Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik requests Nadnini to say something and she walks up to him, takes the key out of his pocket and leaves. Outside Nandini says that he thinks he apologized and everything is Okay and says that I don’t want to talk to him ever. Aliya and Dhruv are going when Dhruv wants to talk about yesterday when Muktii comes and sits with them. ALiya says that I was worried about you while Muktii confirms that she is fine and brings ideas like out with the old and in with the new. She asks of what is up with you guys looking at Aliya and Dhruv.
Dhruv asks Muktii that if she is sure she goes to the rehab or goes to a baba or something like that. Muktii says that she is going to stick her old ways and asks Dhruv of his new girlfriend. Dhruv says that me and Nandin are just friends. Muktii says that

she thinks friends can better couples as there are no secrets between them and says that you are going on the right track. Dhruv looks at Aliya while Muktii says this.
She asks why they are so quiet when Dhruv gets a call and leaves as it’s from Nandin. On answering he is shocked and says now. Nandini on the other hand sits under a desk hiding while Manik is also comes there. She wants to leave while Manik says that I apologized and why don’t you forgive as you always lectured me about things like this and why are behaving like this. She doesn’t answer and Manik requests her to accept his apology. Nandini takes his hand of her face and looks at them and remembers what Harshad said about targeting his hands. She leaves with a No written on Manik’s hand and writes on the phone which says that I am not talking to you anymore.
Harshad is preparing in the nets when Navya comes and shows him the stall and asks him if he remembers it. He says that he remembers it and she tells him that Muktii gave this to him and says that she knows all of it. Harshad tells her to relax while Navya says that she is feeling shy by even knowing that someone saw them. Harshad says that it’s nothing to shy about and whatever happened was an expression of love. He tells her to stay away from Muktii and tells her to chill as they can’t do anything about it, Navya looks at the nets and says that we can.
Nandini comes in the room and so does everybody else and she says that we have to execute the plan today. Aliya asks the reason why Harshad did this and Muktii says that there is nothing to explain Harshad’s actions. Muktii says that Harshad thinks that Manik and Nandini can be friends as she thinks that they can’t be. Manik is cleaning the No written on his hand while Nandini agrees with Muktii saying that never. Manik texts Cabir asking for his help while Cabir is unconscious or asleep, Nandini on the other hand is explaining Harshad’s plan.
Dhruv gives all the best to Nandini and she says that I can take care of myself and am worried about Manik. She says that I want to show Navya, Harshad’s true color. Navya comes and asks Harshad to tie a string around her neck as a promise. Harshad says that I am busy and won’t do this stupid act, she starts to cry and Harshad ties it around her. She gives him a hug and he says that this is the only number that I got wrong.
Muktii says that to escape Harshad’s spell is not easy while Aliya says that it is not impossible and says that we are on standby. Nandini is about to leave when Manik stops her and asks where she is going, Muktii tries to remind him of the plan just discussed but he didn’t hear any of it. Dhruv also reminds him when Manik says that you are crazy as you know that Harshad is dangerous and no one is safe. He tells Nandini not to go and when she takes a step he tells her that she is not going anywhere. The guys look shocked and he says that the plan is not safe and instructs everyone of the new plan. He says that we can’t let anyone get hurt even if it is Nandini.
Navya says to Harshad that there is no fighting with the fab5 as we have a nice life so why our life because of them. Harshad tells Navya to call Nandini and ask of her where about he tells her to go outside as there no networks here. Navya goes out and Harshad puts cricket balls covered in glass in the machine and says that when these will attack you won’t be able to protect your face or hands.
Nandini is going in the corridor when Manik calls her and she stops. She still is not going to say anything so Manik helps with her strap. Nandini says that don’t touch me while Manik says that I was only helping with the strap, she says that you could have told me and tells him to get out her way. Manik holds her back and says that it has been 18 hours since you have said my name and tells her to say it again. Navya comes at the end of the corridor and calls her. Nandini says Manik’s name and he sees Navya.

Precap: Cabir mother is taking him to somewhere in her car and when he asks her she replies saying, where everything will be Okay.

Update Credit to: Sona


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