Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Nandini kiss again and then they hear Cabir. Nandini gets up and Manik stops her saying that where are you going as Cabir will kill me if he finds out. Nandini comes out and Cabir asks if she is the emergency, they hear Dhruv and he tells her to hide. Cabir comes and starts to take care of Manik who is lying in bed acting sick. Muktii says that you took such a small such seriously while Dhruv gives him a blanket. Manik stands up and says that I am fine and Cabir says that now I know why you called us here.
He says that you want us all to patch up again while Muktii pushes him and says that thank god you are fine. Manik is surprised and says that I am fine but we are not talking to each other and this is an emergency. Everyone agrees with Manik and ALiya apologizes and so does

Muktii and Cabir. DHruv says that for a moment I thought that I lost all of you. Cabir asks ALiya of what she is doing in the afternoon as he has to go to the police station. Aliya is hassled and hugs Cabir while Muktii says that the real rockstar is you as that message did it all.
Abhymanu is talking to a doctor about some treatment and the doctor shows him some files. Abhymaunu says that he wants to make the last months of his life special when he gets a call from Nandini. She wants to end the call when Nandini says that she has lost his mind and tells him about what happened. Abhymanu says that you went beyond my expectation and tells her to chill. Manik is looking at the text when Cabir comes in knocking. He asks sicnce when did you knock and Cabir looks for Nandini in Manik’s room.
He tells Manik that she is gone while Manik says that she can walk away but can’t stay away. Cabir says that what a poetic language and Manik tells him about the message. Manik says that he doesn’t know if it was intentional or not but she got it done. Cabir says that it is right and will asks of what she was doing here.
Muktii comes and says that are you coming out or should I come in. Cabir says that he is coming and says to Manik that this time you got saved by Muktii. Nandini is lying in her bed thinking about what happened earlier and calls Manik. He tries to call her and sends her the same text she sent. Nandini reads the message and texts back and switches her phone off. Manik calls her back but can’t reach her and Muktii drags him to join them.
The next day the Fab5 are gathered at the police station and have withdrawn the case. Aliya thanks everyone and Harshad apologizes for everything her did and thanks Cabir. He says that I did it for ALiya and Harshad says that I know. Harshad is about to say something to Manik when he says that I hope the next time you won’t make your sister regret you. Harshad says that I have realized a lot in that cell that I love Aliya a lot. Manik says that knowing the person you are that doesn’t sounds good. Cabir says that he has to leave otherwise he will get sick.
Manik stops him and says that it is always we before I and Cabir says that now you are giving me the emotional speech. Manik says that when you become the love guru do I say anything. Soon all of them leave the police station.
Nandini comes to the college and is hesitant as to what happened last night. Abhymanu comes and she is surprised to see him and he says that I am on a secret mission. Nandini says that you do a lot of drama as I know you are here for Muktii. Abhymanu says that if you want to know my secret mission than tell me yours. Nandini says that she has no secret mission and Abhymanu says that what about last night. Nandini says that nothing happened while Abhymanu says that you are blushing standing outside the jam room and don’t have the courage to face him. Nandini screams saying that she is not blushing while Abhymanu asks her to not scream.
Nandini asks him not to annoy her as she is already worried, Abhymanu mocks her and she tells him to shut up. He then tells her to relax as you complicate small things and if you are afraid of someone he will scare you even more. Nandini says that offence is the best defense and Abhymanu agrees with her. He leaves saying that my time is finished and I have to go.
Nandini comes in the jam room and sees that Manik is not there. She checks her phone for the time but then puts it back in. She starts to write on the board when the Fab5 comes and she says that it’s 11:30 and you were supposed to come here at 10. Dhruv says that was something important here when she reminds them about the album. She says that you need discipline as well for music. She gives them the schedule when Cabir asks if he can drink some water.
Everyone starts to laugh when Nandini says that your future depends on this album and by following this schedule you can achieve you goal. Manik comes to her and throws water on the board and erases the schedule off. He says that music is an art and art is not done by following such rules but breaking them. He is about to leave saying that it’s break time when Nandini says that Mr.Khurana has given me his number for the progress of this album and won’t be happy to hear you having a break. Cabir says that we can take the break later and let’s make some music.

Precap: Soha comes and invites Manik to the new year party and gives him a gift. Nandini sees the two of them and Manik thanks her. At the party Manik finds also finds Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona


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    Manik is nw in ful mood n in action to make nandu jealous

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    Wow! just luved it. Cabir becums love-guru n maniks starts poetry

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  27. vaishu

    wat a dialogue ya,,’she can walk away,,but can’t stay away’,,,was reminding me of olivia’s walk away lyrics,,You and I were suppose to go our separate ways
    No matter how much I fight it, but still I stay
    I can’t believe my conscious got the best of me
    It’s telling me to let it go but I can’t walk away,,,,

  28. Shro

    Hey guyz…i m new watcher of KHY…nyc show n chemistry between Manan.
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    n khy is also using same drama
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  29. Nutz

    Guys can u plz tell me why did shakti mohan leave D3,wat happend in real n wat did de shw in da story or did de switch actres 4 da character?
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    Guys remember manan’s dance 2gethr in raghav’s b’dy party.ooo…just loved it.
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    N in da diwali party,manik kissed her on da neck.

  79. Euphie

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    Nandu gng full on crazy n manik trying to catch her.nandu runs away, roaming da colledge everywhr n manik k halat kharap uske peche peche.
    In da library nandu asks, why he is coming after her n manik remains speechless unable to ans dat ques.

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    I really loved da way manik stops da car, rushes out n comes back running n hugs her

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