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Manik is confused and Dhruv says that I know that it is a strong word but after seeing you guys for a long time now I felt it. Dhruv says that she’s perfect and I know how you feel about her and you said that my love story would be very beautiful. Dhruv says to Manik to not to spoil it for him and requests him to keep his feelings aside. He asks Manik if he is mad and Manik says that he is and says that how can you love her. Manik stops and says that I am kidding and says that love can’t be controlled and says that how, when it happens is to be thought later. Dhruv says that I planned all of this for her and tonight was the night. He asks Manik if she said anything to her and Manik lies saying that she didn’t as we didn’t talk and apologizes to him.
Manik says that if I knew that

you did all of this I wouldn’t let her go instead I myself would leave. Manik says that since now you have told me we will find a solution. Dhruv says that what is the problem and asks if everything is Okay. Manik says that she has been always a problem between us, and we couldn’t talk about it. Manik says that it’s good now and it’s out and now, Dhruv says that you will try your best to like her for me. Manik says that let’s go as it’s late.

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Raghav goes to meet Cabir and asks if he is Okay as he got his message. Cabir says that he is fine and they hug and kiss while Harshad makes a video of this. Cabir says that why do lie to me all the time while Raghav says that I didn’t lie you did and you are so childish. Cabir says that I don’t know what you are talking about; Raghav says that I got your message while Cabir says that he didn’t send any message but infact got a message from him. Raghav says that I didn’t send any message and they show each other the texts they got. Cabir realizes that it’s not his number and calls it. Harshad cancels the call while Cabir looks around the cars. By the time Cabir comes near the car Harshad was hiding he is gone and so Cabir walks away.
Cabir says that someone has messed with us and says that I’m going to kill that someone. Raghav says that beside Manik no one knows about us, Cabir thinks of Nandini but then says that Manik can’t do this but it’s someone else and I’m going to find that someone. Raghav tells Cabir to let it go and think about musicana. He tells Cabir to focus on musicana and they will deal about it after musicana. Cabir promises to stay focused for the competition.
Manik is at his home thinking about Nandini and weeping, Nandini on the other hand thinks of what happened earlier today and smiles. Nandini dances with her aunt and hugs her brother and then goes to bed and looks at her firlfles and says that can you believe to what happened earlier. They light up and she just holds them close while Manik is getting drunk and thinks of Dhruv and screams. His phone rings but he doesn’t answer.
Dhruv is playing his guitar when he starts to text with Aliya. Aliya says that for the first time The Fab5 is not together she texts Dhruv but he declines. Aliya says that if something had went down between Nandini and Dhruv then maybe me and Manik could have started again. Muktii takes her pills again when she hallucinates about Aliya. Muktii says that she can’t forget Harshad and can’t take anything associated with him. Muktii cries and apologizes and then realizes that it was just a hallucination and calls Manik but he doesn’t answers. Muktii then flushes her pills away and aims to fix things again.
Manik is ruggedly playing his guitar when Cabir wakes him up. Manik says that he was practicing and Cabir takes his guitar. Cabir says that Nandini has told Harshad about this while Manik gets frustrated on hearing her name. Cabir says that Harshad knows everything about just because of that Nandini. Manik says that don’t call her that while Cabir says that he went to her and told her that she could use the information if she wanted to but she lied. Manik says that she didn’t tell anyone and isn’t all of this over between you and him. Cabir says that it doesn’t gets over as this is love, Cabir says that there are memories no matter how hard you try it doesn’t get over. Manik thinks of Nandini again saying that I will always shine for you.

Precap: Shan has come to the musicana with his band and gives an excellent performance. The NH3 performnes but Nandini stands still for some reason.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. yes guys there is typical situation btw nandini, manik and dhruv . there is love tringle btw them if aliya starting love dhruv it will nice. there will be no problems for nandini and manik. they both will soon together again.
    i am waiting for todays episode of it.

  2. hi harshad

  3. yeah I like dhuv but manan Ki jodi dhurni se zyada achhi lagti h! ^_^
    and one more thing I noticed yar aliya bhi free h!! aliya & Dhruv Ki jodi kaisi rahegi?? 😀

    1. Sach me i also thought like that once nice thought

  4. i dont agree

  5. shivani menon

    oh…plz dont give nandini just 4 dhruv both of u make d best couple dont give her 2 dhruv both of their jodi will suck
    i love manik n nandini but hate dhruv so doooonnnntttt

  6. I think there are lots of twists in the show

  7. Manan ka pair bahut achcha h
    Plzzzzzzz druv ko manik or nandini ke bech me mat laao

  8. this durv is 1st of all mad and is has a problem when nandini’s bro comes in frent of him and he wt’s nandini . This is for manik r u mad u 431 stated only before one and u wt to leave her in the next day u idoit its going to be. So bo….ring.

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