    manik says to cabir that she cant love dhruv on otherside nandini thinks why cant i love dhruv he has all the qualities i like and leans on him while manik watches this….

    • soundarya

      NO, not at all , it will go on 4 long time……. It’s just a rumour…….This was told by manik & nandhini in an interview….i saw this in youtube.

  2. smita

    There is problem wid maniks mom, her strange relationship wid Harshad, harshads revenge…..cabits true love…..hatshad & Navya….nd even cabits mom..

  3. smita

    I think while nandu thinks why she cant love Dhruv she will actually realize her true love for Manik and remember all her memories spent in association wid Manik……2night will a vry interesting night I bet….

  4. Pakhi

    Spoiler i read somewhere: navya will be pregnent nd harshad wont accept her nd her baby..she will breakdown..cabir will ask her to marry him..he says he knows he is a gay bt it will sv hr rspct nd hr child’s future..so she should think wisely

  5. aswini achu

    Somebody is usin my name so dis is aswini the real one…daniela soundarya and madhu guyzzz paarunga paa ellam fake name use panranga

    • Aswini

      helo aswini achu even my name is Aswini so i used it as my user name its not a fake name or i am not trying to snatch somthing from so dont make a issue of small things even before u i used comment in kyy updates so just chill 🙂

  6. aswini achu

    Guyz pls dnt enter in the name of existing persons and if u hav similar name pls add ur surname pls

  7. hey guys…. todays episode ws good…. but precap was killing… manik vl get hurt by seeing dhruv n nandini together…. n i think he vl again try to ho away n give up…

  8. aswini achu

    Thr wl be fights btwn dhruv nd manik.fr sme dayd..bt dnt wry wenever nandu is wth dhruv she gets manik memories. So she wl go bck to manik…

  9. Ya but in promo manik said dat he wil let nandini go…..no as she wants to be together wid dhruv as he likes nly her ,its nyc if she cums to knw abt dhruliya

  10. Hi khushi and welcome to our rocking family…but guys I really didn’t like the precap….nandini,what was the need to keep your head on dhruv’s shoulder!!

  11. Rasmi

    Guys..if this series is based on boys before flowers then manik will misunderstand dhruv and nandini relationship..and he will get really angry break his friendship with dhruv, kick him out of fab 5 and turn back into monster manik..also there will be some drama….but later on everything will be revealed and nandini will confess her feelings for manik and they gng to be together and dhruliya will be one…and then comes the monster manik’s Dracula mom chapter… and also I will like to introduce myself..hi ferns I am Rasmi Mishra from Nepal residing in Australia..

  12. kuhu

    thnx 4 answering sandhir. But I didnt want param 2 win any competition. by d way wt type of competition is this? And who won competition of having best chemistry? plz any1 tell me.

  13. sharmin

    hey guys…the precap was bad bt i think nandini is doin this to make manikk confess n teach him a lesson

  14. qwert

    She isnt teaching manik a lesson….she doesnt want to reunite wid manik so she tries if she is able to love dhruv

  15. piyaa

    I dont think .. kyy wil compltly copy b o f .. bcoz nandu rejectd druv n manik knws it .. thn hw can he doubt nandu by this smal thing … manik wil get angry asusual by seeing them togethr thats it .. i think
    no more drama like b o f wont happn
    As druv has feelngs fr alya ..i hope so

  16. kuhu

    hey guys now saddahaq’s fan is trying beat our no. of comments but we shd try our leve best 2 increase our comments. I have given open challenge 2 saddahaq’s fan on 5 december. Now we have 2 win

    • Tanvi


  17. aswini achu

    For a real artist like parth bth succesa and failures are same. He neither gets excited for success nor worries for is chota chota failures kk

  18. qwert

    Ya dis isnt done …one sat dey show new epi n d next sat story so far..y dis i was desssperately waiting d whole long day

  19. qwert

    Niti is [email protected]

  20. Avika


  21. qwert

    Nw wat will they show [email protected]:30

  22. sharmin

    dis is nt done yaar…so much hope…it had happened pehle bhi dey had nt shown 1 part of epi wich dey showed in repeat…

  23. Avika

    Why r they changing no. of episodes every week …. I’m was sooo eagerly waiting to see today’s episode …. Why “STORY SO FAR ” guys

  24. qwert

    Hey let’s continue d dicussion..atleast v can make 200 comments……nw wat if dey did nt show nothin can happen to dat….v cn move forward wid our aim!!!!

  25. Avika

    Ok guys now I get it …. THEY WANT TO AIR THE 96-100 episodes next week … All five days … Maybe Thatz the reason

  26. Ye mtv kabhi you tube mein time se upload nahi karta to kahi suddenly epi change kar deta hai ye mtv ka kuch nahi ho sakta hai ab lagata hai ki ky2 jaldi hi bandh ho jayega iske pass story nahi bacha hai.now mon-fri ho gaya suddenly ky2.sat-story so far.

  27. Maneet

    I want to introduce myself.. Im soundarya…my name is alredy ter.. So im usin maneet.. Im studyin 3rd yr btech

  28. Mishthi

    I think manik and nandni are just attracted to each other, they are not in “love” b’coz they do childish things . I was not accepting it from nandni atleast ,as she was shown in precap

  29. qwert

    Dhruv n nandani were attracted nt manik and nandani dey r enemy-turned-friends do dey cannot b attracted

  30. today no new episode… vry disappointing…!! can’t wait to see manik n nandini back on d track of their love.. vese bhi daily 15 min. ka hi episod hota h.. 🙁

  31. qwert

    Ohhh [email protected]….so all bengali ppl here…i had read ur comments even b4 wen u were talkin in bengali

  32. sharmin

    hey guys…ny idea whether the epi will come today? N wats it with the competition between sadda haq n ky2…the trps only show…

  33. Pavitra

    No one shares dat sizzling hot chemistry like manik & Nandini do…. Plzzzzz vote 4 our Manik & Nandu..

  34. soundarya

    ya guys vote for ****OUR MANAN****…… They r getting down……plz plz vote for manan , i’m voting now….. we can vote many times , as we like….PLEASE …….PLZ…PLZ….

  35. Kajal

    Let’s start voting manan till late night and together we can beat them. I am going to vote and please don’t waste time as every second is very important for us

  36. Jordan

    Guys buck up… If each one of us just gives 10 votes, v will make it to d top n mayb even lead far ahead… Vote 4 Parth & Niti……..

  37. qwert

    D3 kitne saalo se chalta aa raha hai n kyy has gained enough popularity ony in 95 epis dat it is ranking second among soooo many others….dont u feel big achievement in itself…so m just sayin dat dont get dissapointed even if dey dont win….wat say everyone???

  38. queeny

    Its bcoz v din all wholeheartedly vote dat Parth lost d contest…. Lets not let taht happen again… Do keep voting… We need this win guys….

  39. Queeny

    Yup recently got hooked to KYY… I just luv dese tooo. Its been a long time ive seen such rocking chemistry…

  40. Anna Afnaz

    Hey guys , can anyone tell me that why new episodes of kyy is not telecasted today ? Will we not be able to see fresh episodes on Saturday anymore ? Please reply if you know .

  41. sharmin

    its a ope poll so i doubt der will b restriction on no of votes per person…nyways whr r the others…ders nt much of a difference…

  42. kuhu

    guys what is this? we r loosing in every. who has the hottest chemistry, there also manan r second. First is swayam n sheryan. keep voting

  43. Kajal

    We all together can do it,don’t lose your hope as we all know that manan is the best so just keep voting and we will win

  44. khushi

    Guys I have just now seen that man an is 2,000 votes behind from swayam n Sharon guys plz vote

  45. guys u cant believe how much i voted,400-500 kar lia already…..now u also join plz,we are gonna lead soon if u join.and dont let manan lose please…am online frm noon.plz come all

  46. Nia Sharma

    Guys plzzz vote fr our manan … we are lagging way too behind .. u can vote mmultiple times so plzz vote .. lets do this fr manan !!

  47. sharmin

    awesome epi guys…finally wat we were waiting for…thank god dhruv cleared dat it was not nandini…n the happiness on manikks face uffff…and the precap…love u cabir!!!

    • sharmin

      cabir makes every1 play a game jahan se sabko pata chalta hai dat dhruv has kissed a girl n manik asks dhruv who she is and he says its not nandini…n dat nandini n he r jus frnds n its one sided n he has decided to move on!!!

  48. qwert

    Wow!!!!! Atleast even if nandini tries to pair wid dhruv he will say no n den cabir will explain…..hope evwything goes right….i wud luv if manan reunite n den dey can fight d world together…lyk manik’s mom if dey will copyb o f

  49. sharmin

    guys ders bad news!! Manik is tryin to patao nandini so he takes her to his farm house n there somegin happens due to which both land up in hospital….manik may lose his memory…mostly harshad attacks dem…dis was wat came on fb and confirmed by watever sources

  50. sharmin

    ders no grp as such…even ive jus entered…dnt know much of pple here either…do ull guys chat on any other page too??

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