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Manik says to Cabir that I don’t think so as you have to let it go away. Manik says that you have to be strong and have to end it; he is not all good for you. Manik says that if you make your mind then nothing is impossible. Cabir says that what about Harshad and Manik says that we’ll deal with him and then Cabir leaves as he assumes that Manik is tired. And aims to talks about things in the morning.

Harshad is watching the video he made of Cabir and Raghav and says that the Fab5 has no idea to what he is about to do next. He says that I will steal your musicana dream and then your friendship. He says that tomorrow it will all be over for you, though I fell sad but revenge is necessary.


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Manik is thinking about what Cabir said and thinks of Nandini. He then thinks about Dhruv and what he advised to him about love. Manik calls Nandini and she answers quickly and says that it’s 3 am and you need to sleep. Manik says that you didn’t sleep as well and Nandini says that it’s not because I’m thinking about you while Manik says that I can’t get you out of my head. Nandini says that I think you should sleep and Manik says that I want to meet you now and screams and cancels the call. Nandini changes the name from Monster Manik to Manik.

Manik on the other hand arrives at Nandini’s house and she comes to the window. She gives him a gesture to go away and comes and says that we can’t do this. He tells her to be quiet and not to say anything, he holds her hand and looks at her while Nandini blushes. Nandini looks at Manik and says that what is wrong and asks why he isn’t saying anything. Manik says that I just came to see you, Nandini says that everyone is going to wake up as morning is approaching. Manik hums and she says that you have to go. Manik leaves her hand and says that you know, you are always right. He says that I should go and he leaves in his car looking back at Nandini. He stops comes back and runs to hug her. He wipes his tears and then says goodbye.

The next morning at the college Navya comes tense hitting everyone. Aliya comes to Manik and says that I can’t handle Muktii and fear to what is going to happen in the performance. Manik says that give me half an hour while Aliya says that I have never seen you stressed before a performance. Manik says that it’s nothing while Aliya says that don’t worry I‘ll talk to her. Muktii comes and hugs Aliya and says that thanks. Aliya welcomes her and says that what did I do. Muktii explains that she quitted and they hug again.

Nandini comes with her fireflies and Manik looks at her but turns away. He calls Cabir but then stops, Manik looks at Dhruv who is with Nandini and turns around and texts Nandini to meet her. Harshad is getting wishes from students when Cabir comes to him and says that I need to talk to you. Nandini texts Manik and says that I will meet you later. Cabir says to Harshad that you are a coward and if want to attack then do it from front. Harshad says that you finally figured it out that it was me, Cabir replies saying that it wasn’t so difficult as there is no one so sick as you.

Harshad says that thanks for the compliment and says that when I came to know about you and I knew that you were with Raghav. Harshad says that how did you think that you could hide the scam of the year. Harshad mocks him and Cabir pushes him away and they get into a fight when Harshad shows him the video. Harshad says that why are you so shocked as this is your work making videos of people and letting them go viral. Cabir says that what do you want and Harshad says that, today you want perform will the Fab5. Cabir disagrees and Harshad says that the moment you step on the stage this video will be played on every screen of musicana. Harshad leaves saying that think wisely as the decision will bring the consequences.

Raghav is writing a resignation letter and sends it. Manik comes to Cabir and says that let’s go handle him. Cabir says that it was a misunderstanding and we should focus on musicana. Nandini is talking to her firfles saying that should I tell him your secret. She turns around and hits Manik and the jar falls but Manik once again catches it.

Precap: The host of the musicana introduces Shan and his band Superbia who give an amazing performance. The Fab5 performs as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. the serial is going too interesting…… i wish MANAN to be a couple. “”””and can anyone please tell me the song that played in this episode”””

    1. Kuch kam from dostana

    2. This is tooo interesting…..MANAN are an amazing couple……….

  2. sona thanks for updates.

  3. o god!!!!!!!!!!!! manik & nandini u look soooo cute together.. & please remain like this only for the sake of manan fans..don’t let anyone come in between u 2..please.& it was so romantic when manik went and hug nandini..but y the yesterday precap was not shown….and can anyone tell me if there was any background music when manik went 2 see nandini. at night..

  4. I want Manan back.I love them.

  5. Manik and nandini are too cute I just love them and nandini ke liye dhruv serf ek acha dost nothing else.so manik and nandini will be again together soon

  6. confused manik…. :p :p

  7. Oh god! I am so much exited to see the vdio!!manan pls always be together! Love u manik 🙂

  8. manik plz dnt give ny stupid reason to nandini for leavin(it is goin to happen nyways) lyk u never loved her, u were fakin it, wanted to take revenge n blah blah….it ll break her

  9. Guys,can any1 tell me about the background music when they hug?

  10. thanku sona..

  11. bg song sm1 plz tell

    1. I think its kuch kam roshan hai roshani from film dostana.

  12. No bground song I think….but dey kept many Suspenses…very excited 4 tmrw epi… btw update sum pix also I want to c manan ‘ s romantic scences….what say guys

  13. good serialjust love the show and manik please just be with nandini

  14. manik dont give any stupid reson to live nandini for dhrub. dhrub is just a friend for nandu not anything els so manik please stay with nandini always

  15. plz manik… ul hv to b wt nandani….

  16. it’s gng amazing manic n nandini plzz cm together u both look great…

  17. Manik plz be with nandu forever..manik,i know u r a nice guy,thatz y u’ll sacrifice anything 4 that dhruv..but nandini is yr love na?so plz don’t sacrifice yr love….LUV U MANAN

  18. At the end of the updates you can also add video of the show.

  19. plz manik dnt leave nandu 4 any reason.

  20. Manik even if you want to fake your love you cant so plzzz dont hurt her and hurt yourself and fierflies also agreed with you not with dhruv..

  21. i thnk the serial will show dt cabir is not a gay but raghab is a gay n 2 protect raghab, cabir declared himself as gay…… plz everybody reply n give ur opinion on this topic.

    1. i do agree wid u kuhu…plz manik dnt leave nandu 4 any reason. love u manik aka parth ♥♥♥♥

  22. I think why would cabir put himself in trouble ,even if he does it he wil be the one who kept raghav in trouble by showin their love to everyone

  23. An Emotional hug frm Malik is nothing but his inability to leave Nandu….it was just superb and priceless…that hug spoke volume about Manan love…great…love u both..

  24. Ofcourse its his inability to leave nandini…love can’t be sacrificed.
    n btw if he cares for druv’s feelin he must think abt nandini’s feelin as well…look at her smile yr…c really is very innocent n lovin

  25. Luv u man an…just be together like this:-)

  26. I love manannnnnn. ..just love them together. .♡♡♡♡

  27. I fell so sorry for manan poor nandni she will be broken can’t see both of them with there sad faces. dhruv now I don’t like him a all is not his fault though

  28. Dnt thnk like stupid Manik dnt gvup ur lov for Dhruv thk abt Nandini…..hw she ll react…..

  29. track is going interesting pls don’t spoil by separating m &n pls……………..

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  31. Manik pls dont sacrifice 4 dhruv …how will nandu feel by hearing dat dhruv loves her..so manik…………

  32. In the

  33. In the next episode manik tells nandini that he just wanted revenge because she punched him =((.This is so mean and I really hate this.why couldnt he just say the truth

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