Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini walks up and there is a beautiful stage set up and she is surprised to see it. Manik comes and looks at it and says that more perfect setting and timing could not happen. He asks her of what she thinks of him, she says that she doesn’t know what to say and then remembers of what she said to him while they were on the top of the car. Manik says that he wants to hear that he will always be in her ears and that she will always trust him. Nandini says that if she said all of this then what will he say, Manik holds her and says that he will say nothing and tells her not to waste time talking. They are about to kiss when Nandini runs and comes back and says that till you don’t say it I won’t, but Manik is not there, she looks for him when he comes from behind.

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He holds her in her arms and says that do you know that you always call me Monster Manik. He says that when I am with you I am simply Manik who likes being good and I am not afraid of the dark when you are with me as you shine like a star. Manik says that he wants to be in her every prayer forever, he holds her and kisses her on the forehead and then they kiss. They turn and there are fireflies all over the place and Nandini just smiles when she sees them.

Navya is still down and Harshad comes and fights back for Navya. He warns them as this is musicana and leaves by taking her in her arms. Aliya comes and says that what was that, Muktii says that this was a drama, they decide to party as they always do. Muktii texts Manik while Aliya covers for Dhruv saying that he’ll be late.
Navya asks Harshad if he found the drugs but he makes an excuse and says that you saw how Muktii behaved with you. He says that there is a trust between us and on that we came so for and don’t destroy all of it because of that small thought. He tells Navya to wait and texts someone from the phone he got.

Cabir gets a text and goes for it, while Aliya says that we could use some girl time. Navya thinks that Harshad is right and I should trust him. Manik stops Nandini and says that you didn’t say something till yet, Nandini says that what is she has to say now. Manik says that you said that you promised but she nods saying that she won’t tell. Manik says that fine then, until you say it I won’t leave and sits down, Nandini on the other hand sits down with him.

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Aliya asks Muktii if there is anything to talk about while Muktii says that there isn’t. Aliya takes Muktii’s bag and while snatching it fells and the pills come out. Harshad is following Cabir who is trying to call Raghav. Aliya says to Muktii that what are you doing as the last time you almost ruined your life. Muktii loses it and bashes out at Aliya and tells Aliya to get out of her way. She takes the pills back and leaves while Aliya gets a call from Dhruv who is confused as he got 90 roses instead of 93. Aliya tells him that it’s Okay as Nandini is not going to count them. Dhruv says that why are you talking like this as you were always interested in details. She tells him to calm down as she knows a florist and can get him 3 roses. Dhruv says that you are the best and tells her to send the flowers as he is already late.

Nandini are Manik are standing together and he asks her of why she is so happy to see fireflies. Nandini says that catch me if you want to know. Manik turns around and hits Dhruv and asks him of what he is doing her and what the flowers are for. Dhruv says that they are for Nandini as they remind them of her and he did all these arrangements but she is now gone. Manik says that you did all of this and DHruv says that was this a stupid idea. Dhruv says that he forgot to tell you something and that is he loves Nandini.

Precap: Dhruv says to Manik that Nandini gives him a lot of courage and support. He says that even though with all of his attacks she still is there, and tells him to not to spoil it and says that please keep it aside of what he thinks of her. Manik holds Dhruv by the color and says that how can you love her, how can you?

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. megha

    wow!!!!!!i m very exiceted by the precap…..jealous manik.i like it…& manik be like this don’t sacrifice ur love foe any one…….remember the proverb “everything is fair in love & war”& this is love…

    • noorfatima

      That’s true don’t sacrifice ur love for any one and don’t care about everyone just do it what you think

  2. soundarya

    what a romance….. what a kiss…….. ohhhhh this is my most most ……. favourite episode. i just love u manan . it is also my most most most favourite serial. i really can’t express my enthusiasm……………… fingers crossed for next episode.

  3. megha

    o god!!!please manik confess ur love..& can anyone tell me if any song was played when manik kiss nandini……& manik or nandini don’t waste anymore time yaar…….

  4. mananholic

    the best manan moment…. and i wish they together foreva nd dhruv gets sum1 else.. pls dnt eye nandu.. she’s only and only manik’s

  5. avantika rai

    bas manik ab apna pyaar scarifice na kr de… uss dhruv ke liye…..finally that precap got aired…………. osmmmm….but….plz maik apna pyaar scarifice na kare…….

  6. kuhu

    this episode is the most boring dt stupid romance manan but i like 2 see the romance of cabir nd raghab
    ….i hope u all agree with me. plz give a reply

  7. shivani

    awsome episode…..i just hope their love doesn’t have any complications
    but love stories are alwyz with twist n by looking manek’s anger i think he wants to take revenge with nandini thats y he got angry at dhruv otherwise because of his brother love he could have sacrificed without scolding dhruv
    i just hope i m wrong..!!

  8. Ruchitaramshetty

    Whatsoever it may be made up of like bof or anything but it is an Indian serial now so I know manik will puccccccccccccaaaaaaaa to the power infinity sacrifice his love for his friendship!

  9. sridivya

    I missed this episode thnku sona fr updates I Vil die out of enthusiasm….. Manik don’t sacrifice Ur love fr someone…. Dis is my fav serial such a cuteeeeee couple…. Loveuuuuu sooooo much mannan…. I can’t wait I’m soooo excited fr Nxt episode

  10. Wooowww. ..manik pllllzzzz don’t sacrifice ur luv fo any1….manan together luk awesome ….pllllzzzz don’t spoil d story by sacrificing manik luv ….dey are my favourite couple n im very exited fo Mondays epi can’t wait…. btw thank sona for update but try soon as possible cz we are eagerly waiting for update.

  11. Rujuta

    Please dnt mess up d manan love..n plz dnt make it d typical sacrifice wala story..manan r different 4m oders…plzzzzzzzzzz…

  12. Sudeshna

    I just hope Manik does not give up his love for his friendship with Dhruv. I just hope Manik does not turn out to b the Tyaag ka devta

  13. REKHA

    manik pls pls don’t sacarfice your love manan u loook dam good together yesterdays episode is exc.sup no words to explain iam speachless. u both are made for eachother dhruv pls stay away from their life.u enjoy with aliya .aliya also understand u, u both are good pair,harshad is too bad spoiling everybody’s life.kuhu u r the only who dint like this episode.so ur wrong.love of cabir & raghab is redu.

  14. nidisha

    looks like fab5 is going to break… i.e., manik n dhruvs fighting, alya n mukti nd cabir incident… 🙁

  15. kuhu

    i want 2 know from u all that in ur opinion who is the real hero of the show…. plz every1 reply……4 me the hero of the show is harshad…….
    ..i luv u harshad

    • no dear we alll r manan fan nt ur cheapooooooo harshad’s fan … hv not u saw abhishek’s i mean harshad’s play boy character . he was flirting with every girl in splitsvillla………………

  16. Jaizz^.^

    Nandhani was looking so beautiful today….simple and fabulous…..manik plz plz fight for your love…u knw nandu..she wont allow anyone close to her unless they are vry imp…but she allowed you for lipkiss OMG u mean a lot to her yar…so plz dont leave her..bcoz she needs you

  17. rachi

    I am really hoping manik is not going to backoff and usual drama i was just acting i never loved u nandini blah blah.. Please please creatives don’t break them… I am so addicted to their love.. And i know many are there feeling like me

  18. Kuhu manik is the real hero…. His personality attitude was mind blowing. ..N he is dumb cute re n harshad was villan in key not hero got it…

  19. I had seen d promo on tv tdy also episode der
    It’s Mon – sat? ? Or Mon – Fri? Dey shwd d same promo which we saw on wed precap

  20. gayatri

    such a cute episode……
    I think dat once harshad’s news is out……
    it is nandini who is going to join fab5 as one….
    and acc to the precap…. I don’t think dat manik will leave nandini
    as he knows both nandini and dhruv….
    and abt dhruv ….he just has wrg love idea….. till now……
    and nandini and manik will be 2gether……:p :p :p

  21. kuhu

    i want to ask every1 dt who is the best couple in kyy…….for me its raghab n cabir 2gether. I hope u all agree…….plz every1 give reply

  22. Yup he is ur(kuhu) hero but not show hero…..shw hero is Mr manik malhotra he is playing lead role na… I luv manan not cabir n raghav. ..N guys rose n cabir are working on 3 shows on mtv…tat rose is a full package for entertaining yaar

  23. malik don’t sacrifice your love for dhruv don’t leave nadu like this we all like your relationship all ours fan love both of u together so don’t sacrifice
    all is possible in love and war
    remember all yours moment which u had sepended with eachother
    so we resquest that don’t sacrifice your love. dhruv don’t come between manan. u suit with aliya not nandu. nandani only suit with manik

  24. Dhruv! u n alia suits better..so plz dont try 2 get nandini bcz she nd manik is made 4 each other…love u manan….cant wait 4 monday..

  25. manikmania

    OMG! they kissed for real though i was waiting for it to happen like since ages but i wasn’t expecting this…it was so unusual for indian tele soap, which is a bit conservative but whatever i simply LOVED it…though d scenes could have been more romantic but as long as it is manan kissing, i’m sufficed…i love u manan…N plz Manik u dont need to give up ur love, not for Dhruv, not for anyone….my experiences of indian tele soap tells me that u would n i’m so heart broken…i will literally cry if u do so…pls d creative head n script writers dont repeat the same “dosti-tyaag” drama..we r tired of it pls think of something fresh…pls dont separate them plss…………!!!!!!!!

  26. xxlamiaxx

    Sacrifice your love for Dhruv because if you don’t the whole thing start to get boring but it would be nice if you don’t sacrifice your love.
    Love u Manan

  27. REKHA

    let it go on like this only . it is so nice to see them together.we all want to see them together so pls……………………… directors,writers pls don’t separate them this is mtv show not zee or colours or star show so be little different only. At least one serial should go on nicely without having any drama .This serial is superb so let it go on like this only i specially forgot all my tension problems when i watch this serial so pls manan be together only don’t ever think of doing like madhubala that your taking revenge pls don’t do that or don’t sacrifice ur love for dhruv love u s…..m manan

  28. Bidushi Roy

    though m jealous f nandu 😉
    bt i want manki n nandu to b togethr atlist in d show…
    do watevr u want bt plz dnt make dem fall apart.. dey r meant to b together. plzzz

  29. Bidushi Roy

    though m jealous f nandu 😉
    bt i want manik n nandu to b togethr atlist in d show…
    do watevr u want bt plz dnt make dem fall apart.. dey r meant to b together. plzzz

  30. Ruchitaramshetty

    As I told manik ne apne pyaar ki kurbaani dedi.abbe yaar Aisa kaunsa funds follow karte hai ye soaps and serials wale!!!

  31. misha sharma

    Plssssss dn’t sacrifice ur love for dhurv bt i knw that manik scarifice hhis lv for damm dhurv

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