Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Navya is with Nandini in her room and asks Nandini if everything is Okay. Nandini gets a call from Manik and cancels it while Navya says that I know how you have spent the day with that monster. Nandini gets a call again and she silents her phone. Navya asks Nandini of how she did and talking to that monster in like hitting your head on the wall. Nandini screams and tells her to keep quiet, Navya apologizes and asks her that if you guys have actually become friends. Nandini says to her that this can never happen and says that I need some peace now and says that I need to sleep.
Manik is with the guard outside and the guard says that she will come. Manik takes the last sip of his tea and says that if she came now then I will, suddenly he sees a stall on the door and the guard says that

you are not allowed to go outside. Nandini comes to the door and says that I came to pick the stall up. She picks it up and leaves while Manik says that the stall was an excuse and smiles.
The next morning at the college cafeteria Manik is with Aliya and she asks where she is. Manik says that I tried to call her but she is not picking her phone. Aliya says that I know Muktii can be so irresponsible Manik then understands that Aliya was asking about Muktii and agrees with ALiya. Dhruv comes and says Hi to Aliya they talk awkwardly and Manik says that I forgot to introduce you guys. Dhruv gets confused and Manik says that you guys are talking as if you met for the first time. He sits down and Manik asks them of what is going on, both of them simultaneously say nothing.
Nandini and Navya come to the cafeteria and Manik calls her. Navya says that how did this monster change and says to Nandini that If I could share the pain I would. She comes and sits with them while Navya watches and can’t believe it. Harshad also comes and sits with Navya and she tells him about the progress of Nandini joining the Fab5.
Manik gives Nandini a sandwich and says that Harshad is watching. Nandini starts to eat the sandwich and Manik writes something on a tissue and gives it to Nandini saying that there is something on your face. Aliya says that there is nothing and she puts the tissue aside without reading it. Dhruv says that Harshad is noticing so let’s stop, Nandini says that the sandwich is very nice. Dhruv goes for the sandwich while Manik grabs it as well and says that he wants it.
Aliya says that whoever gets the last bite gets a beautiful wife/husband. Manik looks at Nandini and hits her foot and gives her a sign to read the tissue paper. Nandini hits back as she doesn’t understand while Manik hits Aliya’s foot as Nandini brings her feet back. Manik then eats the last bite of the sandwich while Nandini uses the tissue paper and leaves. Muktii comes at the last moment and joins the Fab5 and ALiya asks where Cabir is. The Fab5 misses him while Manik says that we have to concentrate on Harshad.
Harshad is impressed with Nandini and says that for your sake I will execute the plan today. Nandini says that how can we do this while Harshad says that leave all of that to me and just bring Manik to the arena. Nandini shakes hands and leaves. Muktii finds Navya in the washroom and they talk about Harshad, Navya says to her that say whatever you want to but my love for Harshad will never change. Muktii says to her that I don’t care about that jerk Harshad I just want you let go of my baggage. Navya doesn’t understand and says that I have a new bad while Muktii gives her the stall back that she found at the house. She wishes her the best and says that I hope you can do what I couldn’t and leaves.
Nandini is going when Manik stops her again and again. She enters a room and Manik also comes inside with her and this time locks the door and doesn’t give her the keys. The room is full of charts with Sorry written on them. Manik grabs Nandini’s arm and says that I lost the count of sorry so I stopped fighting and adds saying that it’s nothing to the amount of tears you have shed. She starts to go when Manik apologizes again and says that you are right as always. He asks Nandini to say something and then requests her. Nandini walks up to him….

Precap: Cabir’s mother is taking him somewhere in the car and he asks where she is taking him. She replies saying that where everything will be Okay.

Update Credit to: Sona

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